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A fifth clip from The Hunger Games was released today courtesy of Moviefone.

This is an emotional one as we see Katniss say goodbye to Gale.

Check it out below. Four other clips have also been released over the past couple weeks:

- Seneca Crane and President Snow in the latter’s rose garden.
- Peeta reveals his love for Katniss.
- Cinna says he’d bet on Katniss if he could.
- Katniss impresses the Gamemakers with her archery skills.

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche


  • Lauren

    So good!

  • http://twitter.com/Tarah94 Tarah

    Liam makes me like Gale a lot more than I do in the books.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    It is so short, they only get 35 seconds to say goodbye

    • Marieriddle20

      it the books they had like 10 mins with each quest, cause she even says it was just awkward silence wen peeta’s dad comes and 35 secs wouldnt have time for akward silence

      • Amy

        Yeah because 10 mins of awkward silence would be SO interesting to watch :/

      • PotionWillow207

        Actually, 35 seconds of silence is VERY awkward because it feels a lot longer than it actually is. In one of my first theatre classes in undergrad the professor had us sit in silence to represent the time for a scene change and to tell him when we thought 30 seconds was up. Almost every person spoke up before 10 seconds had even passed. This was to make us aware just how awkward it is for an audience to sit around waiting for the stage crew to change the set, but it applies to any awkward moment of silence.

  • luigi_barraza

    must …… resist…………. f*ck it, play.

  • Beachboy13ds

    phenomenal!  and i agree, I’ve always been Team Gale, but it’s so much easier to be with Liam as Gale!

  • Ceilidh

    resisting to watch anymore clips, this is almost as bad as Half Blood Prince was!

    • 7Starrchasers

      I played the first three seconds and stopped…..I watch the movie in less than 48 hours…I MUST RESIST!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

      There have only been like four clips, and none of them have been very long or important

  • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaDrake Cassie Drake

    I’m sad that they don’t have his “Katniss, remember I–!” line from the book. I always thought he was going to say “remember I love you!” or “remember I believe in you!” and it drove me crazy that he gets interrupted and cut off. Which is of course why I love that moment so much xD

    I was hoping it’d be in the movie =(

    • http://www.rebellionradiopodcast.com Hurley

      That’s what I was wondering about too… Maybe it’s right after this clip is cut off?

      • Bridget

        i thought i heard the door close behind him though

        • PotionWillow207

          Yeah, it did. It sucks that they apparently cut that moment. I mean, it kind of sets up the whole Gale-in-love-with-Katniss thing, and it’s only another 4 seconds. Would it really have killed them to keep it?

          I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the more I see about this movie the less it excites me.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

            Just because they cut that doesn’t mean that it’s not COMPLETELY apparent that he really likes her more than just friend-wise… Why would he suggest just the two of them run off together? Why would he touch Katniss like that when he was saying “Goodbye”? None of my friends ever hold me behind the neck when we share a heartfelt moment… Sometimes, actions speak louder than words… 

            Also, that could very well have been reduced to relieve some of the love triangle comparisons to Twilight (It should be obvious they’re different, but people are stupid)… It’s bad enough they’re selling “Peeta” and “Gale” shirts as it is… 

            I think you’re being too critical of this movie… The point is to ADAPT the book for the screen, not to act out the book word-for-word…

          • PotionWillow207

            I don’t want it to be completely apparent. That’s the point. It’s that little moment where, just like Katniss, the audience thinks that it could go either way. Was he going to say, “Katniss, I love you.” Or was he going to say…something else. That moment where we question just what it is that Gale wants, that’s what is missing.

            I get that it’s supposed to be an adaptation, and if you knew me you would know that I’m not a fan of movies that are just direct reproductions of their book format. HOWEVER, it is essential that in the process of adaptation you retain the spirit and intent of the original story. Based on what I have seen and heard from Gary Ross and others involved in this project that has not been done. Just one example is Gary Ross’s comment in an interview that he wanted the Capitol to be just as dark as the Districts and that it wasn’t supposed to be Munchkinland. Anyone who has read the books will tell you that the Capitol is SUPPOSED to be bright to stand in direct contrast to life in the Districts. The whole point is that it is the bright and colorful Munchkinland to Dorothy’s drab black and white existence.

          • Daughter of Eve

            and they would make the movie seem four second longer in the UK version too :P

            I thought at that point Gale would say ‘remember I- promised’ regarding Gale taking care of her family and I say this because the Games prolly helped Gale realise his feelings for Katniss

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    Strangely, i have always been able to resist watching HP clips, but im watching all the Hunger Games clips

  • Lindsey

    Did this break any one elses heart?! I never really had a preference for Gale because he never had a huge part in the books… but this makes me love him! So heart wrenching!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1539510329 Katy Latham

    This is almost enough to make me Team Gale! I am just so excited for this movie!!

  • EmHof

    The part where he says “I’ll see you soon, okay” and points at her just breaks my heart a little. Love Liam as Gale. 

  • Rdh014

    So impressed with the acting in this scene. 

  • Kate

    I guess I’m in the minority still not convinced by Liam Hemsworth. =/

  • Kate

    Oh I love this! I love how choked up Gale sounds there in the beginning. It’s great.

  • Plat

    After hearing parts of those lines so many times from the trailer, this scene made me laugh, but its still pretty good! :)

  • akacj18


  • leviosaaax3

    Liam is perfect as Gale <3 

  • EmilyZitterkopf

    I REALLY like it! :)

  • Hermione


  • Luna

    nooo! WHY.DID.YOU.GUYS.CUT.OUT.KATNISS REMEMBER I…??????????????? 

  • Tgarcia


  • KayJayGee

    I no longer have doubts on the acting quality of the actors in this movie. This erased it. So heart-wrenching and poignant. And I’m not even a fan of Gale! :D

  • Andrea

    These fricken clips! They are getting me so geared up to see this movie. And like every single time I look at them, I start crying! This is ridiculous. A good ridiculous, but still!

  • Zack

    When Katniss says “I’m fine”, I just fell more in love with Jen. That is totally what Katniss would say–was that taken straight from the book? That is totally something Katniss would act like, trying to calm down Gale…

  • Kelly Barker

    I’m impressed by the accent Liam pulled off!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

      It is to my understanding that American accents aren’t hard to pull off.

  • Jen

    OH. MY. GOD. THIS. LOOKS. AMAZING!!! Oh my God goosebumps GOOSEBUMPS!! <3 <3

  • FuzzyWolfLuvJBJ

    Oh my god I don’t cry when I watch movies why am I crying watching a 30 second clip? And excuse me Lionsgate but why isn’t Gale saying Katniss remember I-. But it may be me but it seemed a little choppy at the end like they cut that out for the slip 0_0???? Either way that has been my favorite clip so far. Liam you Nailed that and Jennifer… I didn’t believe it when you said you were fine just like I didn’t believe you were fine when I read it in the book, we couldn’t of found better actors!!!! I’m so excited, I got my tickets yesterday for midnight ad this clip made me even more excited which I didn’t think was possible!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/paramaniac97 TwihardTribute


  • moonshoespotter1712

    liam is awesome.

    • moonshoespotter1712

      and i was always a gale person…

  • Effie Trinket

    It won’t let me watch it!

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