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As 3D technology advances more and more movies, particularly classics, are being rendered from their original 2D formats in to 3D spectacles. While this has some people excited about reliving their favorite movies in theaters, it also has others up in arms!

What are your thoughts on 3D movies?

For me personally, as someone who studied a variety of subjects on film in my undergrad days, I am okay with 3D technology. I have pretty much enjoyed the handful of 3D movies I have seen. When it was announced that Titanic and now Jurassic Park would be rendered in 3D for a major rerelease, I was stoked! And why wouldn’t I be? It’s exciting to be able to go back to theaters to see these classic movies in a whole new way!

After browsing the comments in both the Titanic 3D and Jurassic Park 3D announcements on Hypable.com, I noticed there was a pretty even split in excitement. Some people were just as excited as I was to experience these movies in a theater again. Others found it offensive, gimmicky and a problem in their lives.

I’ve never understood why people have had such a huge issue with 3D movies – more specifically the newly rendered 2D to 3D movies such as Titanic and Jurassic Park! No one is making anyone see these rerelases in 3D so why have a psychological melt down about the fact that it’s being made?

I asked both the Hypable staff and my Twitter followers to weigh in: what are your thoughts on 3D movies? Hypable writer Kristin LeMunyon shares my optimistic outlook on 3D movies saying, “Generally speaking, and aside from the fact that I’ll have to pay $20, I like 3D movies. It adds a neat effect to films.”

However, as predicted, there was a spectrum of reasons as to why people hate 3D movies.  Hypable writer and resident film buff Jimmy Bean had interesting information about the production of 3D movies that some people may relate to, saying, “There are two different kinds [of 3D movies]. There’s the 3D that actually is worth the money because it was filmed and conceived in 3D (Avatar, Hugo, Harold and Kumar 3D, the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man), but then there are some that are just moneygrubbing to nab the extra cash by sending their 2D pictures (Clash of the Titans, The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, The recent Disney re-releases, Phantom Menace, the upcoming Avengers movie, the list is endless) to conversion houses where they are post-converted. The image is made darker, muddier, and just more of a mess in general.”

Jimmy’s last point was what was so interesting to me. So many people feel that studios are selling and marketing these movies for the sole purpose of making money, which doesn’t sit well with consumers. But how does that change how one views the movie? I, for one, don’t go to the movies thinking about whether or not I have been tricked or manipulated in to seeing it based on the marketing. In fact, I allow myself to be open to being persuaded. If a trailer or promotional campaign is successful enough to persuade me to pay money to go see a movie, I invite that excitement. I go to the movies to enjoy the experience, whether it be in 2D or 3D!

One reason I can understand not enjoying 3D movies is the physical adaptation. My good friend Andrea (@andiware) says, “I like the idea of 3D movies, but they always give me a migraine.” As someone who sometimes gets headaches from movie theaters myself, I sympathize with that. Hypable writer Sarah Maloy outlined her issues with wearing 2 sets of glasses very clearly: “It’s just really uncomfortable for some people (me) to watch 3D movies especially people with glasses (me) who can’t wear contacts (me) and thus have to wear two sets of glasses to see the film.”

So my question to you, the astute Hypable reader is this: besides a physical discomfort what is the reason for hating on 3D movies?

  • dkgfgsjer

    i fucking HATE 3D!

    • Pentruteste

       I will not go to see a 3D movie ever again!

  • Dlmarvin05

    My main issue is their expense. 3D tickets cost at least a good $5 more depending on your local theaters prices (that’s what mine around here are). Other than that, I don’t mind for the most part. 
    My second issue is that some movies just shouldn’t be 3D. Avatar in 3D was brilliant. Star Wars, Titanic, and Jurassic Park are all movies I think would do really well as 3D (hence their releases) so those are ok. The Disney movies have also been spectacular in 3D (I saw Lion King and Beauty and the Beast and about fell over, the depth was incredible)
    But, like I said some films just shouldn’t be 3D, so I’m glad they still do 2D renditions for people who don’t want to see them that way. 
    Also, some people tend to just not feel well when they sit through 3D, headaches, nausea, whatever, so that’s their problem.

    Overall, I don’t mind 3D for some movies, but there is no reason for people to really get upset because they do still release the 2D renditions, so you don’t even have to see 3D if it bothers you, for whatever reason, that much. 

    • Liderc

      Did you see Star Wars in 3D?  They barely put any 3D into it, was terrible.

      • Dlmarvin05

        Yes I did, but I just went for the theater experience, not the 3D so I didn’t really mind. And did you see my point? You didn’t have to watch it

        • Liderc

          But I watched it only because they re-released it with 3D. The 3D sucked and was sparingly used aka it was simply a ploy to make money, not give us a 3D star wars experience.  The fact that you’re not upset about it says they did their job of convincing you it was worth it. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.landeen Kevin Landeen

    I’m not sure… I for one thoroughly enjoy 3D movies. I enjoy the depth it provides and the way it more fully allows one to experience the movie.

  • upper_westsider

    The hype about 3D has been so intense, I may have expected too much.  For me, it’s a big yawn.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.smith07 Heather Smith

    2 reasons:
    1) more money
    2) headaches.

    And for many movies, its unnecessary. I understand something like Avatar being in 3D, and even Jurassic Park and Titanic. However, Harry Potter was cool in 3D but unnecessary, same with Step Up 3, 3 Muskateers, Dolphin Tale, Captain America, etc. I feel like if 3D movies should be made, 90% of the use should be for animated films. Very few real life films should be 3D. Like, is it necessary for The Great Gatsby and Life of Pi to be 3D? Or the Hobbit? Not really.

    • Morsmordre79

      Wait, wait…Life of Pi is going to be in 3D? That’s a joke, right? :-/

      • http://www.facebook.com/heather.smith07 Heather Smith

        No joke. Read that the other day :/

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    I personally do not care for it. Most of the movies that are put in 3D aren’t even worth the trouble of putting it in 3D. I saw Toy Story 3 & Lion King in 3D (Toy Story because it was all that was available at the theater I went to, Lion King for my niece) and both movies didn’t have much 3D effects at all. I mean, if it was going to be something like…..the Voldemort vs Dumbledore scene at the MOM in OOTP, like a whole movie was like that, then yes, 3D would be cool. But movies like Titanic (which I love!) and Jurassic Park…it’s not necessary. The movie companies just want more money for their movies. It’s ridiculous. Besides, no one is going to top James Cameron. His movies fill the top two spots. He’s got it covered.

    • Morsmordre79


  • Morsmordre79

    As long as I have the option to see the film in 2D, I really don’t give a damn. Some movies just shouldn’t be in 3D, and as much as I’d love to see some of my old favorites up on the big screen, I’m not going to waste my money on a premium ticket price is the 3D effects do little or nothing to enhance the experience.

    Beauty and the Beast comes to mind. Spectacular film? Yes. One of my favorites? Yes. Was the 3D necessary to enjoy it on the big screen? Not in the least.

  • Jael

    I can’t stand 3D movies for two reasons:
    1) Because of my bad eyesight, I get these really bad headaches if I watch a 3D movie.
    2) When a movie is converted to 3D post-filming, the footage tends to look darker, harder to see, and the 3D doesn’t stand out.  Examples of this happening include Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender (of course, the movies were bad enough without the 3D0.

  • Trumpeter_72395

    I think the 3D brings more excitement into the film. I watched Toy Story 3, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast in 3D. It made me feel great to see what I grew up with not only on the big screen again, but also in 3D. Now there are some movies that do not need to be made in 3D such as Harry Potter, Clash of the Titans, and Priest (but lets face it, that movie shouldn’t have been made at all lol). But so what? If people want to see movies in 3D, then let them :)

  • notenoughpuff

    I don’t see 3D movies anymore because they’re more expensive and they give me headaches. However, I’m NOT going to miss the chance to see Titanic or older Disney movies in theatres because of it. I’m just grateful to Hank Green for making 2D glasses so I can watch these movies without the headaches.

  • http://www.thatwasdramatic.tumblr.com/ Anya

    I hate 3D because apart from it giving me a blinding headache within 2 minutes (plus I already wear glasses and it’s uncomfortable), it’s just a ridiculous excuse to make me give them more money. I mean, if the 3D completely changed my experience and made me enjoy the movies more, than sure, I’d be happy to pay for it. But I’ve seen 3 movies in 3D – Toy Story 3, The Lion King and Avatar – and I saw no difference whatsoever. Lion King was better originally, I thought TS3 was the exact same on DVD and maybe I wouldn’t have hated Avatar so much if it was just the horrible movie sans the headache. 

    I particularly hate when I want to watch a film (like the Titanic re-release – I can’t manage a film that long – or Pirates of the Caribbean) but it’s only available on 3D. It’s not even the extra money in these cases, it’s the fact that I miss the opportunity of watching a movie I’d like to (and give them money!!!) because my body can’t handle their unnecessary 3D.

    • Cori720

      Theaters charge more money for 3D tickets not for “the experience”; in comparison to the lightbulbs used for 2D films, 3D films use extremely bright bulbs that jack up the theaters’ already expensive electrical budget.

  • Jason

    Well, I think you’ll find that pretty much concerning everything in existence, there will be some people who “love” or “hate” it. The only people who have ever made a 3D ticket price worth it for me are James Cameron and Martin Scorsese, which is why I’m actually excited to see Titanic in 3D, but don’t bank on me ever doing so for a re-release again.

  • HJ

    I really like movies in 3D, but I rarely pay to see them because they’re so expensive.  I actually prefer just to see the ones that weren’t specifically made for 3D because that particular “special effect” isn’t the selling point, which I’m noticing for a lot of newer animated films coming out these days.  I think 3D really brings out the details of the scenery and makes everything clearer and more detailed.  But still, I’m fine with sticking with traditional 2D until 3D prices decrease significantly.

  • Liderc

    The only movie I’ve ever enjoyed in 3D was Avatar.  Everything else has been a waste of money.  It does nothing for the film, even something like Hugo the only time I appreciated the 3D was during the snowing scene.  

    I can understand kids films getting the 3D treatment because cartoon CGI lends itself well to 3D, but nothing else should be in 3D.  It’s utterly useless to the audience.  I’m even ashamed that Peter Jackson is filming the Hobbit in 3D.  At least he is using 3D cameras to film it.

  • Monty

    I don’t like that filmmakers deliberately put in actions that will pop in 3-D, rather than because it is a necessary action for the plot.  Watching in 2D, it is so obvious that the only reason a character throws something towards the camera is to please the 3-D viewers.  I suppose this is minor, but I find this cheesy and distracting.

  • Dally

    a) 3D is more expensive. Too expensive.
    b) 3D seldom makes a huge difference. Some scenes are nice in 3D, no question, but generally the effect mostly just ads a bit of depth. Rarely does it affect my response to a movie – I’d have responded the same way to a 2D.
    c) Wearing 3D glasses is annoying. They slip down your nose, fog up if you cry, get greasy…
    d) Wearing 3D glasses at times feels anti-social.
    e) I find it troublesome when creative choices are made around 3D i.e. plots getting altered, execution of scenes changed to fit the effect…
    f) Blurriness, watching in 3D makes everything appear less sharp.
    g) Physical discomfort: headaches, eyes itching etc.

    I’m the first to hit the theater when an oldie i re-introduced in 3D, but it’s usually because I want to watch and 3D is the only option offered. I’ll be going to see Disney and Titanic, I’m not missing out on those even I’d choose 2D if I could.

    That said, I do enjoy some movies in 3D. When 3D really works it works. It does crate that extra layer and there are those magical scenes which makes me wow. 2D will always be my go-to, though, and as long as both options are available I’m good. The problem arises when only 3D is being screened (it happens too often where I live).

  • popok

     Honestly my biggest issue with 3D is that it gives me horrible headaches, I usually have to take some advil or something before I go see any movie in 3D.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iDomi Domi Ed

    It’s too expensive.
    There are some films that are just made to be seen in 3D ( Avarar) but can you afford the $20 ticket?
    It annoys me to see films like Step Up 3 in 3D because…its just dancing, nothing too spectacular.
    ( then again aside from the dancing, the acting is awful and not worth seeing anyways)
    But you don’t have to see these movies in 3D, see them in 2D.

    I LOVE old Disney movies. Its awesome to see them back in the theatre.
    But why the hell would I want to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D? Why? Do you know how many times I have see that movie in my life? A lot, it doesn’t need 3D. IMAX? Sure.

    Ok an IMAX ticket is still expensive BUT you still don’t have to see it if you don’t want to.
    I for one might dish out the cash to see The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast in IMAX.

    Just not in 3D. Why not just see it in 3D you might ask, since I am there.
    There is a 80% chance of me ending up with a small headache while I wear these glasses. And a 50% chance of it just being a full blown migraine.

    This film better be fucking worth it if I am going to get sick.
    Avatar was made for 3D, I’m disappointed that I missed it in theaters.

    Movies like Titanic and Jurassic Park I would see in IMAX because…I think they are just made to be seen on a 50ft screen but 3D? I’d honestly be up for it but I have to hear some seriously good reviews for me to see it and chance having a headache.

  • Wilma

    I feel that 3D undermines peoples imagination. A good movie makes you forget you’re sitting in a theatre, and you definately don’t need those bulky glasses to do that.

  • Adr1s

    I’m a bit torn, 3D movies have so much potential and they could be awesome, like Avatar, I loved the 3D in it so much that I wouldn’t even bother to see it in 2D. The thing that irks me is that most of the movies that get converted to 3D are just shitty movies that sometimes aren’t even worth a normal movie ticket, so you end up regretting it and blaming the 3D. I personally love the scenes where they show you like you’re flying/riding with the characters (like the Gringotts’ scene on HP – Deathly Hallows 2) but most of the time the 3D part just shows you the main character standing a foot or two infront of the background, which is kinda lame and totally not worth the extra price.

    I think the huge glasses discomfort depends on the cinema. I live in Mexico and most of the times I had gone to the same brand of cinemas to watch 3D movies, and they use some pretty comfortable glasses, they’re almost like sunglasses, lightweight and easy to adjust. I wear normal glasses so they are a little bit of a pain but once you find the right spot they’re usually pretty comfy. But oh boy, I went to the Deathly Hallows premiere in another brand of cinemas and they did give me those huge ass extra heavy square glasses that pinch your skull and you can’t fit your own glasses in, and was a very unconfortable experience. Then I went to see the Puss in Boots in Las Cruces NM and they also had these awful huge glasses, so I think these glasses issues could be solved by demanding the theater to get better ones.

  • Pdxgrlgeek

    I have a 
    Lazy Eye, or Amblyopia, and I do not get the full effect of 3D

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.redwine Joshua Redwine

    I just find 3d entirely visually unappealing. That’s not to say that 3d cannot add a fascinating dimension to film, as it has with films like Hugo. But the reality is that it typically adds very little to the experience. It’s just an excuse to charge extra money and take up extra screens in theatres for multiple renditions of the same film. It’s an absurd ploy by studios to make cinema exciting and new again when there was nothing wrong with film as it was. I await the day when we the 3d fad passes and we realize its best suited to cheesy action and animated films. 

  • Atharva Hritik

    I go to the movies to enjoy the experience, whether it be in 2D or 3D!

  • Atharva Hritik

    2d rocks i fucking hate 3d/………more money….le ss osm…..

  • Cori720

    I can’t wear Real D Glasses… My nose is shaped like a ski jump and the glasses slide down my face! haha otherwise I agree with Jimmy. Watching Tron: Legacy in 3D was amazing because the director shot the film with 3D in mind during filming. Post-conversions often result in just a distinction between foreground and background, but not real 3D. Plus, I often think that rereleases are just ploys in general for more money (ahem, Star Wars anyone?), let alone 3D rereleases. I just personally enjoy watching movies they way they were meant to be watched in its raw original form, whether that be 2D or 3D.

  • God

    i hardly ever notice it, and when i do, i just don’t think it’s adding enough to justify the extra money i have to pay for the ticket…

  • Crownless

    I hate 3D, the loss of resolution is simply not worth the gimmick.  I have a 54″ LED tv, I’ll wait until it comes out on Blu Ray, and then either download it or buy it depending on if I like the production company/series.

    I’m sick of them shoving this awful technology down our throats, they should at least offer the option- I can only find Prometheus tickets in 3D right now!  Great, a movie that I’ve been waiting years for, ruined by shit resolution technology trying to push inflated prices and boost the consumer electronics industry.

  • Kramerica_1999

    I absolutely HATE 3D!!! It’s like rolling up a dark dirty window in front of a clean crisp movie. Then it’s all blurry when you “roll down” the dirty window – take off the 3D glasses. WHY would anyone want that?
    I wound not mind so much, if they made movies available in regular format. MIB and Prometheus are only available in 3D where I live – F***ing frustrating. I WILL NOT go see them in 3D. Children’s movies, fine, kids don’t care, but don’t ruin it for adults.

  • IndyRon

    Directors often focus so much on poking things at you they lose track of things like plot and acting which are what matter to me.

  • St3v4nt

    Aside from the gross glasses that theatre seldom clean, and the headache, what I’m afraid is the studio and distributor would force Us that we have to see their movie only in 3D. There will be no more 2D version of movie someday if the current trend keep going strong. Hopefully when the day come there would be the day when we no longer have to wear glasses to watch 3D and they longer causing a headache. 

  • Peter

    I love 3D movies, and have no problems watching them. However, i bought myself a 3D monitor lately – i can enjoy 3D movies for hours and all is fine – but when i play video games in 3D mode, i feel sick after 15-20 minutes.

    I know 3d sickness is quite popular, but i wonder why i experience the symptoms only while playing FPS games in 3D and not while watching 3D movies ?

  • fearitself

    Yeah, if only 2D was optinal with Jurrasic Park. I’d love to see it on the big screen, as I have never have. Dinos would look stunning.

    As for the 3D in general, it’s complete shit. It worked with Avatar but in 99% of the cases it’s only for the studios to rip some extra bucks off us.

    It makes the movie look darker, sometimes blurrier. The glasses are uncomforatble to wear After a while your eyes just get used to it and it doesn’t look so 3D after that.

    And why the fuck would I wear ANYTHING to watch a movie. A movie should be enjoyed wether you wear a pair of glasses or not. If i don’t have to wear galsses to watch 3D movies, I may give a chance to 3D .

  • Ron

    I like the option of watching a movie in 3D. Some movies are absolutely wonderful in 3D.
    For those that say ugly things like “I wish 3D would go away”, or “I hope 3D fails because I hate it”. Remember you have people living around you that enjoy things other than your personal preference. Here is and idea; if you don’t enjoy 3D movies go see a 2D movie and allow those who enjoy 3D to have there movies too.

  • Diogo Pinto

    I was indifferent about 3D, I never went to see another 3D movie after Alice in Wonderland and I was fine with it. The problem now is movie theatres (Cineplex) don’t show 2D movies anymore – except at stupid early showtimes like noon. I can’t avoid it, its being shoved in my face, and therefore I hate it. I’m boycotting Cineplex (essentially 90% of all movie theatres) until this madness is over.

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