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This opinion piece was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own.

Kristen Bell recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and expressed not only her intense love for The Hunger Games, but also her belief that she would be a good fit for Catching Fire‘s Johanna Mason, the ruthless former tribute and winner from district 7.

Sometime in the last few months, fans here on Hypable offered their thoughts on who should play Finnick Odair, the former district 4 champion, and a lot of interesting and intriguing suggestions were made.

Johanna Mason is described as having a “wicked ability to murder,” and her nonchalant, threatening effect is presumably a result of the Capitol taking away everything and everyone she ever loved.

Would Kristen Bell make a good Johanna Mason? If not, who else do you have in mind?

Editor’s note: Above fan art by Charmontez on Deviant Art.

  • http://twitter.com/mxd mason

    Why not just give it to her? She’s been saying that for months.

    • Laura

      So if I keep repeating that I want a million dollars, I should just get it?

      • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.ruiz1 Peggy Ruiz

        Yes, yes you should!

        • Laura

          Well, I think so too, but my bank account is pititful at the mo. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. 

  • Brianna Selesky

    Evanna Lynch. 

    • kristen

      that was br amazing but there would be potter cross over so maybe not

      • kristen

        i am thinking her for wirress or delly

        • nevermore

          I could see her as Delly. No one else though…

    • Gary65

      Hell no. Evanna should play Wiress. I know that kinds sucks cos Wiress dies and all but I really can’t see Evanna carrying Johanna’s vicious attitude. Given the oddity that was Luna Lovegood, I think Wiress is a much better fit.

      • HS

        Isn’t Wiress supposed to be in her 30 or 40s. 

        • Gary65

          I suppose. BUt if we’re picking a character for Evanna Lynch to play, Wiress would suit her best.

          • Mary

            On the podcast, didn’t they say that the director was trying to keep fandoms from crossing? I really would like to see Evanna as one of the characters mentioned, but I just don’t think it could happen.

          • Gary65

            I know. But still. I can’t think of anyone who could play Wiress better.

    • Guest

      Um, no. That’s not the role for Evanna. Plus, Johanna doesn’t have an Irish accent. Remember?

      • Laura

        I don’t think Evanna would fit the role of Johanna either, but not because of her accent. People CAN change their accents, you know. Hugh Laurie in House, Dan Radliffe during his Broadway run, Liam Hemsworth in The Hunger Games…

      • Gary65

        Neither did Luna.

    • Brianna Selesky

      Wow sorry, confused myself. I would love to see Evanna as Annie. 

      • Gary65

        YES!!! On this we agree.

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

    I love Kristen, and based on her role in Veronica Mars, I’m certain she could pull it off. I’m not sure who else I would picture for the role of Johanna, but I’m sure there’s someone I haven’t thought of.
    Maybe Yvonne Strahovski? She’s a badass. And awesome. I wonder would they ever consider her? I can’t even remember if Johanna is blonde or not, but hair dye is always an option.

    • HG fan

      I love Yvonne Strahovski! Just started watching Chuck this month and she’s so awesome. She’s a little old for the part at 29, but Jen and Liam are both older then their characters, so maybe they’ll consider her : ) She would totally kick ass as Johanna.

      • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

         Right? :-) She doesn’t exactly look 29 quite yet, and her acting is certainly sharp, sharper than it was when Chuck started, so I do think she could pull it off, were she considered.
        Also, prepare for the most awesome finale ever whe Chuck ends. You’ve been warned: You’ll need tissues.

        • steven815

          Yvonne Strahovski Is Two Years Younger Than Kristen Bell.

  • QuaffleRose34

    Naya Rivera (Santana on glee) has been saying she wants it too.  I can see her in the role better than Kristen Bell, but then again I haven’t seen Kristen Bell in much, so I can’t really judge. :)

  • http://twitter.com/bsbrock Janeth Gutierrez

    I think Naya Rivera would be great in the role. She’s also a big fan of the series.

  • TheFirst

    I’d say they give the role to Kristen :) She’s been saying countless times how much she loves the books, and based on her previous roles I’m sure she could pull it off.

    Also, I know Johanna is a brunette, but for some reason I’ve always imagined her as a blonde. However, as someone mentioned, hair dye is an option. Just look at Jennifer and Josh!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

      hair dye is always an option.  Just look at Tom Felton who plays Draco in HP.  10 years of hair bleach…

    • Becca

      Kristen died her hair dark brown for Burlesque. And Jennifer Lawrence is also a natural blonde (see X-men: First Class).

      • http://profiles.google.com/viandang Veevee .

        lol i’m pretty sure that anybody on hypable knows that jen is a natural blonde :P

        • Becca

          LOL I realize that but it was to make a point.

    • Audrey

      I totally agree for some reason I always imagined her as a blonde :)

    • lynzi

      She’s supposed to be brunette? I always pictured her blonde too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/louieschuth Louie Schuth

    I still like Naya Rivera in the role. She’s also said she wants it.

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    I think Kristen Bell would be great! She’s got the sassy attitude down pat.

    • Utube

      Kristen bell only appeals to gay twilight fans

      • Utube

        Screw you! Kristen bell is awesome

        • kate

          why are you telling yourself to “screw you”

          • katie

            As i finger my pussy!

          • cd97

            Okay yall figure this out on your own time. Katie no one cares… This is just a movie. I personally have read both the books and i LOVE the hunger games so much more! Im planning on reading the series for a third time and I think kristen bell would be perfect… mila is too sexy for the part.

      • Isak

         Twilight fans? You mean Kristen Stewart dumbass.

  • nimbuschick

    I’m going to go with Naya, because Kristen Bell comes off semi-sweet no matter what she does, and Johanna is not ever sweet.

    Also I want Justin Timberlake for Finnick.

    • Mary

      If you have seen her in “Big Miracle”, she can play a snotty and slightly sassy. Just a thought.

      • nimbuschick

        I don’t doubt that she could play it, I just think that her face and voice are too sweet, which would balance out the cold, I-insult-you-to-show-I-like-you persona. Casting Lois Lane, I’d pick Kristen in a second because the sweet voice and face make the bold tough-girl likable. Casting Johanna, you don’t want her to be very likable.

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

    Why Naya? Why do people always jump to big stars on big movies/TV shows?
    I like Naya. Not so much Glee, but I love the cast whenever I see them. But something about her as Johanna just doesn’t fit for me.
    I’d like someone less well known.

    • Sapph


    • Elletnah

       I think people are saying her cause they wouldn’t mind seeing her naked… Cause you know, elevator… Johanna takes her costume off… Lol

      • 17

        well theyll make it pg13 like they did for the hunger games more like pg if you ask me and will take out all the nude scenes

    • cd97

      I think she is too sexy for the role. I never pictured Johanna as sexy. I pictured her as pretty, but natural.

    • el camino

      Stephanie Hunt that was in Friday Night Lights will be 23 in a couple months. She has been doing indie movies lately. She has really gotten to looking like wow.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RYABYZZUG4ICQ6YFNZN263I674 Maria

    Finnick Odair= Alex Pettyfer. enough said.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Diego-Hernandez/539018211 Diego Hernandez

      Holy shit I’ve been trying to think of the perfect finnick and Alex Pettyfer seems to fit he part

    • Drew Hill

      i don’t think his acting is up to par though

    • Gary65

      Heck no. He’s been enough book adaptions already. Matt Bomer FTW

    • I<3Books

       Looks too much like the guy who played Cato.

      • kate

        who was amazing

  • Brittany

    Honestly, I think it would be nice to not have big name people in these roles. I think an open audition would be the best way to find the people perfect for Johanna/Finnick. Think about how perfect Evanna was as Luna and they found her through an open auditon.

    • Utube

      Jessica alba

      • GleeHaterExceptForDarrenCriss

        too smiley 

  • The Boy on Fire

    IMO: Naya Rivera for Johanna and Austin Butler for Finnick. Thats who I always pictured. Also I would love to see Kathy Bates as Coin for Mockingjay lol

  • Drew Hill

    I’m really surprised no one has said Mila Kunis. She would be awesome

    • akacj18

      ooooh i can totally see that!

      • Drew Hill

        she was meant for the role.

        • Mary

          Hmm, I can see that.

          • Utube

            She isnt old enough and is only fit for comedy roles

          • Abosuba

            You haven’t seen “Black Swan” right?

          • Drew Hill

            and she’s actually older than johanna was in the books

    • Brianna Lofton

      Yes! you’re a genius!!!

    • Elletnah

       Johanna was the most recent victor besides Peeta and Katniss in the 75th games, I think Mila is too old

      • Brianna Lofton

        she’s 28 but she still looks young and all the actors in THG were too old for their parts.

      • courtd97

        Ok I agree with you. No one said Johanna was beautiful and I think Kristen Bell would be PERFECT! I mean she has that quality to her you can see her being scary or mean. That is exactly how I imagined Johanna Mason. I can’t see Mila being Johanna… Think about it. Johanna came from working every day in the woods… I don’t think she would look like Mila. I can’t picture Mila when I read the books, and I have read them each twice… planning on reading them again.

      • Gary65

        No she’s not. Johanna is in her early 20s. She’s only a bit younger than Finnick. She won at least 5 years before Katniss and Peeta

    • el camino

      Mila is doing the Jupiter Ascening movie the same time they are suppose to film CF. Chanum Tatum is also in it. No for him as Finnick.

  • Lauren

    Kristen Bell! She is awesome!

  • Sam

    NOT Kristen Bell. I cannot EVER see her in the role of Johanna Mason. I think either they should have an open casting and cast someone completely new unknown, of course as long as she has the ability to pull if off. Or someone like, or the actual, Michelle Rodriguez. She seems so perfect for the role.

    • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

      I love Michelle, but she is VERY type cast. Which isn’t a bad thing for some actresses, like herself, because that role suits her so well – but it would be a bit tiresome seeing the same thing in THG when it’s so far removed from the popcorn-type movies she’s usually in (sorry, Michelle, it’s true).

    • Sarah

      I totally agree!! And yes Michelle Rodriguez would be perfect as Johanna!

      • blujai

        she can definitely pull off ruthless but I don’t think she can pull off shy and vulnerable.

  • greddy

    It would need to be someone that has a believable aggressive side to them. I do not think she could pull it off- she is too mild. Johanna’s character should be played by someone who isn’t known solely for being cute/pretty/adorable. Maybe Jena Malone…

  • Savanah

    I think that Emma Stone has the fierceness that Johanna posseses. She also would be easily perceived as sweet and innocent– after all, Johanna has to have that quality in order to win her Games.

    • Audrey

      I hadn’t really thought of Emma Stone before but now that I think about it I think she would be a good Johanna

  • User

    Juno Temple for Johanna and Alex Pettyfer for Finnick. That’s how I always pictured it.

  • Jnthn44

    when i was reading the book, i had Naya pictured the whole time. i think she’d be perfect, glee aside

  • eleventh

    Honestly I’d like to see some more colour in the films. They say Seam kids have dark hair and olive-toned skin, but the audition calls for Katniss was for a white female. They had a great chance to cast someone in a giant hollywood role who wasn’t white but they didn’t. So I’d definitely enjoy seeing a Johanna Mason that is at least bi-racial.

    • Mad

      This has already been discussed by everyone. Olive tone doesn’t mean you aren’t white, and don’t you remember how her mother and sister were described? She has to be somewhat like them.

      • eleventh

        Well I’d like to think that not every film in Hollywood must star white people (coughDragonBallZcough). Even films that claim to be about abolishing racism, like The Help or Blind Side are just white saviour films. And many films starring people of color are largely ignored. I’d just like to see more races in the Hunger Games, since it’s never clearly stated exactly what races the characters are. In this case with Johanna Mason, I think an open casting call would be best.

        • American Moth

          I like the idea of having a colored Johanna, as long as she fits the part. I don’t want them to cast a colored person just for the sake of casting a colored person. 

          • eleventh

            Exactly. It all comes down to who plays it best.

        • cd97

          trust me i have nothing against colored people I mean i love cinna and thresh. they were perfect actually for the roles, but i think that johanna would be best as kristen bell just because of her facial structure and her basic looks:)

  • guest

    I don’t see Kristen Bell as Johanna. My choices for Johanna would have to be Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman 

    • http://twitter.com/myridehome Carla

      Mila Kunis would be perfect!

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

    Okay, no Alex Petewhatsit. I’m sorry. I like the guy, but he is in TOO MANY book adaptions at this point, he does not have to feature in a heroic male role in everything.
    I appreciate how much his fans love him, to the point that they seem to want him to be in literally every book adaption calling for a handsome young man, but no. Please, no.

  • Steven Ungaro

    Briana Evigan or Emily Browning. And ever since I read that Hunter Parrish tried to get Peeta and failed, I figured he would be put on the backburner for the role of Finnick

    • Morsmordre79

      Whoa! Never even thought about Emily Browning, but she could definitely pull it off! Good suggestion!

  • EmmaMills

    I know that we’re talking about Johanna, but as long as we’re on the subject of Catching Fire dream fan castings, I must say that I’d like to start the campaign for Raphael Sbarge (who plays Dr. Archie Hopper on Once Upon a Time) to be cast in the role as Beetee. I think he would be absolutely perfect.

    As far as Johanna goes, I’m still undecided about Kristen Bell, but I will say that if you saw the crazy role that she played in Heroes, then I think you would say that she might not be completely wrong for the role, after all. Her character in Heroes was standoffish, bitchy, fierce, vengeful, and murderous, but once you started to learn a bit more about her, even she became sympathetic despite the fact that she enjoyed torturing people with her lightning ability a little too much.

    Also remember that Johanna won her first Games by making the audience and fellow tributes believe that she was a weak, emotional, fragile young girl so that no one even worried about her or gave her a second thought, until she came out of left field and started taking all the unsuspecting tributes out one by one with those crazy axe skills of hers. And Kristen I think can definitely pull that aspect of Johanna off well (if they decide to show a short scene from Johanna’s Games, that is). With good direction, short choppy dark hair, a bit of muscle and maybe a tan, I think that I can definitely see Kristen Bell as Johanna.

    That being said, whoever Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins decide on in the end will almost certainly be perfect.

    • Edyeb

       For future casting, may I offer Diane Weist for President Coin, she has the acting chops to stand against Donald Southerland (who was wonderful as President Snow). She would also enjoy the scenery chewing with the other actors in the adult roles.

      • Sarah Kordsmeier

        I like Miranda Richardson for President Coin as well!

      • Drew Hill

        When I read Mockingjay I always saw Kathy Bates in my head for President Coin

        • http://www.facebook.com/heather.smith07 Heather Smith

          so did I! Glad I wasn’t the only one!

        • kristen

          i like it never realy thought of her but i think you maybe right

        • EverLark

          I like her but for some reason I pictured Meryl Streep

    • emily

      i agree with you on the fact that whoever Gary and Suzanne pick will be perfect:)

    • doksuhoka

       I first saw Kristen Bell in Deadwood where she plays a character named Flora, who, like Johanna used her fragility to deceive people into believing she was weak and fragile but underneath she was cold and calculating.  It was a small role but it stuck with me.  Kristen played her well and if you judge her from that performance, I believe she can be a good Johanna. 

  • SonjaS

    Eliza Dushku, Faith from Buffy the Vampire slayer. She’s evil and nice, relentless and helpless and a real b****. Perfect. 

    • Drew Hill

      She looks like she’s too old

    • Sarah

      Eliza Dushku would be a good fit

  • Savanah

    Johanna can’t look too similar to Katniss since most of her scenes she is with Katniss (they are using a first-person take, so obviously this would be true). I think it would be neat to see her with blonde hair, like Kristen. Or maybe even red.

    Also– I’d like to have a different race take on the role of Johanna. That would be perfect.

    Either way, I’m sure whoever Gary and Suzanne hire will be perfect.

  • Just a thought

    I don’t think Kristen Bell is suited for the role. Naya would have experience playing the bitchy character so, why not?

  • Hermione A

    I wish people who haven’t starred in anything would be considered….. 

    • Gary65

      How are we supposed to consider people who haven’t starred in anything?

      Hey, there’s this girl who lives down the block from me. She’d make an incredible Johanna.

      How are we supposed to consider people who haven’t starred in anything? We have no idea who they are or if they’re any good.

      • erinadrienne

        They don’t mean someone who has never been in anything. Just someone who isn’t very well known. Someone who hasn’t STARRED in a big movie. Because that’s exactly what basically the entire cast is right now. Really famous well known actors. I agree. I wanted unknown actors for the entire cast…but oh well. 

        • Utube

          Youre a gaytard.

          • Fawkes

            not okay, don’t use immature words that no one wants to hear and only cause trouble.

          • kmorris76

            Looks like someone’s up after his bedtime

        • Gary65

          You mean like Naya Rivera? Who everyone’s been discussing here?

          • severus

            Absolutely not. Maybe I’ve been blinded with my hatred of Santana, but I don’t think she’s even sort of a talented actor. She’s beautiful and a unique singer, but she couldn’t act if her life depended on it.

          • Gary65

            Yeah I’m pretty sure you’re being blinded by hatred. Naya Rivera is an amazing actress.

          • ned

            yeah, you are. Naya is actually genuinely a really nice person. you probably hate santana because she’s SO good at her job (either that or the terrible writing, but whatever). 

            either way, naya has given a lot of depth to a character that the writers honestly have not done that good of a job with, and i’d be so glad to see her as johanna.

      • Laura

        Uh, what do you think AUDITIONS are for? How do you think new stars are discovered?

        • Gary65

          The point of this article is to discuss who we think should play Johanna Mason. Last time I checked, we don’t hold auditions.

          • Laura

            No, but Hermione is saying that she hopes unknowns will be considered by the casting directors, not by us. They hold auditions.

            Yes, this article discusses who WE think should be Johanna, and Hermione thinks it should go to a fresh face chosen by the casting directors.

          • Gary65

            If you say so. I interpreted as Hermione wishing the general public would consider unknown artists. We have received no news that would state that the casting directors aren’t auditioning some fresh faces.

          • Zack

            This is in reply to Gary: Why did you have to reply to Hermione in a snarky way like that? Using sarcasm, rude comments, etc. Hermione was hoping for unknown actors, and you have the nerve to reply to someone in that manner? That’s actually kind of mean, and if you have anything like THAT to say to me, don’t even think about replying back to me. 

      • Guest

        You could audition them

        • Gary65

          The Hypable comment section doesn’t hold auditions :D

      • el camino

        Stephanie Hunt from Friday Night Lights. Has been doing several indie movies since FNL got cancelled.

        • Gary65

          Too young. She looks like a teenager. Johanna is about the same age is Finnick

          • el camino

            22 Plus with Jennifer wearing so much clothes and being kissie face with Josh. Guys are staying away from wanting to see this series. And Josh needs someone to bring guys to his other movies also. I don’t see just bringing the Rock into his next ‘Journey’ movie will do it. Stephanie should be in that with him also.

          • Gary65

            WTF are you talking about?

    • Utube

      Youre not helping anyone

    • Nellajella

      I understand what your saying, hermione a, and I agree

    • el camino

      Stephanie Hunt from the Friday Night Lights series.

  • Allison L.

    i think that the actress should be a little less well known…all though i do think that Mila Kunis would be perfectly vicious and nonchalant

  • Dreamer

    I think Kristin Bell would do a good job. It really doesn’t matter what the actress looks like (as long as she’s in the age range), it’s more about her attidude and acting abilities. I trust them to cast a good Johana, they’ve done a great job in casting so far!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1254931927 Jasmine Thomas

    I know by now nobody cares what i think anymore lol but here’s a random name just to throw out there.

    Natalie Portman?

    • Utube

      Yeah! Jessica alba!

  • Morsmordre79

    Mila Kunis for Johanna.

    Jensen Ackles or Kevin Zegers for Finnick.

    No idea for Beetee, but they better pick someone cool. Seriously, I loved Beetee. :)

    • EvangelineStarr
      • Drew Hill


    • Gary65

      I think Jensen Ackles is a bit too macho to carry the suave-ness of Finnick. Also keep Finnick’s past in mind.

      I’d rather Matt Bomer personally.

      • cd97

        There is this actor who I think fits really good… Trevor Donovan

    • el camino

      Mila Kunis just signed to do Jupiter Ascending with Chanum Tatum in the fall.

  • hunger gamer

    Natalie Portman

    • Utube

      She should stick to opening up her wormhole on south park

  • Ben McLemore

    Evan Rachel Wood 

  • 7Starrchasers

    I would prefer unknown actors for Finnick and Johanna..but with a bigger budget, i’m sure we might get bigger actors. If that was so, then I would have to say that I  hope they consider Armie Hammer for Finnick and Mila Kunis as Johanna. 

  • Ben McLemore

    Evan Rachel Wood would be great.  She is a great actress.

  • Alord125

    Mila Kunis for Johanna!!!! and Ryan Kwanten (Jason on True Blood) for Finnick

  • aaaaaaaa

    Me? LOL kidding, what I’d do to be part of this. I could be a tree.

  • Effie laova

    No I do not think its a good fit. Imagine Kirsten Chenoweth as Effie not good. 

  • EvangelineStarr

    I’d like to see Kristen Bell as Johanna – also, I was thinking about who should be casted as Coin and Nan Flanagan from True Blood came to mind!


  • Ben McLemore

    Evan Rachel Wood.  

    or Meryl Streep.  hahaha

  • Emmalou

    I honestly can’t think of any actresses that would do a good job as her… I really hope they go with an unknown for this role. Because she is one of my favorite characters from the books :)

  • Bumble


    This girl would be amazing! Her name is Linna Carter.

    (Warning: the video is a little violent)

  • Kelsey

    For a less popular name to fill the role, how about Joey Graceffa for Finnick?

    • kate

      eww no!!! seen loads of people say that, he looks horrible CATO was hotter

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZVUY63PNYPT2WQH675C7A44NI justbecause

      Why do I keep randomly reading this?  Finnick is almost a decade older than Katniss.  He’s very, very tall, taller than Gale and can carry people around, so he’s built. Joey Graceffa, whom I just googled, looks like he’s 16 and skinny.  He in no way looks like a super tall, buff man in his mid-20′s that rich women would pay money to have sex with.   

  • Summer

    For some reason i always pictured mila kunis or anna kendrick

  • Utube

    Jessica alba

  • Utube

    Jessica alba would be good.

  • Utube

    Ryan seacrest for finnick!

    • kate

      finnick is supposed to be 23/24

  • kate

    i totally agree with the comments below Evanna Lynch (almost wrote Luna) for Annie or Delly

  • kate

    KATIE MCGRATH should play Johanna. She is amazing in Merlin She would be perfect

  • 7Starrchasers

    I would prefer unknown actors for Finnick and Johanna..but with a bigger budget, i’m sure we might get bigger actors. If that was so, then I would have to say that I  hope they consider Armie Hammer for Finnick and Mila Kunis as Johanna. 

  • Effie Trinket

    Ugggh! Who cares??????????As long as they can act. As long as its not Kristin Stewerd I’m fine with it :)

  • Amelia

    i would say Kristen Stewart, but to have her next to Jennifer Lawrence would probably make it too obvious that she would have been a better fit for Katniss. and no, i’m not a Twilight fan. i don’t even like Kristen Stewart very much, but considering the way she looks and acts, she would have been a slightly better Katniss (even though i did love Jennifer’s performance eventually). she’s probably a little too expressionless for Johanna anyway… 

    Naya Rivera would be awesome, but seeing as everyone knows her from Glee, it might be hard to take her seriously in such a comedy-free role.
    Mila Kunis is just too pretty. and Kristen Bell really couldn’t be more wrong, seriously… xD

    how about Olivia Wilde? or Milla Jovovich?
    my favourite pick would probably be Eliza Dushku though. she’s old enough by now and she could definitely pull off the wicked ability to murder look. ;)

    • Amelia

      okay, i just realized that Johanna isn’t actually that old yet o.O … so i guess, i’d have to be in favour of Naya Rivera or Kristen Stewart … although they might both have a hard time being accepted in such a role.

    • Drew Hill

      I don’t know if Kristen Stewart could play Johanna or Katniss. Maybe not because of her acting skills (which I also think wouldn’t work) but she was already in Twilight and you can’t have that big of a crossover.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

      I don’t agree with ANYTHING you just said… Like, at all… Kristen Stewart is NOWHERE NEAR a better fit for Katniss than Jennifer Lawrence… You’re insane! Plus, they won’t consider her for the cast, because she was in Twilight…

    • Elletnah

       One thing, Kristen Stewart as Katniss would have ruined the entire movie for me before it even came.
      Next thing, franchises are not allowed to cross, Kellan Lutz wanted to audition for Cato but he was told he was not allowed too, so I think that would not work out at all…

    • Avrunyon

       kristen stewart as Katniss would have killed the movie.  Also, she literally can not be Johanna. Not due to any scheduling conflict, but after Kellan Lutz attempted to play Cato, Lionsgate banned all Twilight actors from auditioning for Hunger Games roles


  • Kelly

    megan Fox. I dont usaully like her but hshe sticks in my mind as johanna Mason

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZVUY63PNYPT2WQH675C7A44NI justbecause

      News says she’s pregnant, not due for 7-8 months.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

    I would like someone who is relatively unknown to the general public to be cast for Finnick and Johanna… I want someone I’ve never seen before.

  • Siobhan

    I think Julia Jones would be a good choice. Although I feel some people may dismiss her because of things she has been in in the past. 

    • GleeHaterExceptForDarrenCriss

      she looks perfect!!! but i don’t think they’d allow the fandom cross which sucks :(

    • Gary65

      Meh. Not really. Johanna does have some similarities to Leah and she never really carried that part of Leah for me.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZVUY63PNYPT2WQH675C7A44NI justbecause

      Kellan Lutz said he didn’t get the part of Gale because THG producers didn’t want anyone from Twilight.  

  • http://twitter.com/RandHrShipper1 Rachel Sexton

    I agree–a newcomer, someone who hasn’t been in much (maybe just episodes of TV shows or something) should be found to play Johanna. I am a fan of Kristin Bell’s but she just doesn’t feel quite right for Johanna to me, and Naya Rivera is completely wrong, I think. I also don’t mind someone a little older, like Kristin, because they could still look young enough for the role and might be better able to capture Johanna’s maturity.

    I also think that someone who can handle the level of public attention this franchise gets would be advisable. Handling all the interview and appearance responsibilities with grace should be a consideration for Gary Ross and the casting directors. I just know there’s someone new out there who fits all those criteria.

  • GleeHaterExceptForDarrenCriss

    Here are my thoughts on the suggested actresses:

    Naya Rivera:
    too young and i really think the fandoms shouldn’t cross
    Mila Kunis:
    too fresh and young and smiley and i don’t think she looks strong enough to be Johanna
    Kristen Bell: yeah she’s good but definitely not how i imagined JohannaJulia Jones: 
    exactly how i imagined Johanna! but i know they will never let her have the part as she was in twilight :(

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZVUY63PNYPT2WQH675C7A44NI justbecause

      Well, Mila is 28 going on 29.  I love her, but I don’t think see her as Johanna.  Kristen Bell… would be hilarious to see her shave her head, lol.  Naya… I’m with the whole “no actors from Glee” thing:)

  • Heatherleighann

    I want Natalie Portman. She’s my perfect Johanna. Other contenders for me are Keira Knightley and Mila Kunis.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZVUY63PNYPT2WQH675C7A44NI justbecause

      I love Natalie!  Keira… I think she was so sick of the attention from Pirates of the Caribbean and she was just saying her life is almost back to normal now, so I don’t think she wants to get involved in something this big.  Mila is adorable, I just love her.  I also like Rooney Mara from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

  • Smartonehailee

    i feel like kristen bell is to innocent looking and pretty. it wouldnt make any sense for her to be a super murderer…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZVUY63PNYPT2WQH675C7A44NI justbecause

      Yeah, I can’t see her as a ruthless killer:o  Too perky and cute.

  • Veralidaine

    I think that Rooney Mara would be fun to watch. She was amazing in Girl with the dragon tattoo and proved that she can be an extremely diverse actor. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZVUY63PNYPT2WQH675C7A44NI justbecause

      She’s probably my favorite.  She would totally shave her head for the role and has no problem with nudity.  I know they’re not going to have her naked in the movies the way she was in the books, but I’m sure they’re going to do it to a point.  

  • Aeo2626

    Mila Jovavich, Missy Peregrym or Eliza Dushku.  All a little older, but I don’t picture her being young and fresh-faced. 

    Not part of the question, but I like Jean Reno for Beetee and Kristen Scott Thomas for Coin. 

  • Emmsolo

    Emilie de Ravin anyone?

  • Beckybaby1996

    She is too cute and sweet to play Johanna. 

  • Ben R

    i saw this girl erin cipolletti in a film festival recently. she hasn’t done much, but when i saw her i thought she looked perfect for johanna. 

  • Erin

    For some reason I always pictured that girl Johanna from the Real World Austin. Like don’t ask me why its probably just because they both have dark features and  share a name. But I picture a girl with dark features and tanned skin, much alike Mila Kunis, Naya Rivera, or Michelle Rodriguez. I really can’t picture Kristen Bell in the roll, sure you can die her hair but for me it still wouldn’t be right. I think (and hope) they’ll go for a lesser known actress which will probably be best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1840730980 Michael Vartanian

    I think Kristen would be great! or whoever plays Rebekah on Vdiaries

  • Lezak

    I’d love to see a crazed Carey Mulligan…
    Then again, Johanna is my favorite! So just as long as the writing is good, yeah?

  • Abbyandowen

    KRISTEN BELL! NOT KRISTEN STEWERT! Kristen Bell played Veronica Mars and was in Heroes. Kristen Stewert was in Twilight. BELL NOT STEWERT. I think she’d be perfect :)

  • the moose on the left

    tommy wiseau as johanna mason. PERFECT FIT.

  • Cameron

    I don’t want to judge too harshly, but somehow the words Kristen Bell and “a wicked ability to murder” don’t go together.  Maybe she can pull something out of her hat, but I don’t know.

  • Michelle

    I haven’t picture anyone famous when I read the book, rather, I depended largely on my imagination, but I’d LOVE to see Eliza Dushku play Johanna. I think she’d be the PERFECT actress, if we’re going to go with known actresses.

    • Alexandra

      I totally agree Eliza would be a great Johanna didnt even think of that till I read your comment.

  • Justice1193

    Helena Bonham Carter!!! (I really don’t want her to be in The Hunger Games because of her affiliations with Harry Potter, but I could see her playing this well)

  • Jacob

    I thought Johanna was a blonde? Is she really brunette? Anyway, I think Kristen Bell would be fantastic as Johanna.

    • Utube

      Did you even read the books?

  • Vajackster

    Assuming it’ll be like the book, we’re going to need someone who doesn’t have a problem with giving us some @$$.

  • Siteuser42

    Summer Glau

  • MK

    Now, I’m not saying I actually want her to be cast, but i always pictured johanna as having Hayden Panettiere’s sort of short muscular build/ roundish face shape.  Not necessarily her face though.  

  • HungaGurl

    Oh. My. God. this post was for FUN and everything as been stupid arguements and sarcasm. GET OVER IT. ITs not serious none of you are gonna cast Johanna so you dont need to attack people for just tossing names out! I think Kristen Bell would make a fantastic Johanna except she looks too much like an older version of Glimmer. THATS MY OPINION KEEP YOUR PANTS ON.

    • Guy

       I agree. Everyone knows its going to be Melissa McCarthy.

      • Roger


  • HungaGurl

    Oh. My. God. this post was for FUN and everything as been stupid arguements and sarcasm. GET OVER IT. ITs not serious none of you are gonna cast Johanna so you dont need to attack people for just tossing names out! I think Kristen Bell would make a fantastic Johanna except she looks too much like an older version of Glimmer. THATS MY OPINION KEEP YOUR PANTS ON

  • 7Starrchasers

    Armie Hammer and Mila Kunis please!

  • soundwave129

    Kristen Kreuk of Smallville fame has always been my pick for the role. She actually does evil parts the best! 

  • Mockingjay13

    I guess so. I mean she a good actress and who says she can’t do it. Even though she has blonde hair and blue eyes doesn’t mean that she can’t have the part. It’s called contacts and hair dye.

  • Line

    I love Kristen Bell, but I don’t think she’d be a good Johanne. She’s not nearly intimidating enough and I always imagined Johanna as brunette. Of course, you could just color her hair, but still. Naya Rivera expressed interest in the role as well, on twitter, and I, personally, think she would be a much better choice. She can be very intimidating and I think that it would be very interesting if Johanna was latina. But it would also be great if they cast someone unknown, because that always adds to the realism of the character. I’m sure they’ll find the right person, they have great casting directors in my opinion who they did splendidly with Hunger Games. I can’t wait to see who they choose as Johanna and Finnick, as well.

  • shelby

    Kristen Bell should NOT be Johanna Mason, thats not how i pictured her, and Johanna is a total badass, and shes ruthless with a whole lot of sarcasm, kristen bell i believe would not pull that off well.

    • angie

       Kristen Bell was the epitome of sarcasm on Veronica Mars. Her character was a total badass. And then there was her role on Heroes where she proved she can play crazy and ruthless.


      That’s a scene of hers in Heroes where she has a complete meltdown and starts torturing and attacking the show’s main villain. It’s not the complete scene which as a whole is just scary good, but it shows some of the better bits. I love it when she screams, ‘MURDERER!’. I don’t know. I just can’t watch it without picturing Johanna. They’re very much alike.

  • Anonymous Ninja

    I just started reading “Catching Fire” and it seems to me that Johanna is naked throughout most of it. So.. yeah.. someone hot?

  • Moonshoes Potter

    I don’t know who should play her, but NOT Kristen Bell. Shes too sweet and kind looking, Johanna has to be mean and ruthless… so not her. I don’t know who though…

  • katnissfan

    ME!!!!!!!!!!!! jk…..

  • Star

    A couple of people I thought of are:
    - Jena Malone
    - Antonia Thomas (Alisha from Misfits; if she can do an American accent)

  • Kate

    I think Naya Rivera, Natalie Portman, Emily Browning, or Kristen Stewart would be great as Johanna. Naya’s got the sassy attitude down, and she’s also good at playing a character with hidden issues who’s broken inside. Natalie is super talented, Emily kicked some serious butt in Sucker Punch, and I think people write Kristen off just for Twilight. I’ve seen a lot of her movies, and she’s actually a really good actress, and I can totally see her as Johanna.

  • Guy

    Melissa McCarthy all the way!

    • Utube

      Youre a retard.

      • Smith

         are you alright?

  • http://about.me/dshana Shana Debusschere

    I’d love for Kristen Bell to be in the movies, but I think she’d make a better Annie.. I don’t know. I haven’t really seen that much of her acting, but she’s such a huge fan of the series, so it’s hard not to like her.. 

  • rachelinthecity

    Zoe Saldana is probably too old to play Johanna now, but I think she would’ve been awesome.

    What about Gemma Arterton? She’s clearly proven she’s capable of handling action (Quantum of Solace, Prince of Persia, Clash of the Titans), and she seems like she could play the sensuous/deadly combo really well.

    Rooney Mara would be another a great choice … She’s also already proven she can play both sweet and ruthless, and aside from just physical appearance, they need to cast someone who won’t look like an amateur, acting-wise, when going up against Jennifer Lawrence.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZVUY63PNYPT2WQH675C7A44NI justbecause

      I agree about Rooney Mara!  I just posted about her, I think whoever plays Johanna needs to have the acting chops to keep up with Jennifer Lawrence.  And Rooney is an Oscar winning actress.  I dare anyone to watch her in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and not see Johanna, lol.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JZFCAJUYSALE63GENVURCFCH64 Bethany

    If you remember watching Kristen Bell on Heros like I do, this part is right up her alley! I would love to see her as Johanna…and Betty White as Mags!!

  • Vinny17

    Alright I didn’t see anyone suggest these people as Johanna or Finnick but here it goes and don’t hate me for it but every time I read Catching Fire/Mockingjay I couldn’t help but picture Natalie Portman as Johanna and Ryan Gosling as Finnick… I know they’re BIG stars and definitely not unknown but I feel like they’d be perfect in those roles!

    • Radika

      I can start to see it but I think they’re too old. They might possibly be able to pull it off but still. 

      • Vinny17

        I’d just LOVE to see these two play them!!! They may be a bit older but still would be able to sell it!!! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZEFWMEMPUOIFCZZTDVXLLLVJXU My Midnight Sunshine

    I think Lea Michele would make a perfect Johanna Mason!

  • Zeep92

    Emilia Clarke would be awesome. She can so easily play “weak” if she feels or strong willed and murderous

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7ZZUZDOJTSBD52KYOXEGPZ6WOI -M

    I say Lyndsy Fonseca for Johanna. She’s an amazing actress she plays Alex on the show Nikita.

    • Mike

      I wanted her for Katniss

  • emily

    i LOVE kristen bell but in my opinion she is too old, blonde, and innocent for the role. 

  • Linnea

    They should really hold auditions, and try to find a lesser known actress, who kicks ass. 

  • ____

    I think Evangeline Lily!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZVUY63PNYPT2WQH675C7A44NI justbecause

    I don’t know who I pictured the first time I read the books (a few years back), but I’m re-reading them now and Rooney Mara is who I think of.  I finally watched her version of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” a couple of weeks ago and she fits as Johanna, head shaving nakedness and all.  She also is gorgeous (she’s not very cute in TGWTDT) and can play sweet and demure (the girl that dumped Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network”).  I know she starred in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, but I haven’t watched that yet, lol.  And, very importantly, she can ACT. She won an Oscar for TGWTDT.  Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and whoever plays Johanna needs to be able to keep up with her.  

    P.S. Kristen Bell doesn’t scare me the way Johanna would, lol.

  • Drew

    What about Meryl Streep for Johanna and then Nathan Fillion for Finnick!

  • Braadley

    i would say naya was a good choice i see johanna looking this way tanned beautiful sassy! i also think that shay mitchell from pretty little liars looks good for the part she is a good actress and isnt that big?

  • Rinne

    Lily Collins or Kristen Bell

  • Courtlyn

    I’m trying to find casting calls becaus I love The Hunger Games series so much! and I think i could play a perfect Johanna Mason

  • Carl

    I really want that Naya Rivera get the role for Johanna, i think she’s amazing person as well as an actress, people should know that she is  very good for that character.

  • Gabrielabolelli

    Gabriela Bolelli 4 Johanna Mason she’s amazing. SHE IS THE BEST CHOICE I LOVE HER 

  • james

    i happened to picture olivia munn while reading the books, i think she could do the job


    Gabi Bolelli 4 Johanna Mason -> she born 4 this paper 

  • Lady

    I legitimately want to see Mila Kunis as Johanna. She could really pull it off, just the aura and the type she carries herself as. I don’t think I’d go so far as to say perfect, but god, she’d make a wonderful Johanna Mason.

  • 17

    i know that this is for Johana but ive seen some comments for Finnick and people seem to forget he is supposed to be a athletic not some skinny guy with a six pack thats not athletic they need someone that is muscular for the role and i know the book says he has bronze hair but i always pictured him as more of a redhead

  • Hgaddict

    i think mila kunis would be a good johanna


    I think they should cast Saoirse Ronan as Johanna. You should see her in Hanna  
    ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj6zCJyTq2I ) , but she’s only 18 :/ 

  • steven815

    If Bell Doesn’t Get The Part Brea Grant (Heroes) Definitely Should.

    • steven815

      Now That I Think About It Grant Should Definitely Get The Part.

  • http://twitter.com/chelscantil Chelsea Cantil

    Naya Rivera

  • kmdrmn

    Olivia Wilde

  • Johanna Mason <3

    No one ever said how old Johanna is. She could have won the 73rd or 72nd Hunger Games as a 12-year old victor. I am alot like Johanna so i should play her

  • cato

    i recon that johanna should be played teresa palmer cuz she showed she can kick ass and be a tough bitch like she did in I am Number four

  • Becky Mayer

    i think it should be naya rivera, because johanna reminds me of santana lopez form glee 

  • julia

    Emma Stone!

  • Yeah.It’s Primrose

    Naya Rivera would be perfect, I’m actually voting for Shay Mitchell :) But I think Naya  would be for Johanna’s role. anyway. SHAY MITCHELL AND NAYA RIVERA

  • kf

    Ruth Negga from Misfits for Johanna Mason!!

  • guest

    Charlize Theron, she can be a badass, sexy, and plays a vicious bitch like none other

  • guest

    I’m not sure if it mentions what her hair colour is in the book but i always imagine her as a brunette not blonde. I’m want it to be either naya rivera or shay mitchell based purley on looks.

  • Chaimaexx

    You’re obviously not that big of a Hunger Games fan because Suzanne Collins mentions that Johanna is a red head several times. She also says that Johanna has pale skin, she’s not supposed to be the skin color of Naya Rivera or Shay Mitchell. Shay Mitchell is too nice looking to be Johanna Mason. I could see Danneel Harris playing Johanna, she was on the show One Tree Hill. I love Naya Rivera and Shay Mitchell, I think that they are very talented, but I don’t see them as Johanna Mason. I don’t know, that’s what I think.

  • Sukerpunch94

    i love naya rivera and because she is such a contrast from jennifer looks wise i think they might overlook what was portrayed in the books if not i can see jaimie alexander, troian bellasario,  phoebe tonkin could do it but i doubt she would be cast and i like effy from skins they wont pick eliza because she had the same part as faith/dollhouse natalie portman is too expensive along with zoe saldana i kust hope its naya 

  • Guest13

     Johanna is described as having wide-set brown eyes and short brown/black hair

  • WickedAbilityToMurder

    I can see Naya Rivera, Mila Kunis and Troian Bellisario pull Johanna off. But I would like to see Naya as her most.

  • Bb K

    NAYA RIVERA all the way!!!!!!!!

  • Eatmykimchi-

    I can see why people are saying Naya, but i feel if she was Johanna, I wouldn’t be seeing Johanna but Santana instead since they are both snarky. Also, I do think the actress should also /look/ easily weak since she would look convincing… >_<

  • Margaret

    Maggie Q! She fits it all! Acting abilities, looks and the physical training. She was trained by freakin’ Jackie Chan himself! Her role as Nikita is proof she can convey the “There’s no one left I love.” emotion. Naya is too young. When it somes to movies and series older people are cast as young people. She’s 25 and plays an 18 year old in glee. JLaw is 21 and is casted as 16. Early 30s is best for someone at their early 20s.

  • HGuk

    I totally pictured Briana Evigan as Johanna as I was reading!

  • angie

     Kristen Bell for Johanna Mason! She’s played a snarky bitch and a sadistic murderer before so the role shouldn’t be hard for her at all. And none of these other choices (Naya Rivera, Mila Kunis) can hold a candle to KBell’s acting chops. Just because someone LOOKS the role does not mean that they can ACT the role. And get over her being a blonde. I seem to remember the same debate over Jennifer Lawrence. Look at her now. Bell 4 Mason!

  • Juliaanimelove

    Naya Rivera as Johanna Mason, and Alex Pettyfer as Finnick Odair

  • Effie Trinket

    Teresa Palmer. She played the vulnerable character in 2:37, and then the badass in I Am Number Four. All that she needs is brown hair and brown eyes…


    Phoebe Tonkin(from H2O!)…she’s an AMAZING actress, very beautiful too and I feel like we haven’t see her enough here! 

  • J.J. Kim

    Rosie Huntington Whiteley

  • Tikibab22

    Emily Van Camp would be perfect!

  • http://www.facebook.com/morganiacono1152015 Morgan Iacono

    I think Michelle trachtenberg should play her, she looks like she could kill someone and she been out of the seen for awhile. I really just want someone a little unknown or like ex child star.

  • Lindaquintero1

    OLGA KURYLENKO. ‘Nuff said. She’s perfect as Johanna.

  • BriannaOrtiz

    i think it should be naya rivera from glee to be johanna mason

    • Daisygraham

      rite brianna!

  • Djdnkc

    Hate Naya. She sucks.

  • Emmeroyall

    YES!! She would make a perfect Johanna Mason!

  • Peterruddock

    i think naya rivera should play johanna, just my opinion.

  • guest

     Amrita Acharia would make a great Johanna Mason, she was on the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones for which she gave a fiery performance, she’s a great actress, she can do a mean death stare and she would draw a more international audience, being  Ukrainian/Nepalese. Plus the District 7 boy tribute was Asian in the Hunger Games. She would appear to be very small and weak, but she can act 10 feet taller with her foreful personality. I think she’d be excellent!

  • Poptartzninja


  • Dory

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead or Missy Peregrym

  • Fia!Loves!Alex!

    Naya rivers

  • raenor

    Ellen Page,Evan Rachel Wood,or Jena Malone….

  • Steven815

    Yvonne Strahovski Or Kristen Bell

  • 1234

    naya rivera!

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