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Over the past couple of years, leaked Hunger Games scripts indicated that the filmmakers attempted to add more Gale to the film.

Now we’re getting official confirmation and learning what they had in mind.

E! Online spoke to producer Nina Jacobsen who interestingly reveals they wrote a scene where Gale sneaks into the Capitol with Katniss:

“We did try out some things, just to sort of see what would it mean to have more Gale in the first movie,” H.G. producer Nina Jacobson confirmed to us about rumors that at one point there existed a script that altered from the book. “Because we’re establishing such an important character and he has so little screen time.”

Of course, she’s talking Liam, whose big-screen alter ego [SPOILER ALERT!] goes on to become a rebel in the Capitol uprising. But for now—at least according to the book—Gale takes a backseat while Peeta and Katniss head to the games.

“When Billy Ray came on to the screenplay—with Suzanne [Collins]—we tried out some ideas to see whether there were places to digress,” Nina continued, discussing a second draft of the screenplay (the eventual script was a tag team between Suzanne and director Gary Ross). “So what would it mean to have more Gale and how would you do it?”

According to whispers about what exactly that script par-tick contained, Gale would have snuck aboard the Capitol-bound train with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and disguised himself as an Avox (a tongueless slave) to stay close to her.

And guess what—Suzanne Collins was totally on board with this—fairly radical, most loyal Mockingjays would argue—reinterpretation of the novel.

“She was very much a part of the conversation. She’s very receptive. She’s very smart. She was very open to the idea of having more Gale,” Ms. Jacobson explained. “I think she was more open to it than I was, actually. We would have arguments about it. I wanted to go back to the more faithful version; she was more receptive to these changes.”

We presume they wanted to add more Gale to help beef up the love triangle OR to make Peeta, Gale, and Katniss look more like a trio.

We’re thrilled to hear they decided against it, as surely most fans would’ve been disappointed.

  • Poppy

    I’m glad they decided against more Gale in the movie.  He really isn’t that important in the first book.  He’ll get his chance down the road, but for right now  Gale is back in District 12, and that’s where he should stay!

  • Effie Trinket

    I don’t like Gale :)

    • Elletnah

       After Mockingjay neither do I.
      He turned into a dirt bag in my opion…

    • Mad

      I never liked Gale tbh.

  • Lauren

    That would have been terrible.
    The point of Katniss leaving District 12 is that she is meant to feel isolated and away from everyone she loves and trusts.

  • McFU

    I’m so glad they didn’t do this.  Didn’t Gale agree to take care of Katniss’ family since she volunteered?  How would he do that if he went to the Capital, nevermind leaving his own family?  This would have been a HP kind of change that seems like a cool idea but the repercussions would change the entire story.

  • PotionWillow207

    I kind of understand where Suzanne might have been coming from. Every author looks back on their published works and sees things they might wish were done differently. But this movie is supposed to be an adaptation of The Hunger Games, and if they had changed the plot that drastically then it would no longer be The Hunger Games. It would be something else.

  • Erika Vega

    Yeah, I think making Gale go to the Capitol would be way too much.  If anything, I would add more Gale by cutting to him watching and suffering back in District 12.  Away and helpless frustrated by what’s going on.  It would also be interesting to see his reactions to Katniss and Peeta kissing.  I would be perfectly okay adding more Gale without changing what actually happened in the story.  It would just be adding more perspective to the whole universe instead of only looking at it through one lens.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001426435099 Louelle van Rens

      You know, this exact thing is shown in the film.

      Gale’s reactions. It’s subtle, their friendship is very well developed in a scene in the beginning of the film. Fans will know what’s going on when those shots of him are shown, haha.

  • James

    Just stay true to the books…Gale,Peeta and Katniss are not in a love triangle  that you normally see in corny movies/books…to be honest i wouldnt call it a love triangle …katniss is not confused on who she should love,she was proposed by two guys which she care and love(not in a romantic way YET) and she was never given the time to even think or consider about it as she was thrust into many problems.its not like she is in love(romantic way) with both of the guys and couldnt decide which one she wanna marry..she was only given the time in the last chapter of the third book and she made her choice.

    As for adding Gale,promoting the so called’ love triangle’ would only destroy the movie.One of the reason that Katniss is loved by everyone is due to the fact she is so realistic.In a real life when one have issues so big that could cost lives,no one will spend their time thinking of small matters like romance except if you are Bella Swan..lol

    Last joke,what happens when you put Bella ,Katniss and a troll in a cage together?

    Bella:(looking at the troll)He is so mysterious.I bet he is a good kisser
    Katniss:(looking at the troll)Where is the bow?Its getting dark  we need some food to fill our belly and the skin would serve as a coat for the princess over there.

    • http://twitter.com/glasswatar Suri Meipapilionis

      interesting how it is a troll with those two (kind of a HP nod IMO)

  • FuzzyWolfLuvJBJ

    I love Gale. He is my favorite character followed by Cinna though sneaking onto the trains sounds like something Gale would do….. I don’t like the idea. The fact that Katniss had to leave Gale behind is an important part of the story. Throughout the rest of the book she is thinking about Gale and how much she wanted him with her. Since their not having voiceover in the movie we wont know that she’s thinking about him :(  And he promised Katniss that he would take care of her family and he has his own to think about. I’m thrilled they want more Gale and I love that we see him watching in the square in the trailers but I think were gonna have to wait until Catching Fire to really have lots of Gale. For CF I’m open to them changing things and him being around more but for THG it’s the fact that he’s back at District 12 waiting for her to come home is kinda important, in my opinion.

    • Laura

      I agree that having him back in District 12 is important, but I disagree that sneaking on the train sounds like something Gale would do. In fact it sounds really out of character imho. Protecting and providing for his family is an integral part of who he is, especially with his father gone. While he does care deeply for Katniss, abandoning his family to stay close to her (and it’s not like he can really help her survive the Games whereas his family does in fact need him to survive) would go against his values.

      Maybe they changed him in the movie by putting less emphasis on his provider role, but regardless, I would lose a lot of respect for his character if he didn’t stay put in District 12. 

  • akacj18

    that would have been a REEEAAAALLL shock to the systm. haha

  • GinnyWeasley002

    I LOVE Gale and all, but adding more of him in the first movie would’ve been a terrible idea. And very un-Gale-like. He would never have abandoned Katniss’ family.

  • Matthewhpg

    So make the three of them like Twilight or Harry Potter, am I right?

  • itsme


  • Effie laova

    I think that it would have been good and bad at the same time.

  • Mad

    They have some great moments when you get to see Gale’s reaction to what is happening in the games. Everyone in the cinema actually found some of these moments quite funny!

  • Meghan

    Andrew, the word is ‘sneaked’ not ‘snuck.’ I’m sorry, it just bothers me :D

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