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It hasn’t been long since we heard about the controversial casting of Lucy Liu as ‘Joan Watson’ in Elementary, a modern day retelling of the Sherlock Holmes stories that sees the detective move to NYC. The news was met with polarized opinions from fans, but we are now finally hearing from the star herself.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, the Charlie’s Angels star said the following:

“Whether it succeeds or fails, I feel I’m doing something different and exciting. For me it’s about pushing forward. Playing a role that has been historically a male figure and also something that is obviously lore because it is very English-based. I think for someone who is an Asian-American actress playing Watson that’s something I always like to do – push the envelope.”

Liu’s character, Dr. Joan Watson, will be a disgraced surgeon of the NYPD who becomes a sober-counterpart for Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes.

Do you think that the casting of Lucy Liu was “pushing the envelope”, or just a desperate headline grabber?

  • Sonia

    Definitely a headline grabber, but I’m curious to see how this version turns out. Jonny Lee Miller’s good, so it might not be as bad as I thought it would be…

  • Lord Menon

    Originally just a headline grabber….The folks behind Elementary probably just wanted to make it seem like they were doing something different and novel….but now the whole thing falls on Lucy’s shoulders, and to her I suppose it is doing something new….She has to try and make it work…..because she is an actress, and not some boardmember or whatever trying to make money out it……

  • pygmypuff22

    No matter what happens we should all still respect Lucy Liu for her choice.

  • akacj18

    the whole concept change is the headline grabber. i could care less that they cast a woman in a man’s role. other famous male roles have been changed to female roles and have been a success. 

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