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Although two Hunger Games video games have been released for iOS and Facebook respectively, a legitimate console game based on the books and/or films has yet to see the light of day.

But that may change, says Lionsgate.

Forbes spoke to David Hayes, vice president of digital marketing at the studio, who touched on what their plans are:

“Outside of the name that has ‘games’ in the title, it’s no-brainer that you’d make a game based on the book or movie. But we’ve been careful and cautious that when we do embark on a new project, we’re doing it the right way and delivering an experience that fans will enjoy. We’ve had many discussions about all the types of games, including console games. The two we released at launch are the best representation of what we’re setting out to do with these games.”

With the next movie due in 2013 and another two locked in after that, Lionsgate has plenty of time to partner with a game publisher and release at least a console game. Electronic Arts showed that games based on movies based on books can be successful with its Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises, as an example. And a game publisher can avoid the controversial aspect of The Hunger Games arena battles altogether.

“I don’t think having kids battle to the death in the Hunger Games is a hindrance to a potential console game,” said Hayes. “If you look at the narrative arc across the trilogy of books, there’s an Old Testament-style story of Katniss versus the Capitol. It’s that grander story of having an enslaved people forced to compete in the games that’s very attractive to fans and marketers and anyone participating in the franchise. It gets people excited. The focus would be less on the kids killing kids aspect and more about the more powerful story of good versus evil.”

Do you think a Hunger Games console game could work? We were never fans of the Harry Potter games, and are hesitant about a game for this series working well.

(Pictured above – Katniss in The Hunger Games iOS side-scrolling game)

  • jmart575

    I’ve thought about it and I can’t really see what the gameplay would be……killing a couple of peacekeepers? No, this couldn’t work as a console game. Think about it. There’s not enough fantasy or violence the justify a 10 hour game, which is mostly the standard for modern games. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE hunger games fan, but the story just doesn’t work for a game. 

    Unless they made an original story of their own that takes place in the Hunger Games universe i can’t see it working very well. They should just stick with the iOS games.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaccss Alex Smith

      How about just Mortal Kombat style against the capitol?

      • jmart575

        That could work but the story just doesn’t fit for a fighting style game either. Thatd be too much controversy with all the kids involved, especially if it was as bloody as MK haha

        • Jaiakattelus

          well the hunger games shoul be a very long game and definetly for 3ds

  • Glaciusx

    The only book you could MAYBE adapt into a game is Mockingjay. The others just won’t seem right.


    Am I the only one who sees HUGE potential in a Hunger Games video game? One that has a campaign mode (for those who want to play as Katniss going through the motions) and a multiplayer mode (sort of like Halo, with Xbox Live and you can customize and play against loads of people). Think about it. You choose your district, what you look like, etc. Then you connect. Up to 24 people per match, though some can be computers if you can’t fill all the slots. The game randomly generates an arena, perhaps after a training session, perhaps not. Then you battle it out, with the “Game Makers” in the game causing various challenges (such as the fire or the Mutts in THG) to keep it interesting and exciting. 

    • Isenhobbitz

      Wouldn’t that take away the entire point of the books? The Games are not supposed to be fun……

      • Liderc

        You do realize it’s all fiction yes?

        We still play war games despite knowing that war is stupid, useless and kills people. 

        • Isenhobbitz

          Yes, it is a work of fiction, a work that has a message that should be respected. Did you go see the movie or read the books in order to watch Katniss kill off other kids, or to see her and the rest of Panem stand up for what’s right and end the Games and other cruelties for good? The books and movie shows you the Games to make the point that they are evil and must be stopped. The video game would show you the Games and say, “have fun!” Do you see how turning the Hunger Games into an actual game would take away the author’s entire purpose in writing the story in the first place?

          • Liderc

            What’s the difference, the author let it be made into a film for money, why not a game for money? 

            Does the message still not ring true in a video game?

            How’s it any different than the people cheering during the movie when people die?  

          • Isenhobbitz

            Because anyone smart enough to actually understand the movie wouldn’t be cheering when people die…….

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

            Lideric, actually there IS a big difference. 

            Collins decision to make a movie out of her novels was not only for money, but to spread awareness, because it is a story worth telling in our world today.
            Making a video game out of the world she created is just plain greed for money. 
            No one needs to find pleasure in death, and we shouldn’t give them reason to.

            I bet the people who were cheering in the movie when kids died will be the first ones to buy that game.

          • http://ilikegayzandcookiez.tumblr.com/ Serah

            Riana-Tiana Menezes, wow you are really naive. You really think that the book was turned into the movie to spread awareness? I love Hunger Games, but for Christs sake, some people treat is as a Holy Bible. And yes, Collins decided for a movie for money and maybe for fun, because she wanted to see how other people percieve it. There’s no depth in this process, no knights in shiny armors telling us “this sh.t is bad”, it’s just entertainment. 

  • Lily

    I can’t see how you would make a video game unless it was actually about the GAMES in the arena. And that would be really disgusting because it would glorifying the Hunger Games, and we would become the Capitol. I agree that the only movie that could un-hypocritically be made into a game would be Mockingjay as the rebels invade the Capitol. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Rex/100003224841100 Anthony Rex

       I don’t think including the Games aspect would make any console version “disgusting.” Personally, the only way I would play such a game would be if the Games WERE part of it. There is a way to do it right, where it can still deliver the same message – without drawing out the brutality of children killing children. In such a game though, I would think they would need to use characters not canon from the story to take away some of the “disgusting” aspect you mention. The training / fighting off muttations / gamekeepers traps would kind of be cool in the game, and could lessen some of the tribute brutality.

      • Isenhobbitz

        So if the game did it’s job and delivered the same message as the books and movie, why would you keep playing it? How would killing off kids not mentioned in the books be any less disgusting than killing off kids that are? How would lessoning the brutality make it any less wrong and contradictory to the very message and purpose of the story?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Rex/100003224841100 Anthony Rex

           The same reason people read all three books in the series, that also share similar messages. People like those messages, the story, etc. I mention using non-canon characters because it would act as a way to prevent the emotional draw from the stories that will automatically make one question the game itself. Say for a second the game uses the 24 tributes from the Hunger Games, and you got to choose which tribute you wanted to be (the story itself can play out many different ways from the actual book). There will be many more people upset at the prospects of possibly killing Rue than there would be for killing Ralphy Rainbow from district 3. There are ways to work around the ‘children killing children’ aspect within the stories. Simply make the characters in the game appear older. People won’t question a group of characters appearing adult age as much as they would an adolescent. I also mentioned possible gamemakers traps or muttations as a way to draw away from the actual killing within the story.

  • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaDrake Cassie Drake

    lol the EA HP games really sucked, but I’d be down for a LEGO: Hunger Games game xD

    No idea how that’d work, but you gotta love the idea of a LEGO!Katniss kicking ass in the arena lol

    • Darian Kiener

      that would be somthin i would want to play

    • Paul

      I just say keep EA as far away from this as possible. They should just get someone with more experience and reputation in this genre of games to handle it.

  • Rinzler63

    After the third HP game they started to get horrible. The first two (ss,cos) are my favorite. EA lost its way with the franchise, focusing on making it look photo realistic instead of focusing on the story, richness, and fill of the games. They were so worried about putting out a new game every year and didn’t care if it was good at all. Unless EA can get it together I don’t trust them with The Hunger Games.

  • rdh014

    Just doesn’t seem right. I look at The Hunger Games like I look at 1984 or Fight Club or Slaughter House Five or A Clockwork Orange. I feel like it is a dystopian novel meant to make a statement, not a franchise like this. I loved the movie and appreciate it, but it feels like we are playing right into what Collins’ warned in her book. 

  • Plat

    Hmm, it think its a little too touchy to make into a video game. Fans would probably want to play in the games but that would be too violent. 

  • Eoin

    I can see this. More like a fighter game. Just play multiplayer or with computers. 24 players. Have a quick training session to practice and then there could be 5 arenas or so to be chosen randomly. Than duke it out until you either die or are the last one standing. Or a adventure game with Katniss. Hunt in district 12 maybe have 10 minutes for the bread scene. Hop on the train. then find things like the horses for the chariot blah blah blah. Fight. A couple people collect berries. The end. Maybe add extra challenges to keep it fun?

  • annie

    If they do make a game they shouldn’t use the tributes that we know. What if we have to kill Thresh or even Marvel or Cato? That would be kind of sick. The whole game would be sick.

  • http://twitter.com/CorbinBolies Corbin Bolies

    I personally think it would be good, kind of like a Skyrim concept in the Arena. You can fight online, or you could do a campaign, like make partnerships with Rue and Peeta, etc. In general, it could be a good game, maybe including hunting in the woods.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    Idk. The only harry potter games that worked were the lego ones

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1683360003 Paige Barton

    i think it would be highly inappropriate to make a video game about the hunger games….

    • southpark217(from XboX)

      its would be ok to make a hunger games game,so what you kill other children? it makes you mature, i mean like my little cousins their like 7-11 and they can handle final destination and not some disney channel shit crap

  • someone

    No. Do not make a video game of children killing other children. That is a horrible idea. 

  • Liderc

    EA makes terrible games for films(HP and LoTR were both awful).  

    Do I think it’s morally okay to make a movie about kids killing kids?  Sure, doesn’t bother me.  It’s nothing we haven’t seen before in games.  The story could be interesting but there’s really no company making good console games right now except maybe 2-3 games and 2 of them are both war games.  

    Could be interesting story mode, start with her early childhood and move into learning to hunt for food and bringing it home ect… I think it could be an interesting game, but I just don’t think any company is capable of making the game interesting.  

    If EA does it, it’ll be as worthless as everything else they’ve made.

  • Haymitch Abernathy

    I don’t like this. Maybe if it’s the arena and you’re connected to other players and you can have a skill level and only compete with people on your level. Otherwise, no. That’s distorting the message of the books and making it completely enjoyable by actually doing the things in the book. I don’t care if you are Katniss.

  • http://twitter.com/taylie27 Taylore Thompson

    I like the idea, i’d rather play the hunger games as an actual video game and go on quests and adventures as Katniss then continue to just earn coins and do favors on Facebook.

    And to all those who are opposed to game, how is it any different from the movie or most other video games that are out there? Yes, the story line involves killing children but the video game doesn’t have to focus on that anymore then the movie does. The game could go many different ways. Before you immediately shut out the idea think of this points:

    1. it could be a game of survival. Where you start as Katniss or make an character you’re placed at the Cornucopia and you must survive the games. Do you charge forward, or do you run to the woods? Do you go into the forest and look for water? Or make an alliance? A strategy game.

    2. The most likely version would be that you follow Katniss through out the course of the movie. You start maybe in the woods as an introduction on how to use the bow, continue through scenes of the movie, training to get a better score at training center. And then you would enter the games. Now they don’t actually have to have you as the player killing any tributes, you might have to dodge some but you most certainly don’t need to kill them. They could have a large actual arena where you must follow the events of the movie but instead of killing tributes it’d have commands like “Hunt for food to stay alive, kill three rabbits” or even “Capital tracker jackers ahead, find a spot where they can’t see you and shoot.” The only death you’d cause would possibly be Marvel and I could see them easily inserting a clip instead of game play in that circumstance. And in reality how is seeing the death in the video game any different from the movie?

    3. They actually could do a version of the Hunger Games, where you make your tribute and fight other tributes. Honesty I get why people are against this kind of game but how is it any different from Call of Duty, except for the fact that it’s with kids. And the Hunger Games is a made up story and characters, most of those video games use real wars as the back ground. And if Lionsgate decided on this as their opinion, which I doubt, it would probably be something similar to the Dragon Ball Z games, or an online game like Modern Warfare where you could survive and hunt in a large arena.

    And remember people the article said it’d probably be “Katniss vs. the Capitol.” if they do create this they will focus on that, as they did for much of the movie.

    • Isenhobbitz

      I think people are fine with the Katniss vs. the Capitol concept. Also, if you are going through the story as Katniss that’s fine as well because it is a more interactive version of the story. You aren’t going to come up with strategies other than how to find food and protect Rue and Peeta which is fine and carries the same message as the book and film. However, the comparison to Call of Duty is not very strong. A game based on Mockingjay, where you are a rebel from a district fighting the Capital would be a better comparison and I think most people would agree that that is okay as well. However, to create your own tribute and have to develop the mind of a career in order to win the game, the only purpose of which is to entertain (not stop the Nazis or whoever the enemy is in the version of Call of Duty one plays) seems like a line that a war game shouldn’t cross….not to mention that one is killing kids and not adult soldiers…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=690341156 Andrew Davies-Land

    I doubt this will happen, if Lionsgate were that behind it, it would have been released with the film. 

  • http://twitter.com/MaybeDavey David Weckesser

    I wouldn’t mind a game. But it would be best if you could follow a new storyline (maybe). Be a new Tribute. Or follow Katniss’ story could work too. It is possible and really wouldn’t be too difficult as an RPG in the actual “Games”. It could work really easily, that’s all I’m saying.

  • Awsomeme

    video game sweet it would be so cool to play reaping games

  • http://ilikegayzandcookiez.tumblr.com/ Serah

    Chamber of Secrets is one of my favourite games ever, it is very good. Others… not so much.
    Back to THG… It would work if it was R rated game (or whatever the rating is there in US) for adults, who fully understand the whole concept and wouldn’t treat the game like an “awesome-would-be-cool-in-real-life” thing. But the thing that it’s evil should be repeatedly highlighted in cutscenes. Then I would consider playing it. If it was for a pure bloodbath – hell to the no.

  • Blake

    This caught my attention: “With the next movie due in 2013 and another two locked in after that…”

    So it means Mockingjay will be split in two parts?

  • Kelly Barker

    Did anyone else notice the “With the next movie due in 2013 and ANOTHER TWO LOCKED IN AFTER THAT” or am I reading into things?

  • http://twitter.com/GwenDuenner Gwendolyn Dünner

    I’ve played the facebook Hunger Game through in 3 days (it’s still in Beta, so you can’t advance past level 15 yet) and am already totally hooked because it focuses more on life in the Districts and the RPG-style missions and quests are very well-thought-through. I cannot wait for a game like that to come out, where the world of Panem can be explored and you can create your own character rather than playing Katniss. (We know her story already) But like the world of Harry Potter and LotR, there is enough there to make the game reach beyond the storyline of the books/films. I would really like this kind of game to be made! If any video game makers read this, PLEASE!!! Make it happen! :P

    • http://twitter.com/GwenDuenner Gwendolyn Dünner

      Oh, and I’m sure there is a way around the arena thing, it’s possible to make a Hunger Games game without having to kill children in it.

  • Michael

    I can totally see a game where they have a campaign mode similar to the movie where you’re in the arena and have to protect Peeta and all that great stuff, but then it would be crazy if there was an online multiplayer mode. 24 people in a selected arena either the one from the first book or second maybe some from the second book when they watched clips of previous games or even have Suzanne come in and throw out some other ideas. You’d start underground, rise through the tube, cornucopia in the middle with weapons and it would almost be like a Call of Duty meets Grand Theft Auto sort of thing since the maps would have to be bigger so you could hide except you get one life and maybe even have a thirst and hunger meter you’d have to keep up. With every death, a cannon sounds and since it’d be online you could even form alliances and create a chat between you and specific other players so only they can hear you through their headset. I so badly wish I knew how to make games because this would be sweet. Every 3 months they could have the quarter quell where theres some sort of twist to the games. Anything like this that came out I would but immediately. All I can do is hope!

  • Redfern96

    I seriously don’t see why people are complaining about the game because ‘the message of the books and film should be respected’ who cares? It’s not real! It could be a really fun game with a great survival skill type multiplayer in different large arena’s like the forest from the movie with up to 24 players. I honestly would absolutely love a game like that. Being able to shoot people with bows etc while trying to survive. Leveling up with kills and finding certain items would be great. Also with an added hunger and thirst meter that doesn’t go down too quick. I can’t wait and hope to God it’s something like this.

  • Leroy

    I think it would be awesome to have a Hunger Games console game, even (especially) if there were some sort of campaign mode that didnt necessarily follow the exact storyline, like if you could make your own character and fight in the arena and train before hand and your actions would determine what happens net (kind of like a mass effect type deal). but it would also be fun to follow a storyline from the movie and/or book.

  • Ramonsilverio161

    I think if they made it for ps3 they should have online so people can compete with each other. And if they do do this, to whoever is playing may the odds be ever in your favor

  • danny1111105

    single player should be based around the 73 previous games, and have a completely original story.  multiplayer would be online of course but smaller and feature use of the environment for the player, but killings need to be rare some how, not like call of duty where you kill 50 people in 10 min.

  • pdino

    ok, i dont think anyone is concerned about the killing.
    CoD wouldn’t be so popular then.

  • Brandon S.

    people its not like ur not killing people in other games….. i think it would be a great idea i would buy it right now! But like create your own person and play online whould be really cool!

  • hobo man

    if ur going to make a hunger games video game u need to make it fun u cant make it like a cartoon the graphics need to be amazing it needs to come out on all consoles  but different versions it has to be on xbox ps3 and wii for xbox it would be more effort on online stuff if u can make the online good it will be fun the online should be where u go into the arena and counts down by 7 then u try to get stuff at the main spot xbox is the most important cause most people play xbox 

  • frozenpheonix

    If you were to make a hunger games video game in the game your character should need to find food, water, and should run out of stamina. You need to sleep and the game should not be a 10 minute multiplayer but should take you possibly half an hour if not an hour and I think it would be fun to be able to make alliances. also the arena should be a surprise every time. For single player you should be able to select which district you come from and design your character and chose specialties for your character.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002002320893 Aidan Roberts

    I think it’s inevitable for a game of The Hunger Games to be made. The story wouldn’t be the focus of the games, it would be the multiplayer. For those of you that think it would be morally wrong, hardly. You’ll just be doing a big free-for-all against other players. No one seems to be bothered with the brutality of the games or the film, if people were neither would be half as popular as it is today. You can’t avoid that the game, if and when it is made, the multiplayer will be a part because it’s the part of the franchise that stands out. You can’t deny that you would like a big survival game, like you can do on minecraft and stuff.

    Plus, in the multiplayer you should only get one life and once you’ve died you become one of the gamemakers but have a limit on the amount of traps you can set in one day.

  • Jake Muller

    For Multiplayer, I could see an Idea that would work. Listen up and Listen good.
    I can see it taking the form of 3 seperate stages for each Multiplayer match.

    Prolouge Stage:
    -choosing your gender, ethnicity, name, district, etc.
    -Naming yourself (the game will be able to read the name, whether personally created or created from preset names and surnames)
    -possibly creating your own family and friends (family using an CPU system to create realistic relatives using your design to overview)

    1st Stage:
    -Players cooperate between their District companions and produce a costume for the Parade through the Capitol
    -AI crowds react differently based upon placement of design factors and relativity to District and personalities
    -Based upon crowd reactions, during the 3rd Stage (give me a moment), players may recieve more Sponsorships and gain tools for survival

    2nd Stage:
    -Players improve upon seperate ablilities and strategic advantages (Mastery of archery, mastery of swordsmanship, mastery of camouflage, etc.)
    -Using similar AI tech to the crowds in Stage 1, Gamemakers will score you based upon your skills shown during the presentation.
    - Players may receive even more Sponsorships during the 3rd Stage based upon scores.
    -After the Tryouts, Players enter the Interview, where Ceasar Flickerman will ask you questions about your character.
    -Answering questions result in reactions from the crowd (pulling a Peeta will result in mass reactions) That can benefit or hinder you in the 3rd Stage.
    -If the other Player from your District is first, playing along with their interviews (Due to the AI Identifying such a connection) can boost your chance for Sponsorships.

    3rd Stage:
    -Games will be played on a randomly designed map, where there WILL be water and food supplies besides those at the Cornucopia.
    -Players are not given a Health Meter, but rather a Hunger Meter and a Thirst Meter.
    -Weapons are, as usual, placed at the Cornucopia, varying from bows to sickles to, perhaps on the rare occasion, a crossbow.
    -Animals can randomly sprout out of the forest; though not all of them will be natural; Yes, perhaps Muttations are thrown in on the occasion, where the Mutt dogs or Jabberjays, or perhaps Tracker Jackers.
    -If your Hunger Meter drops to zero, you have 24-48 in-game hours to find food or die of starvation (depending onour Resistance level or something like that.)
    -If your Thirst Meter drops to zero, you have 5-10 in-game hours to find water or thirst to death (depending on your Resistance level or something like that.)
    -Battles between Players will appear dynamic, like the Killmoves in Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood, Revelations and 3.
    -Combo buttons produce perhaps over 40 different kills.
    -Arrows shot in critical areas (body, head, neck, or major arteries) are insta-kills. Arm and leg shots wound but don’t kill.)
    -one In-game day is equal to 24 minutes, allowing for longer game sessions that can lead to fun, long games.
    -Players can crawl into trees or into hide in caves to sleep and regain Stamina; However, other players can sneak up on you and kill you during that time, so sleep would mostly be 3-5 in-game hours.
    -Allies can be made, allowing for team combos to take place during combat.
    -The First 4 players to die are made Gamemakers, allowing for more variation of events during the game (Acid water, fires, muttations,etc.)
    -To prevent Gamemaker Event-spamming, cooldown times of 14 in-game hours could be in effect once the Event has been used once.
    -Gamemakers can also select and send in Sponsor Gifts to all players except for those who killed them.
    -At the end of the in-game day, all dead are presented in the night sky (like in the book and movie), and their deaths are presented in Cinematic camera fashion, including ranged kills. It then proceeds to show the dead players’ AI Loved ones at home weeping, sobbing, bawling (You get the idea) over the death.
    -The last player standing alive wins, and their District and their family are shown celebrating, and the scence cuts away to the Victor returning home to be greeted by everyone.

    Hope you think it’s a good idea.

  • Darian Kiener

    u should make it be made on the pc and make it like a game u could play with other players and deaths not so often because it wouldn’t be such a 5 minut game make it like a hour and other than that i like Jake Muller’s ideia 

  • Jacob Burnettez

    Multiplayer is a defenite YES! Maybe game modes like in COD, such as free for all, domination, and etc. Also there can be a game mode for ‘Career’.

  • Sevina CLove

    I think that there should be a consul game that follows the same idea as the hunger games, with the same name. I think that the players should have the option of choosing a district, creating a tribute, and entering a random arena in a attempt to survive. Still have a cornucopia etc. Have the character have health levels that can be depleted by lack of food or water so it’s not just running around, and have other tributes in the arena. It should also have a multiplayer mode, where up to 4 players can enter their own games and see which one is the last one surviving. The game ends when the player is killed on single player, and the game ends when the last of the 4 players is killed in multiplayer. Or in both cases when the player wins. Include characters from the 74th hunger games too. So if the player chooses to be the male tribute from district one, exclude marvel form that set, but still include Glimmer, Clove, Cato, Thresh, Peeta, Foxface Katniss etc. It would be a big hit.

  • James

    Adapting the story of the Hunger Games into a game would be a total flop. Adapting the concept of the games themselves into a game on the other hand could be a huge success if done well with enough thought put into it. As for the children killing children part, they could easily make a tiny revision to the concept to make it 16-18 year olds as apposed to involving 12 year olds if it was really a big deal to people. There are a few more articles on people’s takes on what they’d do with the game and alot of them have amazing ideas. Honestly though, if you find the idea of a Hunger Games game appalling just think about it from a gaming perspective and how fun this game could be if done properly, and if you don’t play video games then why are you even reading or commenting on this article?

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