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Although reviews for The Hunger Games aren’t allowed to be released until March 20th, those who’ve already seen it are sharing some tidbits we could consider quick reviews.

A writer for ComingSoon.net tweeted the following earlier today:

And this one from an Ain’t It Cool writer:

First Showing:





Hearing it’s a “sci fi classic” is certainly good news, as this means even critics think it can appeal to those outside of the book’s readers!

Earlier today we shared a story revealing that someone who saw the film thought the adaptation was better than Twilight or Harry Potter.

  • RussellTurner

    10 days ill be getting ready for the midnight release!! 

    • jordan.d

      Me too!  So excited!!

  • Josh

    Wow, it’s getting more praise than I thought. 

  • Josh

    Holy fuck. 

  • Jeff D.

    Fantasy-type book to film translations haven’t always faired well with critics (LOTR being the main exception). Harry Potter is the most obvious one. Lately, I’ve been wondering if the critics will like it or give it negative reviews and put it alongside their negative reviews for Harry Potter. But it’s amazing to hear these first 2 quick reviews give such high praise.

    • moonshoespotter1712

      Actually Harry Potter’s gotten mostly positive reviews… You make it sound as though it was panned. 

      • Jeff D.

        That’s true. But let’s face it, has a critic ever called the HP movie series a classic, like that one Twitter review in this article mentions about Hunger Games? Not even HP fans would say that. And this is coming from someone who loves and enjoys the movies.

    • Zack

      Don’t know which Harry Potter series you’re talking about…the films have been universally acclaimed. 

  • http://twitter.com/HungerGames4all Rae

    Is it alright if I say that I am not surprised at all? I was actually kind of expecting the majority of the reviews to be positive mainly because from the promos and (esp. the reactions from everybody in general). Of course most of us won’t know until march 23rd, but if the critics are pouring in praises, then it is surely to be beyond what most of us have expected/imagined!

  • http://twitter.com/Factuality Factuality

    Hot damn, this is looking good! I’m gonna need a slap in the face if I don’t stop freaking out.

  • Julie L

    They are teasing me!!!! I would have killed to see it tonight! 10 (almost 9) more days left of me being impatient

  • Gary65

    Personally, I wish people would shut up about Hunger Games. All it does is make the wait til the movie longer. I’ve noticed that the less time spent actively waiting for a movie makes the wait go a lot faster

    • Zack

      Personally, I wish you could let people be excited about the film and let the hype grow.

      • Gary65

        I am excited about the film. But the more hype there is, the more harder it is to escape it. And the harder it is to escape, the longer the wait seems. It’s like that saying that watched kettles never boil. The more you are focused on something, the longer it seems to take. Why do you think so many Game of Thrones fans have been foaming at the mouth for the last month? 

  • Isak

    I want to see the movie but I will have to wait till May… :’(

  • Isak

    I wish I didn’t have to wait till may to see the movie :(

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