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Last night’s fantastic episode of The Walking Dead (discuss with fans here!) was also a record breaking one.

AMC’s zombie show scored 9 million viewers for the finale, which is a series record.

You may remember that the midseason premiere also had an impressive viewership: 8.4 million (until last night, it was a basic cable record).

  • Nathan

    Its The Walking Dead season 2 finale. Who wouldn’t watch it? Bloodshed was promised. Bloodshed was delivered.

  • drag0n

    Anyone else agree Lori needs to die? She drove apart Rick and Shane. She caused Shane to try and murder Rick. She caused Rick TO murder Shane. She can’t keep one eye on that gremlin kid of hers. AND when she hears her husband killed his attacker (Shane; aka her ex lover; aka son stealer) she flips out! Lets all be honest with ourselves here. I’ll give T-Dawg one more line for the show: “She gots to go!”

    • CliveRogan

       I do find Lori intensely annoying, but mostly because she’s incredibly pathetic, never lifting a finger to do anything beyond shouting for someone to help her when she gets into trouble.  But to blame her for what happened between Rick and Shane is appalling in my eyes.

      That went down because Shane was a psychopath, merrily murdering anyone who he felt stood between him and Lori.  I assume you’re blaming her for him falling in love with her, but it’s implied that that happened before the Walkers even came on the scene.  After they had, all Lori had done was think her husband was dead and tried to move on.  Shane meanwhile had abandoned his best friend in a building full of Walkers and homicidal soldiers to run into the woods with the guys wife.  It probably was foolish of her not to use protection when they did it, but it takes two to tango so Shane probably should have thought about it too.  Lori then spent a season and a half telling Shane that they can’t be together.  I honestly don’t see what she did wrong.

      Also she didn’t get mad at Rick til he mentioned that it was Carl who killed WalkerShane, which I assume was more about her desire to keep him out of harms way, mixed with the guilt of being terrible at keeping him out of harms way than what Rick did.

      Anyway, so while I do find her annoying, and wish she’d grow a spine and eat a sandwich once in a while I don’t really want her to die.  If she did, half of the emotional drive of the show would be gone.

    • http://twitter.com/Andrew_ww Andrew W

      She can’t die yet. Remember, there is still the baby.

  • http://twitter.com/Andrew_ww Andrew W

    Best episode ever. These people really know how to make an amazing show.
    They are going to need some new characters after the last couple of episodes.

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