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Jamie Waylett, the actor who played Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter series, has been sentenced to two years in prison for his involvement with crimes committed during the London riots.

Waylett was, according to  TMZ, apparently packing a Molotov cocktail while looting a drug store in London on August 8th.

After being identified on video footage by the police, Waylett was arrested on September 2oth.

It also seems that this isn’t the first time Waylett has been involved with crimes:

Waylett — who has a previous conviction on record stemming from a drug-related incident — was found guilty of violent disorder … but he was acquitted on the charge of intending to destroy property with a fire bomb.

There is no word on when the actor will begin his sentence.

What are your thoughts on Waylett spending the next 2 years in prison?

  • Gary65


    • kmorris76

      uh what? are we reading the same article here?

      • Gary65

        It’s just ironic is all.

        That’s before you consider that he tried to burn the place down and that’s pretty much how Crabbe died in the books lol

  • http://twitter.com/SlySound Brett H

    Crabbe and Goyle can’t catch a break. 

  • RussellTurner

    well he was a slytherin 

  • HS

    Maybe he was just going Method? 

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    LOL jeez man, calm yourself!

  • Tom

    His previous conviction was for growing weed in his mum’s house.

    It’s sad, he could have done something good with his life after getting the lucky Harry Potter break. It probably comes down to his parents and bad role models while he was growing up with that fame.

  • JohannaafSwe

    Quite sad actually. But we can’t expect that all actors are angels, even though they’re HP-actors.

    • Stocker_Sarah

       Yeah, I think so too.

    • PotionWillow207

      There’s a difference between not being an angel, and packing an explosive device with the intent of causing harm.

  • MSands

    too soon for Azkaban jokes?

    • JohannaafSwe

      Naah.. You should always turn on the light in dark times

    • upper_westsider

      I feel sorry for Jamie too, but I have to admit the Slytherin and Azkaban lines are VERY FUNNY.

      • Broyds1993

        How can you possibly feel sorry for anybody who has been involved with cocaine and who has tried to loot a shop using a Molotov cocktail?

        • upper_westsider

          You’re right!  He should be tarred and feathered and then have his body dragged to Piccadilly Circus.  Jamie made horrible choices and he’s paying for it.  I don’t feel the need to trash him.

        • JohannaafSwe

          Well, people feel very sorry for Snape too, and he was a bloody death eather in his youth. You can feel empathy for people even though you don’t approve of their actions.

          Who knows, perhaps he was delusional, and mistook the shop for the room of requirement and saw someone that looked like Harry, and didn’t have a wand so a Moltov cocktail was the closest thing to Fiendfyre he could come up with. Honest mistake really.

          • Pds

             I certainly feel no empathy for idiots that make bad choices. Snape may have been a nasty character, but at least he wasn’t as stupid as this guy is. At least Snape was at least smart enough to see that there are consequences to your choices. This guy is as dumb as the character he played in the movies.

          • JohannaafSwe

            Well I do. We see things differently. Of course I agree it was both dumb, and a horrible thing to do. But as I suspect there’s a reason behind his actions, that led him to what he did. Thus, I’m sorry that he felt the need to do what he did. 

            And what do we know about his understanding for the consequences? I don’t believe he’s so stupid that he didn’t realize it was a risk he took. The riots was an attempt to make some sort of political statement. Though a totally misguided one.

            So. I don’t really know what I’m trying to say. I’m not sorry for him ending up is prison as he did the wrong thing. He did have choice. But I still can feel sorry for him a way ,as I mentioned above, even though his actions can’t be justified. Hopefully someone can see my point.   

          • Leah

            People feel sorry for Snape because he repented of his Death Eater ways and lost someone he loved. There’s no way I’d feel sorry for Jamie unless he also repented or lost someone he loved.

        • Katie

          It was marijuana not cocaine. There’s a pretty big difference.

          • PotionWillow207

            Maybe, but a Molotov cocktail is pretty serious intent to cause damage and/or harm.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattsj310 Matt Jordan

    Did he solemnly swear he was up to no good? They probably would’ve lowered the sentence.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    once a baddy, always a baddy

  • Hannah

    This guy is a winner…

  • Caseman_89

    I bet it was actually someone else, just using polyjuice potion…

  • Jen

    what a prick.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=673982809 Irfon Pennant Williams

    This guy was given a chance of a life time. And he threw it all away for cheap thrills. 

    • Liderc

      Not really.  He was a minor character who was probably paid very little.  Do you see Dean in any other films or the other minor characters?

      I bet he was paid less than 20k per film and that’s probably a high estimate. 

      • Guest

        More money than I will see.

      • Leah

         Liderc, whether he was a minor or major character he was still given the chance of a lifetime. Who cares what he was paid. Robert Pattinson only played a minor character in ONE Harry Potter movie and look where he has ended up.

        • Liderc

          I’m just saying, he wasn’t given the opportunity of a lifetime.  

          Daniel Radcliffe was given the opportunity of a lifetime, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were given opportunities of a lifetime, but this guy?  Nah, he just got to shoot a few days on a film set.

          Pattinson was a model for 10 years prior to being in films, which he was in 4 before he became Cedric, so it’s a bit different.

          • PotionWillow207

            But once you play a named character your name is out there, and that’s all it takes to get work in the entertainment industry. It’s all about knowing the right people, and the role of Crabbe gave him that chance. It IS the chance of a lifetime and he DID choose to throw it away.

          • Liderc

            Does he honestly look like someone who would go far in the business?  I mean honestly…

          • guest

            Being an actual ongoing character (or even a one time character as Cedric was) in a film series this epic IS a one in a chance lifetime opportunity.  Those films made billions of dollars, seen by millions and will be remembered for years and years and years. Being in HP basically makes you immortal in a way. 

  • Liderc

    Funnily enough he wouldn’t have gotten caught had he not been in the HP films.  The police identified him from a video camera, so they noticed his face from his character in the Potter films. 

    Wonder what he actually got the 2 years for.  Seems like they didn’t charge him for intent to destroy property, yet he was guilty of violent disorder.  Wonder what violent disorder entails?  Seems like he would have been charged for robbing the drug store, that would have been a larger charge wouldn’t it?

    Either way, seems like he has some mental health issues he needs to seek help for, sadly he won’t find that in prison unless they’re different than our prisons in the US.

    • Pds

       Even if he wasn’t in the HP films, I think they would have picked him out from his former charges.

      And I agree about him needing mental help. He acts like someone I know who never learned about responsibility, or how to grow up.

  • http://twitter.com/Andrew_ww Andrew W

    I don’t feel sorry for him. He made his bad choices. He didn’t have to. He should face the consequences. No exceptions.

  • Vajackster

    First the weed, then this? Jesus, this guy’s a f*cking criminal.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

      I see nothing harmful in the pot charges… It’s a plant…

      • PotionWillow207

        But carrying an explosive IS harmful.

        • Chaz

          No its not. Setting the explosive off IS harmful.

          Just like having a gun isnt harmful unless someone (and I guess in some cases something) pulls the trigger.

          Or like having a baseball bat isnt harmful unless you whack someone with it.

          Or like having a BigMac isnt harmful unless you take a bite of it.

          Or like driving a car isnt harmful until you have an accident.

          • kate

            loved how you compared to a big mac

  • Chaz

    Withholding my political comments on how stupid it is that he was arrested for growing a freaking harmless plant…… I am positive there are actual people with freaking fire bombs worth going after… But no all of England’s tax-payer money is used to find people who grow plants and want to make money and for keeping them in a jail cell.

    How. Stupid.

    • Alex

      eh- he’s not going to charged for the pot. he’s being charge for being involved in a violent crime during the London Riots AND the possession of drugs didn’t helped his case at all, and probably made it worse.

      I seen some life imitated fiction cases, but this is one of the scariest. 

      • Chaz

         Oh I know that. I think if he truly is guilty, he should be put in jail or faced with a punishment or fine. But I was just trying to vent out my frustration with the whole world on the drug issue. Like – think left of Obama on the issue. Like FAR left….

        And I loathe Obama….


  • Lord Menon

    Sometimes lesser child actors get the raw deal…..He got in a bad way with drugs and crimes…..Poor sap….

  • CliveRogan

    oops, posted on the wrong article

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1077001140 Spencer Barron

    It ain’t gonna be like hogwarts that’s for sure! New type of bording school. And you don’t wanna be slytherin OR Hufflepuff here.

  • @JackPaquette

    looks like the sorting hat was right after all he is a real slytherin

  • http://twitter.com/Lorentio16 Lauren Dipple

    as someone who was in London at the time i’m glad there still going through the process of arresting everyone- former Potter stars included! he was rightly sorted:D

  • Katie

    sad to see that he went so downhill, but he deserves to pay the price. 

    And all the HP jokes kind of made my day, so…

  • Blake

    The boy who made all the wrong choices.

  • notanutta

    Fiendfyre?  Again?

  • Ra

    It’s only funny because he’s Crab . . . it oddly seems in character. :/

  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen

    all the HP jokes… :D

  • FlamingC

    This guy not yet realize that the movies are over? He’s still playing Crab, that idiot.

  • snuffles44

    I don’t think we can judge him just by the stories we read about. None of us know the guy or what went down in the trial. Don’t be so quick with the hating.
    We don’t know enough about the facts to have any real opinion on his imprisonment.

    • JohannaafSwe

      I agree, and the same time disagree. I think you’re right that we shouldn’t be quick with the hating. But at the same time you clearly can see that he did something stupid and therefore his punishment is justified. 

  • Euphoriose

    That’s really ironic considering his Potter character…

  • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

    It’s not so bad now that the Dementors are gone though.

  • Mrs_Badcrumble

    The London riots where, for most people involved, a disgraceful opportunity to rob, pillage, and destroy the property of hard working people. What might have began with a protest became nothing more then crime.
    So everyone that are proven to be involved in it, should be legally punished.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1536644078 Mikey Tonkin

    Serve him right, never liked him anyway. Stupid git. 

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