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Although a Supernatural season 8 renewal is far from certain, executive producer Robert Singer has offered his thoughts on the direction the show would take.

After all this angst, Singer tells EW that the eighth season would likely take the show back to its roots:

I think you’ll see coming up that Sam’s Lucifer problem certainly lessens. That carried a lot of water this year. Jared really had the brunt of the emotional story. And I think going into next year — and, God, we haven’t talked about this — but just in my opinion, I think we’d be well served to get back to where this whole thing started — as we used to say, saving people and killing things.

Further, he also says that he’d like to move away from the angst:

I’d like to make it a good, kind of wild western yarn and try to leave the angst behind. I mean, there’s always going to be angst on this show, but I think we’ve kind of wrung it out a lot this year. So we might lighten it up a tad next year.

The show certainly has become exceedingly darker these past few years. As season 8 would likely be Supernatural‘s final year (though theoretically The CW could just keep renewing it), taking it full circle would make sense. At the same time, we have heard the producers say before that they’d take the show back to its early season format, so let’s take this with a grain of salt.

Where would you like to see Supernatural take Sam and Dean next year?

  • FabioHimmel

    I just don’t wanna see Lucifer winning. XD

  • Wlaakongaccount

    ohh.please do, we are all crazy about supernatural season here!. we love it.

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

    I’d like to see them tie up the series with a pretty mellow Season. Nothing huge. A small arc, but like Season 1, in that it’s all mainly super fun filler episodes. Even Season 3, actually, was just a joy to watch…they’ve been telling us it’s all back to basics for two Seasons now, I’m dying to see it actually BE back to basics. Season 6 was a bit uneven, Season 7 isn’t exactly improving upon that…I’d like to see some balance restored.

  • Chellearia

    The idea of a “how it all started” sounds awesome to me. I’m reading John Winchester’s Journal right now so seeing something along that vein sounds great.

  • http://twitter.com/purplehrdwonder Caitlin Kelly

    I think this season has already done a lot to go back to its roots. There’s been a ton of echoing of seasons 1 and 2 in season 7, which has been really enjoyable for me. I’m all about continuing that trend into next season and, hopefully, beyond.

  • Sheri S

    I would like to see “what does it all mean?”  God let this happen for a reason.  What was the reason?  But I also agree with going back to old style – humor wise.  Loved the wit of the earlier seasons.  Not too much laughing lately. However after all of the major story lines I think it would be boring to go back to a lighter story line.

  • http://twitter.com/Sana_Salvatore Sanaஜ۩۞۩

    Season 8 WONT be the last season!  I am rooting for this show as long as Jensen and Jared are alive! :>

    • http://hypable.com Selina

       Wonder how Jensen and Jared would feel about being stuck in those roles for that long!

  • Janine

    I’d like the show to go in the direction of a “season 9″ thank you.

    • Mariya

      Yes :) more Supernatural! I NEVER want it to end :)

    • Kriss32795

      and that season to go in the direction of a “season 10″ and that season to go in the direction of a “season 11″ and that season…

  • rdh014

    Singer is spot on.

  • Becca

    Picking up where Dad left off, saving people, hunting things, the family business!! 

  • AngelsGrace

    Next season will not be the end. >:( If only because they have a lot of things to clear up. Whats heaven like right now? After all they have no ruler and Cas did sort of massacre a bunch of them. Speaking of which they need to fix Cas and make up. They also have this thing where Bobby might be a ghost now. And they have the whole leviathans situation, where are they going with that? Plus the biggie, wheres god? I know they have sort of decided Gods gone and done with. But come one, he keeps bring back Cas so he’s there and has plans. I do think they might want to mellow it out a bit because they killed like ALL characters who weren’t Sam and Dean this season. But they still need to keep the story line flowing because there is so much they need to cover. I absolutely adore this show. And with all the things they’ve given us, the fans, to think about they could keep this show going for a long while. :D

  • Ralph Ampoloquio

    I think bringing back the show to its original format would be call. Though I enjoyed the thrill of a season-long story arc, I also miss those monster-of-the-week episodes. But what I’m hoping best is the greatest Big Bad that the boys will ever encounter (if ever this will be the last season). The Leviathans seem so tamed and nonthreatening this season. Supernatural and the boys deserve an epic ending, whether they both live or not.

  • Sunday

    ok there ‘s a question.  Will they finally meet God? that would be nice to see !!!

  • Yukio

    There are a few things I’d love to come to an explanation. For example where the God’s been the whole time or what happened to Dean’s pendant after he tossed it in a trash. Will it show up in the show again? I’d love it to. And also what I miss terribly about the story is the feeling that Sam and Dean still care about each other as brothers. For me, since the sixth season, they feel like two strangers. Also Chuck… we saw him disappear at the end of the fifth season. Where is he? The last scene made me believe there was something more about him. I think there are still a lot of things that are hanging in the air and need to be explained.

  • http://twitter.com/bushesobrandy Jessica Parker

    Sad but true…if they cut out Castiel I may quit watching the show. It just won’t be the same without him. 

    • GreenEyedAngel

      Supernatural was going strong long before Cas showed up… while we all hope he doesnt dissapear the fact is that it will still be a show worth watching with or without him….

  • Luciano05

    Season 8 What the hell. the series is getting better and better. Season 9 or 10 and even more please. I dont mind that you go back but i just hope that it will be story driven. These past seasons all have een dont screw it up

  • Shahhida

    I really would like 2 see what happens 2 Cass and Bobby. I don’t want Cass to have Lucifer-brain! I want him 2 be cured! Also Bobby, oh Bobby!,  I can’t believe he’s a ghost! Why oh why! I really wood like 2 c Dean’s and Sam’s reactions when thet find out he stayed. I really wood like it if the had more monster-of-the-week episodes. Also I agree the Leviathans hav been tame so far- cure cancer? puhleaz. It wouldn’t hurt for Lisa and Ben to b bac in the game but I understand that chapter is closed. I want 2 find out what the hell happened 2 Chuck- is he really God? Also, I miss Frank. Can dogs play poker? YES! His craycrayness just added to the humor of the show- speaking of hasn’t been a lot in this season. Also Get Dick, Sam and Dean! That bastard killed Bobby! Would likey to seey Meg and Cass romance but eh, he thinks she’s ugly.

  • Debhanley

    i think that would be good to go back to basic s loose all the pointless stories i hate the leviathons find them boring sam and dean need to get back to how they were and bobby and cass should be brought back properly especially bobby would also like to see lisa and ben back for dean to realise he had made a hasty mistake lettin em go so bring on god finally only he can sought everythin owt and put everythin right again he s been missin long enough lol. hope season 8 isnt the last one but if so make it a good un.

    • Rayray012319

      well he didn’t let her go she let him go after the whole vamp thing. He didn’t know Sam was soulless but in the end I think it would be a good way to say goodbye and end the show. With a happy note either a reunion in heaven or bring them all back and give dean the life he wanted and promised Sam.

      • Debhanley

         well yea i see what you mean but i think they could have soughted things if it had nt been for what crowley did and i agree with you that they should bring everyone back when they end the show i m sure all the fans outthere would prefer a happy endin for the guys hope so .

    • Kriss32795

      I agree with the Leviathans. They did get annoying and dull. However I actually kind of get and like the whole thing with Lisa and Ben. Dean will never be able to have that kind of life and not turn into his father or bring his new family into danger. It just could not happen, and to Dean being his father or putting those two in harm’s way is not acceptable, but he is a hunter and that is just who he will always be. I also have to agree with bringing back Cas and Chuck (God) because well Cas is always interesting one way or another and I kind of miss Chuck. And as much as I miss Bobby, I think trying to bring him back at this point would be like bringing back John Winchester, just to unbelievable even for this series. Some of our must loved characters must die or it just turns into lets keep everyone happy and not kill their favorite characters which is really annoying. I think everyone hopes that this season is not the last. Supernatural is AMAZING!!

  • carolinedinh


    • Kriss32795

      hahaha totally agree! I love those guys!!

  • http://twitter.com/luceknight Lu☮

    well…if this is the last season it would be good to see it back to the roots, but…please…don’t cut off Castiel. Keep the guy there, make him human…whatever, just keep him there. Cas was the only thing that made me keep watching s7…and he wasn’t even there most of the epis.

  • Rayray012319

    I truly hope it is not the last season. It touchs on so much that people try to ignore, with life death and the whole,”Supernatural” thing. I can say truly both hands down by far still the best show. They tie music in profoundly and to a perfect T! There is alot to still write and stories to make up. I WISH I WERE APART OF THE THINK TANK, I WOULD HAVE SOME GREAT EPISODES TO ADD.  Anyway FANS TGO KEEP IT GOING WE NEED TO KEEP WATCHING SO THE SHOWS KEEP COMING. I am not with CW just a another fan that loves the show. So lets push the ratings through the roof to show them the show is not dead!!!

  • Jeremy

    If Season 8 doesn’t involve Lucifer as the main villain (Considering, you can’t get a more evil person than the fucking devil) .. Then this show will be an even bigger disappointment than Lost..  I loved Lost, then it fucked me.  Supernatural, stop trying.. Embrace the fact that we all want to see “God vs The Devil” .. It’s the ultimate showdown.  So just fucking do it and stop complaining, you’re stalling.  Get to it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/morgan.berry.9022 Morgan Berry

      yes!!!!!!! i totally agree

  • Kriss32795

    I want more chuck! And as much as I loved season 1, the show can never truly go back with everything that has already happened. It just can’t. Besides, who wants to go back when it is better to go forward?

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