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Last night Glee stars Darren Criss and Kevin McHale were on hand at the highly-anticipated world premiere of The Hunger Games! Check out their dapper looks!

Kevin, sporting an interesting look on the red carpet, tweeted that he wishes Lea Michele and Naya Rivera were with him:

Hunger Games w/ @totle9. M’Body is ready. @msleamichele & @NayaRivera wish u were here!

Darren Criss posted this photo with him and StarKid Joey Richter alongside Jackie Emerson who plays Foxface in The Hunger Games!

Darren posted the photo to his WhoSay account along with the caption:

In short, The Hunger Games was great. They did an awesome job. Fun at the premiere tonight with @JoeyRichter @Jackie_Emerson

We aren’t surprised that Darren and Kevin are Hunger Games fans.

Are you going to a midnight premiere to see The Hunger Games next week?

  • KristenKranz

    Already purchased my midnight tickets… Now I’m just waiting (impatiently)! Is it the 22nd yet?

  • Gary65

    Jackie Emerson looks crazed :O

    Then again, I would be too with my arm around Darren Criss ;c) xD

    • Gary65

      Also well done to Kevin McHale. He looks very Capitol-y.

  • HungryStarkidGleekwithHP

    Joey!!!! I’m glad Darren always makes Joey his plus 1!!! Joey will be invited someday… he will. Joey is going places!

  • goldensnidget

    I have just died inside. Just found out my nearest cinema isn’t showing Hunger Games. *Sadness forever* :((

    • Brucasromione4ever

      lol just go to one… not so near. you obviously wouldn’t last very long in the games because you give up too easily.   ;P

  • Amelia

    someone here is misunderstanding the term “crossover”…

    • Rena

       Glee- Hunger Games

  • Erika Vega

    How does Joey Richter get into all these premieres?  He was at the Simpsons 500th Episode party too.  Is he always someone’s guest?  He has nice friends!

    • Tsk4life

      He’s Darren plus one. They are roommates.

      • Erika Vega

        Yeah, but Darren Criss was NOT at the Simpsons 500th party.  How did Joey Richter get into that?  He was hanging out with Evanna Lynch, so maybe he was her guest, but I didn’t realize they were that close friends outside of LeakyCon.  And for that matter, how did Evanna Lynch get to attend The Simpsons premiere?  She’s not an upcoming guest voice, not that I know of.  If any actor with a Harry Potter connection would have been invited to the 500th Episode premiere, it would have been Daniel Radcliffe because he starred in a previous Treehouse of Horror show and did a tv spot a few years back congratulating the series on its 20th anniversary.  I guess if celebrities are fans of something they can try to get their agents to hook them up with access to parties of films they are not associated with.

  • Eliza

    Our cinema is showing it at 20:00 on the 22nd… is this the whole of the UK or just our messed up cinema? Whatever, I can’t wait!

    • oblyviate

      my cinema is showing it at midnight on the 22nd – and its australia, so we seem to be seeing it way before most people! (awsome!)

      • Miriam

        I’m Australian too, I love that we get it first and I wish I could see it at midnight! But it’s a weekday so I can’t :( MY CREYS

  • nodaybut2day7

    Just when i thought i couldn’t love Darren Criss anymore, he goes to THG premiere! Super jealous…

  • Luna

    JOEY!!!!!!!!!111 AND DARREN!!!!!!!!!!!! WONDER WHAT MAMA UMBRIDGE WOULD SAY IF SHE SAW THEM THERE!!!!!!!!!!…totally spaced i was using caps sorry

  • KayJayGee

    Joey Richter!! Starkids are HG Fans! Musical in the future?? :D

  • itsme

    Can you imagine them doing a Hunger Games musical? Oh dear lord.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1634150711 Rikke Hansen

    I’m dieing because I wanna be there! I wanna see Hunger Games now! But I love the starkids and Glee cast is Hunger Games! Because that makes it just better

  • Starkid_glee_lessthanthree

    So glad Joey and Darren went together! :D <3 <3 <3

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