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A new advert for the relaunch of the offical DC fanpage has revealed an awesome new look at Christian Bale’s Batman, but it seems to be giving us déjà vu from another popular DC/Warner Bros. character.

The promo picture appears to be a rendered version of a live-action picture, but it still looks incredible. Check out the awesome picture below courtesy of Newsarama (via CBM)!

Now here’s the rub, does this pose remind you of any other DC/Warner Bros. property?

Heck, if we added some red and blue to Batman’s trademark black and photo-shopped a wobbly bank vault onto that blue screen-

What do you think? It’s probably a happy accident, (I mean, Superman doesn’t own that pose) but the fact that they’re owned by the same parent company makes us raise an eyebrow. Remember when Batman detectives spotted Superman’s logo in the first teaser poster?

Look! In the sky! It’s- *gets smashed by falling rubble*

It’s something to think about to be sure, but for the time being just take a look at the new picture, sit back, relax and enjoy the calm before the storm of Dark Knight material that waits on the horizon.

  • MiniMe

    Someone please tell me what is in the rubble…

    • trackerjacker52

      the superman logo its even circled in red

  • TDKR

     watching a poster so closely and getting a superman out of it!!!!…… i leave it to you

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Hutchinson/1072173900 Andy Hutchinson

    oh for gods sake AMERICANS ARE IDIOTS

    • Ron Weasley

      whoa now

    • http://www.facebook.com/AILTF Jimmy Bean

      Yeah, judging people by their nationality is much smarter and more progressive. You’re right. 

  • FlamingC

    You seriously think that Superman might be in TDKR? You must be joking. There is no way in hell that Chris Nolan’s Batman will cross over with Snyder’s Superman.

  • Laudys

    Am I the only one to think the poses don’t look alike? 

  • kkkkkkkk

    these poses are nothing alike…lol are you guys just trying to make a story out of nothing from boredom?

    • http://www.facebook.com/AILTF Jimmy Bean

      We found the picture and I just happened to notice that the poses looked similar. We’re not trying to insinuate that Superman will be in TDKR or vice versa, we were just offering a perspective. The poses look similar to me, which is why I even brought it up in the first place. 

  • Cynzix

    To me, te circled image looks like Ryuk’s face, from Death Note

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