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By Momo at 10:35 am, March 5, 2012

This post was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

A Hypable visitor shares her top three issues with Pottermore and if it can continue on.

First off, I want to start by saying that I love Harry Potter. The first book was why I started to read at all, I’ve grown up with the series/movies, and it has just overall changed my life. So, I’ve been keeping quiet about E-books, Pottermore, and anything really to do with online reading because I know that, for some people, this is their “experience”. However, I have to say enough is enough. I’ve pretty much written off Pottermore as nothing more than a “nice try.” Why? Well I’ll tell you!

—Number 1: Who can even access it?

I was following Pottermore since before its release. Watched the cool YouTube video, followed the feathers and such for early access, you name it. It seemed like a dream come true. But Sony must have been seriously ill prepared for what was coming. It was Universal’s Hp Park opening all over again. Those lucky enough to get access have experienced nothing more than crashes and delays. Content and changes kept being implemented during peak access hours, usually ruining people’s fun. It’s like when new game consoles come out. You let the first million people go buy it, experience all the technical difficulties, then complain about them enough to implement change; This normally results in the quick release of a better quality console, thus allowing you to get a better version fairly soon. Since we had the first half of this process with Pottermore, it seemed safe to assume the second half would occur. Right? Well, too bad, it hasn’t.

—Number 2: Delays anyone?

With all that being said, Pottermore was supposed to be open to the public not too long after its “grand opening;” Aka sometime *last year.* It has been nearly 5 months and still no true public access. And let’s talk about the actual content for a second. “Lucky” users have only gotten the first book…over and over and over. Pottermore was going to release a book a year. But even if the site had been perfectly up and running, why would anyone want to wait a whole year before getting Chamber of Secrets? Let’s face it, we as a general public have a short attention span. No, I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be the hardcore fans that patiently wait for *7 years* to get all the books, but I’m happy to say I won’t be one of them. I have actual books for a reason. “Extras” get posted on the rest of the internet enough for my liking.

—Number 3: Just a poor set up.

Overall, Pottermore just could have been done better. A good example has recently come from one of my other favorite authors, Richelle Mead, who just released an app for her series The Vampire Academy.

This app is like Pottermore in a nutshell, only for her books. It seems brilliant. It has everything Pottermore intended to offer (minus the book particular details of course, this is a different series) all in one easy to download application. You can read each of the books, learn a ton of new information, watch videos about the novel, interact with fans, the list is endless! And it hasn’t had any negative reactions thus far. No “limited access,” no “delayed content,” and most importantly no messy interfaces.

Pottermore’s overall concept seemed like a good idea at the start. I understand Jo’s want to give the fan base a nice area to interact with her books and dig deep into their secrets. But it just isn’t happening. There are easier, better ways to achieve this kind of thing without all this ridiculousness.

Long opinion short, Sony needs to either get it together or give it up. Harry Potter fans found ways to get the kind of experiences the site is supposed to be offering easily enough before its “release” and I think we’ll do ok finding them without it as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001426435099 Louelle van Rens

    I get what you’re saying, Richelle Mead’s app is awesome. I do think however, and correct me on this if neccessary, that the app for the Vampire Academy series was modeled after Pottermore. The company who helped create this app looked at Pottermore, and decided to run with its idea, only done much better. Richelle Mead did say that the app was the first of its kind. I don’t know for how long they have been working on this app, it may have been from before the Pottermore beta launch.

    Maybe these teams should work together or something.

    • Dlmarvin05

      I think she may have gotten a general idea, but it was never made clear how long she’s been working on it, so I honestly couldn’t tell you if the same people worked on it ( although, from everything I’ve read, I don’t believe Sony was involved). But I do agree that maybe Pottermore should take some tips from the app instead!

  • Tom

    Kind of agree with what you’re saying, sadly. 

    One point though: they never said the books would be released a year apart, just that the subsequent books would be “unveiled over time”.

    • Dlmarvin05

      I honestly don’t know; I’ve heard both. A lot of people think the current delays could be them trying to add in Chamber of Secrets, but who really knows. I guess my overall point is just that the site as a whole isn’t really going anywhere productive :/

  • http://dervish-banges.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    You know it’s a failure when a fan-made site (myhogwarts) is looking more and more interesting in comparison to an official one. Pottermore should just hire the guys from MyHogwarts and incorporate their ideas because if not I feel like I’d be spending more of my time on the fan site than the actual official one.

    • Dlmarvin05


    • Katelyn

      Furthermore, the founder of myHogwarts has already had meetings with WB, and they’ve give mH the temporary go-ahead.  

  • Alohomora

    Just what everyone has been thinking.
    And it’s rather disheartening.

    • Dlmarvin05

      it won’t let me like your comment so, I’m doing this instead

      • Nnyla

        I liked it for you :)

        • Dlmarvin05


  • LumosAuror163

    As a beta tester, I’ll say that yeah, it’s a wicked site, and yeah, some of the things there make it so much fun. On the flip side, though, it really is just book 1 over and over again. There are potions (which you have to watch the timing on), wizarding duels (typing tests, basically, but still fun), you can search for ingredients, get your own wand and animal, and the tests you take for the wand and your house are epic.
    I love being a beta tester, but I do agree that it’s taking too long to get the site fully running. Waiting a year for each book? No. I think all of them should be completely available, since there really is only so much you can do on the site. Honestly? I’m more excited about the idea of having the eBooks of Harry Potter.

    All that being said? I still like it.

    -Ravenclaw House, LumosAuror163

    • Dlmarvin05

      That is some dedication. Kudos!

  • Cygnus

    Pottermore lost me as soon as i heard that the house numbers were almost even…that is just not possible. Sounds crazy, but i was hoping to be placed in the house that i belong, not in the house that Pottermore needs me in in order to even numbers. 

    • Astraea

      Law of averages: larger sample size means you’ll get a more even distribution over time. Sorting may not produce the House you want, but it doesn’t cheat. 

  • Rdh014

    That pretty much sums up everyone’s opinion. Good article!

    • Dlmarvin05

      Thank you :)

  • Runemarauder63

    As a beta tester, I have to agree. The site’s been handled horribly so far.
    Now I give them credit for fixing the chapters a bit (before you had to cut a friends list drastically before you could get in) and they put dueling back up and cut potion times, but now if a user updates his/her computer while a potion is open, the potion tends to glitch, the cauldron blows up and the person is out of a cauldron and 5 points. This is where things for me as a beta tester at least, get incredibly frustrating. If you try and contact Pottermore with a problem, the responses you get in return are unhelpful to say the least. 
    I’m sure beta users and Potter fans as a whole would be happy for something of value to be announced on the Insider, and not (as pretty as they are) pictures of Oliver Wood. I’m not sure if this is just due to Pottermore seeming like it promised too much, or the fandom as a whole expecting the same quality and dedication put into the Wizarding World in Orlando, the 8 films and 7 books would go into Pottermore. 
    I still like Pottermore, but I just hope for their sake that they release something for us to enjoy. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if the site opens after a year of beta at this point. 
    -Runemarauder63, Slytherin

  • mike

    Pottermore was a good idea, and the new content was great. Other than that, it pretty much sucks. It has been very very poorly handled, and it doesn’t have much “replay value.” 

  • Mia

    I agree with this article, but it’s so sad it has come to this. Pottermore was such a unique idea, and Sony pretty much screwed it up. I’ll still get on Pottermore if and when the second book is out and hopefully by then, Pottermore has been revamped and hyped up again so the fandom can once again have excitement for it! 

  • Andrea

    My friend wrote this! I’m such a proud mama.

    • Dlmarvin05

      <3 panda :D

  • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

    I havent looked at that account for months. I think it’s too late now, we saw and we left.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531808242 Courtney Gibson

    I agree that they need to get it together. I think Pottermore has the foundation of a good website, the new information was amazing. I certainly wouldn’t be too thrilled to wait 7 years for all of the books, when really the one i want to read new information about is the seventh one. They lack many things that have been pointed out before, ie being able to know who is adding you without all the user name stuff. I think a big flaw they have is they are making it too kid safe. I dont know, i’m sure it will get just as much hype when it opens to the public as it did when the beta thing was going on, but they even said they would do the mass email thing where you get accepted to the site, which could take even more months after they actually open it up. 
    I’ts hard to believe they didn’t expect that much traffic, after all they did open it to 1 million people, were they thinking they all wouldn’t be on at the same time??

  • Bridget

    it didn’t sink in until you said seven years. i will be out of high school and out of college. they should have released them all at once

    • Dlmarvin05

      That’s exactly what I’m saying! That’s a long time -.-

  • Alyss

    As a beta tester, I’ll say this: I love love love the new content! But the rest of the site? Bor-ing! I feel like I’m wasting my time with the potions, especially.

  • MattyW04

    Well said. I happen to be one of the “lucky” fans to get access to the site, and it’s nothing to be excited about. I might visit the site once every few weeks.

    • Dlmarvin05

      thank you :) and ya, I really wish there was more to it, like I said I feel like the idea was solid, just really poor execution

  • http://twitter.com/fluflu44 Mandy Brennan

    Instead of Pottermore being a type of online community, they should of made it a program to download and have access to a “second life” type of world. More users could have access to it and it could have more interaction sections.  You can only brew so many potions before it gets boring. Sad to say that, but it’s the truth. 

  • Emmalou

    At least you got into Pottermore, I happened to be in a cabin in the backwoods of Montana for the whole week of beta opening. Talk about bad timing… huh? ;) But based on your article and what I’ve heard from numerous other people, Pottermore sounds like nothing more then one big headache. Here’s hoping all the bugs have been worked out by the time it opens to the public!

  • Luna

    1. I agree completely with this 
    2. Anyone else hear that Tom Feelton proposed to his girlfriend now fiancee yesterday? so happy for him

    • moonshoespotter1712

      I didn’t hear anything about Tom!

      • Luna

        it was on twitter 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000008061767 Justine E Woodard

    i haven’t even got on stupid potter more this year……..

  • HPfanatic

    I think honestly everyone wanted to be sorted and get their wand. After that all we (or at least I) were REALLY exited about was the new content. Jo, I know you wanted to get into the technology era…. an Encyclopedia would have been soooooooo much better! We don’t have to go on random spastic clicking sprees to make sure we read everything and hit the ‘like’ button so we can read it again. Then there’s that crappy moment when you forgot to ‘like’ so-and-so’s info and have to go back and find it so you dont forget… Sorry, it was a good try, but somethings are just better on paper.

  • HJP<3

    I agree with some of the thins he says in this article, but to “refresh” everyone’s memory, Pottermore gave all of the people early access (me being of one them) so they could receive feedback.  They have made numerous changes to the site and had “construction” done multiple times to help change the site for the great good(: <- see what I did there? (:   I think the basic idea of the site is pretty cool, but I do agree in the fact that they should release the books in a closer time span rather than 7 whole years.  Just my opinion(;

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