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Another week, another cast member joins CBS’ Sherlock Holmes pilot Elementary.

And this one reveals why Sherlock, played by Johnny Lee Miller, will head to New York City (where the story is set) in the first place.

Deadline reports that Aidan Quinn will play NYPD Captain Gregson:

Just out of rehab, Holmes now lives in Brooklyn with “sober companion” Joan Watson (Liu) while consulting for the NYPD. Quinn will play NYPD Captain Gregson who worked with Sherlock at Scotland Yard after 9/11 and was so impressed with his work that he has invited him to work as a consultant to the police in New York City. Gregson grew accustomed to Sherlock’s “eccentricities” in the U.K., but knows they won’t necessarily fly in the Big Apple.

What do you think of Gregson accepting Sherlock’s “eccentricities” and having to deal with them as issues in New York City? This isn’t sounding all too convincing just yet.

Last week Lucy Liu was cast as Sherlock’s sidekick Watson.

  • TheHamburglar

    I think it was common sense from the day the show was announced that they were going to go with the whole “adapting to a big city” ploy 

  • Katie

    Every bit of news I hear about this makes me sick

  • Pat

    do you not understand what a spin-off is? because this isn’t it.

    • http://www.hypable.com Andrew Sims

      Sorry, didn’t think it through when writing headline. Changed it to something more appropriate.

      • Katie

        Rip-off sounds about right.

        • Witchfav

           Rip this shit off sounds better

  • Adam

    Gee the plotline of this doesn’t sound anything like Sherlock on BBC. I hope you all detect my overflowing sarcasm. :) 

  • Rdh014

    I don’t even want to hear anymore about it. Seriously, it just pisses me off more. 

  • http://twitter.com/taylorelizibeth Taylor Leonard

    Really kind of angry about this…..but I’ll probably end up watching the first episode and seeing how it works out…. I cannot imagine it will be any good though…..

  • Lord Menon

    How is Elementary a spin off??? What it actually is, is a different take on Sherlock Holmes…But I’m not sold…I think it’ll be a phut….I guess they are right when they say Americans are stupid…No offence, but they just keep giving out these demonstrations of outrageously criminal stupidity…HAHA…

  • http://www.twitter.com/starlysh Lysh

    I like that they’re using Gregson instead of Lestrade in their continued attempt to be ~totally different~ from the BBC Sherlock. 

    • http://twitter.com/when_she_smiles lindsay

      it’s kind of funny since greg is lestrade’s first name in the BBC version.

  • Katelyn

    No, this is great you guys.  The more ridiculously stupid Elementary becomes, the more likely it will become the opposite of all things Sherlock.  :D 

  • Glaciusx

    I read “out of rehab” and scoffed. Seriously? JUST NO.

  • stargazer

    So basically they’ve decided that they’re not even going to try to adapt Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories into an Americanized Sherlock Holmes, which, aside from the challenge of making it different from BBC’s Sherlock, would have been a huge creative undertaking and could have shown their talent for better or for worse.  Instead, they’re taking the name “Sherlock Holmes,” slapping it on a character that may or may not be anything like Sherlock Holmes, and changing everything else.

    Presto chango, we’ve got ourselves another run-of-the-mill detective/crime television drama which sounds suspiciously like Monk, except this detective has some drug problems instead of OCD and it takes place in New York instead of San Francisco. 

    (Note: Monk had Sherona/Natalie, who helped him recuperate (and Sherona was a nurse, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from doctor (okay, so they’re both in the medical field)), Captain Leland Stottlemeyer worked with Monk before he had a psychotic breakdown (and it sounds like this Captain Gregson worked with Holmes before his rehab), and Monk has OCD and other eccentricities (Holmes has a drug habit and other eccentricities).  Did someone just miss Monk now that that series has ended and decided to reincarnate him as “Sherlock Holmes in the Big Apple?”)

    I’m not sure what makes me more upset–the fact that they decided to make an “American” Sherlock Holmes or the fact that they’ve decided to rip everything that makes Sherlock Holmes out of their show and fill it with other…stuff.

    And you can say I’m just a big complainer and that I wouldn’t be happy with Elementary whatever they did.  And you’d be right.

  • Just Sayin’

    I’m so confused.  This doesn’t sound like a spin off of the current BBC Sherlock Series.  It sounds like a re-imagining of the story in modern times.  It even references 9/11.  So unless Sherlock not only moved to NYC, he also traveled through time, this is not a spin off.

    • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

      No one said spin off. More of a rip off. The initially wanted to remake it, but BBC wouldn’t give them the rights to, so they decided to change some things around and go ahead with it anyway. They always wanted to get rich of the BBC’s success with Sherlock. They said it themselves. It has been stated that, due to the success, they wanted to make their own modern day Holme’s reltelling, but with ‘fresh American faces’. Literally just getting rich off Sherlock’s concept.
      Rest assured some of these differences would not exist if the BBC had allowed for a remake. They’re just trying to make sure they can’t get sued.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001465808681 Liliya Yagami

    Nobody will watch it and then it will be cancelled. Let’s hope that happens.

  • Mrs_Badcrumble

    Why even call it Sherlock???

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

    If they don’t bring in Lestrade, then I’m going to be a silly little Sherlock fangirl and call it a rip off of the fact that they don’t have Gregson in the UK one…eliminating charcters, are we, Elementary? Where have I seen this before?
    (I know, not necessarily copying, but still.)

  • Rhulain

    Well, they get points from me for remember that canonically Holmes worked with other Scotland Yard Inspectors than just Lestrade. Bring on the Gregson!

  • asrhfuiahwj

    Why does everything have to take place in New York. I mean I’d honestly rather be in UK. Plus, it sounds like they’re trying too hard to make a sort of drama out of it with all the rehab stuff.

  • Specialagentlilia

    This is such fuckery. I hope the BBC sues the hell out of these asses.

  • acsmith2013

    they would not have even considered making this show had it not been for Sherlock. it’s really frustrating to see such a blatant rip-off of our beloved series! elementary is trying so hard to keep the lawsuits at bay by being “creative” with the characters (female watson and rehabbed sherlock) but it’s awful and embarrassing.

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