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Yesterday, we told you that Harry Potter eBooks were finally made available via the Pottermore Shop.

They are available for Amazon Kindle, but you have to purchase them in a way Amazon hasn’t allowed before. Behold, the power of J.K. Rowling.

Forbes notes the unique set up:

A little poking around shows that Rowling isn’t actually undermining her own effort, though — at least not in a major way. In a rare turn for Amazon, customers attempting to buy Harry Potter books through Amazon.com will find themselves in a new world as they go to complete their payment. That world? You guessed it – Pottermore.

Also of interest is the fact that you need to create a Pottermore Shop account to purchase after clicking the Amazon link. You’re not able to use your Pottermore.com account, either.

It’s an extra step for Kindle users, but, in the end, it probably benefits J.K. Rowling by requiring her to give less (or none at all) to Amazon.

  • moonshoespotter1712

    Behold the power of J.K., indeed.

  • Scribbler

    All bow down to Queen Rowling! 

  • RussellTurner


  • Zack

    We should be kissing Ms. Rowling’s feet! She showed Amazon like no one else! ALL HAIL QUEEN JO!

  • http://twitter.com/taylie27 Taylore Thompson

    I think on Barnes and Noble you can buy them directly… I haven’t tried yet but that’s what it looked like

    • Mel823

      B&N links you directly to Pottermore, and from there you select if you want the US or UK version, and what the price is in US dollars. 

  • http://twitter.com/samanthacr Samantha CR

    I would have purchased the books, but being in the US with multiple US copies of the books, Pottermore wouldn’t let me buy the UK version. :(   Hopefully they’ll change that. I always wanted to read the UK version!! 

  • GleeFan-attic

    I originally bought my Kindle (v2)…thinking the Harry Potter ebooks would be right around the corner. Years later, they are finally available. I would jump through any hoop to get these books on my Kindle, and bought them the day it was announced. Now my Kindle is measuring up to its full potential. With Harry Potter and Hunger Games on board…I will never be without it.

  • Lauren

    I don’t care about my little pony’s train of friendship!!!

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