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Nickelodeon announced the release date of its highly anticipated follow-up to Avatar: The Last Airbender today.

Taking to the show’s Facebook page and official Tumblr, the network wrote:

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the premiere date for The Legend of Korra has been announced! Get ready for April 14 at 11AM!

The premiere date is set for April 14, which is just a month away! They also mentioned the show’s official name has been changed to simply The Legend of Korra and that another exciting announcement will be coming soon!

Check out the new Legend of Korra logo:

Will you be tuning in to the April premiere?

  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers


  • stargazer

    I don’t have cable.  Does anyone know if Nickelodeon puts episodes of their shows online?

    • Mitchel Clow

      If I remember correctly, they did so with the original series. I’m not sure how soon after an episode airs that it’s on though. Maybe hulu.com will update with the new episodes the day after they air, like they do with a lot of other shows.

      • Alex

        what about us overseas? we get descriminated So Much with the “this content is not available in your region”.

        • Eduardo

          American shows created by Americans in America are available here… shows created in other countries are available there. I understand the disappointment, but you are not “discriminated against.”

          • Alexv1115

            maybe discriminated is a strong word.

            but it still seems ridiculous that Online- which should be available to Everyone. content is Restricted by region.

            i understand it for live tv, but online? shows like avatar are watched worldwide, so i dont see why this has to be an issue.

            I have no problem watching Doctor Who or Sherlock, which are british shows, but suddenly I can’t watch Americans shows? 

          • Emberscorpio

            I know how you feel.  It is frustrating not being able to watch Hulu outside US.  And Americans have no idea how much it sucks and none of them care.  It is somewhat similar to BBC….I can’t watch anything on BBC iplayer.   But there are plenty of other sites you will be able to find the movie. Like with putlocker or gorillavid.

          • Shrilen

            or you could just use a US proxy and essentially walk around the blocks your country has set up.  you are on the internet.  learn to use it.

        • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

          Took American money to produce it, unlikely it would show up in other countries. download it.

  • TheFirst

    I am glad they changed the title. Even though I loved the title ‘Avatar: The Legend of Korra’, ‘The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra’ just didn’t make any sense.

  • Eoin

    So excited!

  • gcw07

    I’m really looking forward to this. I’m glad they changed the name too. Still don’t know why Nickelodeon gave up rights to the Avatar name. Can’t wait for the new series.

  • Alonninos

    I love this show! Guys, according to korranation.com, the show will be released NEXT SATURDAY, March 24th, if the Legend of Korra gets 100,000 likes and shares.

    Hunger Games Avapartypalooza!

  • http://twitter.com/tarthurs09 Tylor Arthurs

    What!?!?!  I was expecting a November release, now I REALLY have to get going on those ATLA rewatches!  Not a bad problem to have though lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646371872 Elizabeth Lee Hammons

    I’m so excited! And it makes sense to change the title. In the original story, Aang was the last airbender with the risk of there not being anymore(that was horribly phrased). But with this series, there are obviously more airbenders (Korra, Aang’s son and grandchildren) so the title wouldn’t make sense.

  • Brianna Lofton

    I’m super pumped that we don’t have to wait until November or ever next year. And I’m glad that the title was changed; The Legend of Korra makes a lot more sense.

  • Julie L

     I was so surprised the release date was so close but very excited!!

    • http://twitter.com/pikakeflor Jasmine

      I know what you mean. I was, too. I didn’t believe it until I read it on four different sites and finally the official Avatar Facebook page. Lol.

  • Rachel P

    Happy to see that the release date is so close! I was a HUGE Last Airbender Fan, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  • Chaz

    Why is this at 11AM. They just lost a lot of audience.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Korra-Water/100003575571448 Korra Water

    Unfortunately I can’t watch it on TV in my country. I will watch it on http://www.avatarchapters.tv 

    They say they will put it online when Korra Nation releases the first avatar chapter of Legend of Korra..

    Stupid  copyright of James Cameren, no more Avatar name :(

  • benji

    well time has passed so this was fake just like everything else im sad to say im off legend of korra you just lost a fan and nickelodeon aswell with all these release dates being said you lost me!

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