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This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own at this link.

As many lucky readers got a chance to do, I got to see The Hunger Games at midnight yesterday. The movie was spectacular and lived up to most of my expectations, except in the case of little Rue.

The actress that portrayed Rue certainly did a good job, my main problem was that Rue was not shown enough. In the book, Katniss and Rue’s time together is a key factor, and in the movie, Katniss and Rue are only together in maybe three scenes.

It is important for the audience to get to know Rue, so that when she dies, we really gain the emotional feeling. They did not do Rue justice in the movie, and since the audience did not get enough time with her, the feeling of sadness wasn’t as great when she died.

Rue and Katniss got two short scenes and then it was off to destroy the food. I was sitting in the theater with my friend at midnight, watching this movie, and when they started with the stacks of fire wood for the fire signals after only four minutes of interaction, we looked at each other like, “What the heck?”

And sure enough, ten minutes, later Rue had a spear in her. But the killing itself wasn’t done justice, either. In fact, it didn’t even look like the spear was in her at all, because, when the camera turned on her, she had already taken it out! The fact that she was cut out of the net first and then was hit with the spear really angered me, for some reason. And, Katniss’ decorating her with flowers (although it was sweet) didn’t really live up to the expectations I had after seeing MainstayPro’s video. It amazes me that a fan video was better than the actual movie.

Now, there’s been a lot of hype lately about one of these books being split into two movies, and, frankly, I think it should have been this one. The Hunger Games was the best book out of all three, by far, and the movie seemed rushed. Everything happened so fast, and even though almost all the scenes were correct, they were faster than expected.

Not meaning to put a damper on the film, I just thought these things should be addressed, seeing as I have not seen anything speaking specifically about them. Overall, the movie was a job well done, with few things wrong or unlikable. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

  • http://twitter.com/TokoMasho Matthew Potter

    I agree that Rue was definitely rushed, which was a shame. Although, I don’t think this movie should have been split, from a marketing point of view. I think most fans of the books would still have enjoyed them split, but realistically I think a lot of mainstream viewers would have been annoyed at a whole movie of pre-Games politics and such.

  • Rdh014

    I think they did fine. You see her sprinkled throughout the training sessions as well as the area, which is how Katniss comes to recognize her in the books. Their time together as *official* teammates was really pretty short if you think about it (they have a couple meals and then plan to destroy the food). It seems longer because you have all of Katniss’ inner-monologue. It’s merely the difference between a book and a film. I teared up at her death and (in my opinion) they handled it beautifully. 

    Mind you I read this book about 2 years ago…

    • http://www.facebook.com/mufflednoise Abby Reyes

      I agree with this. In the books, Katniss lingered on thoughts and events that affected her most, but that didn’t mean that a lot was happening as she was thinking “out loud”. With Rue I feel they were actually pretty faithful except for the minute details of how exactly she died (trivial really) and the bread after.

      • Mad

        Completely agree.

      • Zipcoolcat

        i think the reason they skipped the bread was because since district 11 was shown to rebel right after rue died (if i remember correctly) and katniss did the three finger thing, then it would have just been chaos after that, so they would have no time to collect money and sent the bread.

  • KL

    I agree that it did seem slightly rushed, but must disagree that the MainstayPro video was better. I find those so painful to watch!!

    • Hermione A

      They were better than Rue’s death scene in the actual movie. I mean seriously, the sad song, the crying, the blood, the lighting, the music, the way they stuck to the book. So much better…..

      • KL

         I have to disagree. I just rewatched MainstayPro’s video and I literally had to mute it. The Linkin Park music didn’t work AT ALL for me, and Katniss singing the whole lullaby took too long and I had to skip through it. I like that in the movie Amandla as Rue was more calm. I realize that she’s dying, but Amandla potrayed it as being at peace with death; to me it seemed like I at some point she  acknowledged that she wouldn’t win the games. I cried so much during the movie – Jennifer Lawrence crying after Rue died made me want to cry just as hard as she was.

        • http://booksandcastles.blogspot.com/ Sarah

          I agree. I thought the girl in the video cried too much when she was dying. In the books, Rue was more in shock than sobbing. I liked the way the girl in the movie portrayed it.

        • Hermione A

          Really? The music sold it for me…

  • http://twitter.com/HungerGamesExam HungerGames Examiner
  • http://twitter.com/Vaporage Jason Anderson

    And, Katniss’ decorating her with flowers (although it was sweet) didn’t really live up to the expectations I had after seeing MainstayPro’s video. It amazes me that a fan video was better than the actual movie.

    God no.

    • KL

       Agreed! Thank you.

    • Two

      MainstayPro’s did not sell me. It was nice, but the actors in this film made it way better. The emotional impact was totally there. 

    • KayJayGee

      Agreed. Mainstay’s was good but it wasn’t brilliant. The actors in the film was what made Rue’s scene almost as beautiful as the books. If it weren’t them, it would be totally bland. I love Rue in the book and I’ve always connected with her more than Prim. The same with the movie counterparts.

  • http://twitter.com/Vaporage Jason Anderson

    If they kept the scene where Katniss and Rue talk on the tree at night, then it would have been perfect. That would have been enough to have an emotional investment with Rue.

  • RussellTurner


  • Maggie

    I agree! The guy next to me (who obviously hadn’t read the books) said “I would just kill her.” when Rue was laying there. Then he seemed confused when Katniss was crying so hard, like he couldn’t understand why she was so emotional. 

    It seemed like Rue and Katniss were friends for like a few hours, rather than days and days like in the book.
    Now that I think of it, the whole Games seemed like it lasted a few days.

  • Trixie99

    I can see what is being said here.  I absolutely loved the movie, but I would have liked to see more Rue. The girl they cast for her was perfect!  :)

  • Tessa

    Well we barley saw Dobby in HP except in chamber of secrets and yet everyone thought his death was still given justice and i think almost everyone i talked to, reader or not cried 

    • Pudding

      Dobby is different though….. Dobby appeared in more than one movie, you got to know him better. And the whole Kreacher thing gave him a better image in DH.

  • http://twitter.com/aadnama Amanda Douglas

    I don’t what you mean by saying, “the feeling of sadness wasn’t as great when she died,” because I was sobbing harder during the movie than in the books. While I do wish that Rue had been in the film more, I kind’ve understand why they cut a bit of it. And in my opinion, the riot in D11 sort of makes up for that lack of Rue.

    • Hermione A

      The feeling of sadness in the movie theater wasn’t as great when she died because you didn’t see much of her in the movie. I didn’t cry as much then as I did watching, say Mainstay’s?

    • Corrina

      I couldn’t agree more. After I left the theater, I was still crying for Rue. When I read the book, I didn’t shed a single tear. I thought it was carried out more powerfully in the film.

      • Spellingbee10

        I thought it was very powerful, but for some reason I wasn’t really crying.  I teared up, but I got more upset over The Lorax than for this movie.  I blame the fact that I wasn’t very attached to Rue.  Like the reviewer said, it was too rushed.  The scene alone was fantastic, between the acting and the editing and the three-finger gesture, but I couldn’t feel for Rue.

    • http://twitter.com/glasswatar Suri Meipapilionis

      I didn’t cry when Rue got stabbed… I started to tear up at the flowers, and the three finger salute then full out cried when district 11 started going berserk… I also cried when J. Law had that heart wrenching scene afterwards, when she is sobbing…

      • Greg

        Jennifer Lawrence. For God’s sake, just spell her name out.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

          THANK YOU! I really don’t want her to be the next “Rob Pat” or “K. Stew” That just draws EVEN MORE psycho Twilight fans in to amp up the “Team Peeta or Team Gale” garbage… D:<

          • http://twitter.com/glasswatar Suri Meipapilionis

            Can honestly say I did not think about that fact. Just something I have been seeing in articles. I just didn’t want to completely type it out. So my bad for being like any other lazy teenage girl. I apologize for my ignorance.
            (for the record, some magazines called her that for Winter’s Bone and X-men, I believe. But, I get it. Besides, it could potentially be misinterpreted as Jude Law or some other actor, which can be insulting.)

          • Marge

             It’s a nickname. It’s not meant to evoke any particular fandom. Please be respectful! “Psycho” and “garbage” are strong, disrespectful words when applied to a group.

      • Danielle

        Same with me. I didn’t fully get the impact of Rue’s death until we saw how her district reacted. I thought that was very well done.

      • ducky_2

        I understand what you mean. I didn’t really cry when Rue got stabbed, I to tear up but not really cry. I was BAWLING (although I cried about 5 times during the movie so…) by the time Katniss started singing and put the flowers on her. (Not as much flowers as I would have hoped though)

  • Jen

    I completely disagree with this movie being rushed – however, I DO agree that Ru’s character was rushed. The movie is already 2 & 1/2 hours, people would start to get bored. I dont think anything even seemed rushed – with the exception of Rue. However, Jennifer Lawrence’s acting and the rebellion we see in District 11 make me forget that – the actual death was so amazing altogether that nothing about it could ever bother me.

    • KL

       Well said!!

  • Ian Miller

    um, you could see the spear in her.  she takes it out herself.  i’m an american, so i obviously saw the american cut of the film…maybe in the country you saw it in they edited that part out?  idk.  

    • Hermione A

      and what country do you think I saw it in hon?

      • Charlotte

        If you’d seen it in the UK then yeah, that part could’ve been edited out. The UK version has been cut to reduce the amount of blood.

      • tori

        Well, if you did see it in the US, you clearly weren’t paying attention because the spear was definitely in her when the camera cut back to her…

  • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.ruiz1 Peggy Ruiz

    I don’t understand the complaining. I thought the movie stuck as close as they could to the book without making it a 5 hour long movie. Everything was rushed, though it didn’t feel rushed. And I thought the scene was fine. I guess they showed D11 uprising instead of them sending bread, btw.

    • Danielle

      It’s not complaining, it’s a movie review. 

  • Nathan

    Well I have to disagree with everything. The pacing was fine. And rue’s death scene was heart-breaking. I didn’t cry, but my friend who had never read the books and didn’t even know much about the story began to tear up when she died, and was sobbing while Katniss decorated her with flowers.

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

    They did it well. I think the inclusion of the scene at the start of the movie, where Katniss sings to Prim, makes for a clearer connection when she sings to Rue. The song she sings to her little sister to calm her nerves and fear is the same song as when seh sings Rue to death – I like to think that that compensates for the lack of screen time. There are other ways to portray a connection between to characters, and that was a smart one. It showed how easily Katniss came to be protective of Rue – she reminds her of her little sister, who she feels compelled to look after.
    There was always going to be something that ‘underperformed’ through lack of screen time, but the songs inclusion at the start more than made up for it, for me.

  • eiVega

    Eh, it was emotional enough for me.  I definitely cried and cried a lot.  I was surprised how long I still needed to wipe my eyes.  Even my brother got teary-eyed and he didn’t expect to.  I also could hear lots of sniffling during the scene in my theater.  It wasn’t to level of Snape’s-death-obnoxious sobbing, but I knew we all felt her death very deeply.  Yeah, I felt that whole arena sequence was rushed compared to the book but they still were able to hit the emotional points.  We see enough of Rue to see that she is a sweet, young innocent girl.  You don’t have to know her inside and out to get upset at her murder.  Of course the book will always have a greater depth to it, but that doesn’t mean the movie failed convey the same spirit in its own fashion.  To me, the fact that our whole theater was choked up with emotions proves to me that they did a good job.

    • http://twitter.com/Mushery_ Giulia

      “snape’s-death-obnoxious sobbing”, it sounds as though you were listening to me in DHP2.

      • GirlWhoCriedWhenSiriusDied

         It sounds as if she was listening to both of us. ;)

        • Hermione A

          Me too!

          • eiVega

            haha…I was at LeakyCon so there was A LOT of hard-snobbing.  I totally cried too but there was some extreme weeping from others.  It was the loud, choking kind that made it difficult to hear anything.  I know there have been several podcasts discussing the different reactions to the over-the-top crying for Snape.  I’m okay with releasing emotions but  I think some people needed to control themselves better.  You still have to be respectful of the public in your theater.  A lot of people didn’t bother to try to muffle up their hysteria.  But yeah, I was definitely aware of the sniffling around the theater for Rue but appreciated that it was contained and not interfering with the movie experience.

  • EmmaMills

    I definitely agree with you on every aspect, but today I saw the film a second time, and this time my dad (who has not yet read the books, but is going to soon) watched it with me. My father is not a very outwardly emotional man, mind you, but during Rue’s death scene out of the corner of my eye I saw him quickly wiping tears from his eyes, and then I believe that the added scenes of District 11 starting to rebel, with the injustice of Rue’s death being the catalyst, I think really drove home that point for him (and I imagine, then, any other movie goer who hasn’t read the books). While the scene in the book (as well as the character of Rue and her friendship with Katniss) was definitely so much more emotional and better crafted, us book fans also have to realize that in terms of the big picture of the series, that Rue’s death was used as a way to really drive home the message about how horrific, sickening, unjust, and evil the Capitol is, and why they should be stopped. It might have played out better in the books, but so far it seems like that message was not lost on movie-only fans, and that, I think, is what is most important.

  • Tessa

    It’s nice to hear BOTH perspectives, good and bad, but seriously guys, can we not only post negative reviews?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mufflednoise Abby Reyes

    I disagree that The Hunger Games should have been cut into 2 movies, because a move like that would only make sense to us fans and not to everyone else. Before the games, nothing really happens as far as non-fans are concerned – it’ll be a whole lot of background, set-up, training and dialogue for something they don’t even know about. 

    I think it was important for them to deliver the entire book 1 in the first movie because there’s a point in winning the games that viewers have to leave the theater with. If they had stopped before the games, or even sometime during the games, non-fans will be seeing the story as just that – just any gladiator game with little meaning (if Katniss wins, then what?)

    That said, the movie was already long (2.5 hours!) and if we fans ever feel that it was rushed, I sincerely believe that it’s only because we’re coming from the book, looking for scenes and dialogue and parts that IMO if added, would probably have made the movie boring, confusing, and twice as long.

  • kkkkkkkk

    I agree with this.  I loved the movie, it was awesome, but I left it feeling like it was missing something.  To me the thing I didn’t like about the movie most was the emotional connections between Katniss and Rue, and Katniss and Peeta.  Like mentioned in the article, in the book Katniss’ and Rue’s relationship really developed well and they shared a great bond.  That was almost nonexistant in the movie if you ask me.  Yeah we can tell Katniss Likes Rue and vice versa, but their relationship was rushed so her death wasn’t as sad as it should’ve been.  I felt the same about the Peeta and Katniss relationship.  Both were perfect for their roles but I just didn’t feel the connection between them.  There wasn’t enough time with them together on screen to really show that.  In the games is where it should show their relationship best and it was rushed and they had very little scenes together to help move their relationship.  There was more connection between Katniss and Gale I thought in the movie, when there really shouldn’t have been.  So it was kinda disappointing.  Hopefully they do better with that in Catching Fire.

  • bridget

    really i just thought that katniss should have compared her to prim at least once.

    Rue: “I knew I could trust you because of your pin.”
    Katniss: “I knew I could trust you because you remind me of my sister, Prim.”

    and I would have happy

    • tori

      I don’t think that was necessary. Without Katniss saying anything about it I definitely got the sense that the reason she formed an alliance with Rue was because she reminded her of her sister. Two of my friends who I saw the film with who hadn’t read the books picked up on it too. It may have been a few short scenes in the film, but Katniss acted around Rue the same way she did around Prim in the film. And that was good enough for me. I don’t think everything has to be stated explicitly.

  • Dreamer

    I have to agree, I thought that Katniss and Rue’s actual time together in the arena was really rushed. In the movie it felt like they were together maybe 2 days where as in the book it was at least double that. Thay had time to connect, share food and knowledge about their districts, and teach eachother skills. However I thought her death and the aftermath was handled perfectly though I wouldn’ve liked some connection made between Rue and Prim. I wasn’t feeling the same emotion towards Rue in the movie as I did in the book. I went to see it with a friend who hadn’t read the books and she didn’t look outwardly sad when Rue died. I got more emotional when they showed the rebelion in district 11. I still liked her death, but the lead up was rushed.

  • Two

    Simply put, while I would have loved a bit more time, I think they did exactly what they needed to do pacing wise in order to keep the momentum of the movie moving.

  • jhluvalice

    I don’t think I agree with you completely. As big of a fan as I am of the books, and as much as  I love Rue, I think she was placed in the movie much more than I thought they would (the scene where she takes Cato’s knife and hides on the ceiling was a pleasant fun surprise). No, they didn’t show her and Katniss together much, but I guess the phrase “It’s the little things that count” can be applied to this situation. I loved seeing Rue sprinkled throughout the film: the interviews, the parade, the training sessions etc. etc. Besides Cinna, I think she may have been my favorite supporting actress in this film. Also, I think I connected with her quite enough, because, come her death, there were LITERAL tears streaming down my face. I have never cried in a movie theatre so much. Plus, they showed Katniss crying and mourning in an exterior manner more than was shown in the book, right? At least, I don’t remember her crying that much, and I loved Katniss showing a bit of vulnerability during the Games to show that she did care and the Capitol doesn’t have control over her emotions. As you said, it wasn’t perfect, but I couldn’t have asked for anything better visual-wise…look to what they did right during this scene rather than wrong, I”m sure you’ll end up more pleased than your initial reaction.

  • Regit

    I don’t know if you have and it might not change your opinion but I recommend watching the movie a second time. In my opinion midnight showings are not the best time to judge because emotions are high and people are usually sleep deprived (again, your situation might be different).

    I knew the moment was coming so I couldn’t help but cry but an older guy next to me in the theater obviously didn’t know what was going to happen. When the camera panned down to the spear I heard him whisper “oh my god”

  • Liderc

    The movie lacked any emotion, that was a key problem.  The other problem was all the fight scenes were done with shaky cam, which made them useless.  

    I want to see a bad review for this film, because it deserves one.  It was insanely boring and looked like a made for TV movie.  It looked like something the Oxygen channel would produce, except their dialogue would be better. 

  • Sarah

    I agree with you on them not spending enough time on Rue. I was heartbroken when she died and bawling mainly because I knew how important she was to Katniss from reading the books. I think they should have spent a little more time building the relationship. Regardless, I think Jennifer and Amandla did a phenomenal job in the few scenes they shared and that the audience who hadn’t read the books at least knew there was a special connection between them.

  • Guest

    I agree, but I don’t think they should have made it into two movies as i don’t know where on earth they would split the film. The only thing that saved Rue’s death scene for me was the transition to District 11.

  • moonshoespotter1712

    I cried quite a bit for Rue, but maybe that’s because I loved her in the book. I though she was adorable. For some reason I also felt a liking towards Seneca, and I also loved Haymitch.

  • Emily Brett

    My main problem with rue wasn’t her screentime. I thought that was great. And yes, this may sound petty, but I got really annoyed that, after surviving in the woods for days, she looked so…clean. Especially her hair and her face. I mean,Amandla stenberg sad she rolled in mud for her audition.  Where was that?

    • Maggie

      I think it was to represent how she was pure – innocent little girl, killed by the Capitol. also that she could take care of herself & katniss.

      I don’t know, I’m making things up. But I’m a black girl and I’m just saying, it takes a LOT of work for our natural hair to look that good and clean .. I wouldn’t want to ruin it for a movie, either.

      • PotionWillow207

        But EVERY character looked so clean, and they’re not all pure and innocent.

      • PuhLeez

         “But I’m a black girl and I’m just saying, it takes a LOT of work for our natural hair to look that good and clean ”

        Boy,Maggie, what an idiotic statement. Black peoples’ hair looks as good and clean as anyone else’s – probably moreso. We don’t even get lice. your mother needs to sit you down and talk some sense into your pathetic little head.
        Self hate and inferiority complexes are a beast!

  • mpgw97

    ya i found her and katniss’ relationship rushed too, so it was a little harder to get as attached to rue and be sad at her death than in the book, but this also has to do with the fact that we arn’t in katinss’ head so we never hear about how she reminded here of prim and all that. (she didn’t put flowers specifically in the hair either)

  • http://twitter.com/rosaliedavid12 Nessa Daae

    I’m actually going to disagree with you. I thought they did a fantastic job with Rue. I can see why it looked rushed, but honestly in the book we had time to talk and get to know each character, in movies we don’t have that luxury because then it interferes with the pacing of the movie. That being said I thought the death sequence was very appropriate. Katniss’s emotion seemed so real, you knew she regretted what happened to Rue, and that to me shows how much Rue meant to her. And with the added bonus of watching District 11 salute back and start to rebel, you really felt the impact and injustice of this little girl dying. I don’t know, but everyone in the theatre when I saw it was crying.

  • Effie Trinket

    This is EXACTLY what I thought!!!!!! I couldn’t cry when Rue died because she wasnt shown enough! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Elizabeth/546339640 Taylor Elizabeth

    While I did find myself going “Woah this is going a little fast”, I didn’t like Rue’s death. The way Katniss cut her out of the net, had a little chat then Marvel appears from out of nowhere and spears her….. Katniss ducks when Marvel throws the spear, so why didn’t Rue? They set the scene up as if Rue could have ducked and got out alive, where as in the book he speared her in the net…..that was like my one complaint of the movie.

  • Eoin

    I thought Rue’s death was perfect. It was so well done. Their alliance wasn’t that long in the first place. Everyone saluted with 3 fingers. which could be seen as stupid but since everyone did it it was nice.

  • Jacob

    I think they did okay. I wasn’t too unhappy, and hey, I nearly cried. I would have if I hadn’t stopped myself. But those little details they changed, come on, they’re not that big of a deal. I understand your pain, but at least it happened at all. They could have kept Rue out of the movie to save time if they wanted to. I think the reason they made her screen time so short was because the movie was already 2 1/2 hours long. And hey, it might be in the deleted scenes when the DVD comes out.

  • Septima

    [Let me start by saying there are a lot of good points made here (in the comments as well as the Post)] Now about the general rushing: Rdh014 and others are right about Rue – we hear about her a ton in the book, but only in Katniss’s head. In reality, there aren’t together very long, even though they’re already best friends by the time they meet. Yes, in the book Rue was actually with Katniss for longer than in the movie, but they were basically doing average survival stuff, and much of the audience doesn’t care to see that for five minutes. The movie IS already 2h20min, so they did have to go through a lot very quickly, but it just made the experience more urgent and fast-paced. The only “rushing” I think was really unjustified was the end; the audience really needs more closure after the trauma, and the final scene with Katniss and Peeta on the tracks to make their romantic situation clear. Other than that (serious mistake), I was blown away by the film; how faithful it was and how emotional and dramatic it was. I had seen the Repaing in the trailer multiple times, but when I saw it in full in the movie I almost starting crying (extremely rare!). In fact, from the first shot of D12 with Prim’s scream, I was near tears (extremely rare!!), though I haven’t shed a single tear reading the books.

  • Katelyn

    The important thing with Rue is that her death is what finally emotionally broke Katniss.  She didn’t cry when her sister was picked, she didn’t cry when she volunteered, she didn’t cry when she said goodbye to her family and Gale, and she didn’t even really cry when she got burned, but she COMPLETELY LOST IT when Rue died.  You could tell it was just like everything crappy that had happened to her came to a head and she couldn’t take it anymore.  There even was a quick moment when she looks up from Rue’s body after mourning her, and glares at the sky before walking away. You could tell that it was that moment that she stopped just trying to survive and tried to win. 

  • Kavitha

    I did feel that it was a bit rushed, but at the same time, I felt that they did a good job considering the amount of time they had. They managed to put her in at appropriate parts. And, the parts that Rue did have with Katniss were very heartwarming.
    Overall, the movie felt a tad rushed but that was my only issue. I loved it and the fact that they included so much made it worth the rush.

  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen

    I agree with everything you said here.

  • http://twitter.com/MOgulnick Megan Ogulnick

    I completely agree with all of this!! 

  • Maddygirl96

    Its an interesting point… that if they did seperate one of the books into two films it should have been this one. I agree. They could maybe stop the first half when the “same district-two victors” rule was anounced and we see Katniss yell out Peeta’s name. That’d be a nice dramatic end for part one. <3

  • http://www.twitter.com/matsemann08 Matsemann08

    As a person who has only seen the film, I can tell you that Rue’s death
    was very non emotional. I guess Katniss had a better relationship with
    her in the book, but in the movie they met like 15 minutes before, in
    which they were together in the same scenes for like 5 minutes. I had no
    connection to her at all. Rue’s death scene draaaaaaged on, for someone
    who hasn’t read the book.
    Great movie overall though.
    Gonna go get the books this week I guess.
    Edit: Ok, the 3 finger salute thing was very cool.

  • Serwl

    It’s weird but the death, the singing and the flowers didn’t make me cry or even feel that sad (although I could hear people sniffing in the audience). But when Katniss gave the three fingered salute and District 11 returned it I suddenly started crying and was in tears through the riot scene.
    Those three minutes were the ones that reminded me most of the atmosphere of the book (even though the riot wasn’t in the books!).

  • jozefd14

    I think the scenes seemed faster than expected because in the entirety of the books, we are in Katniss’s thoughts and perspective so it seems like in her mind, everything seems to be in slow motion… idk that is what I think…

  • wildkitty1

    I try not to expect movies to ever be exactly like the book. Books have so much more time to grab the reader with the charactors thoughts where a movie has to do this all through suggestion. I have yet to read the book and am sure it will be great one I have had the chance to do so . I did not need to know anymore of the backstory bettween them in fact I could bairly even remember her name before finding this article but I felt that seen was one of the heartfelt ones in the whole movie. When my dad died I placed a white rose in his casket under his hand as I said my final goodbye to him… that simple act in the movie when Katness placed that last flower brought me back to that day and the feeling of loss. It would be wonderful if movies could add every detail of a book into two or three hours but it just can’t happen and deviding a movie into two parts almost feels like the movie companies just want to make us buy two tickets and wait a whole year for a story to be told at time. If the movie gets the message across and can inspire others to maybe buy the book it has done its job. My favorite movie is still my favorite movie even though I liked the book better after I read it.

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