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The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (on newsstands tomorrow) includes a cover story on The Hunger Games, and one feature within is a list of things found in The Hunger Games book not seen in the films.

A couple of these we had already shared with you when they were published in The Hunger Games Illustrated Guide. Nonetheless, they’re interesting to hear again:

Madge: Jacobson says that “you have so little time to establish these characters. So if Madge has to get thrown under the bus so you can make sure that an audience who hasn’t read the books understands the devotion between Katniss and Prim, then that’s what you do.”

Focus on Avoxes: Director Gary Ross explains “we have Avoxes, but we don’t digress in the film. I think it’s a wonderful way to populate the world, but there are just certain [cutbacks] that have to happen.”

Focus on the prep team: Octavia, Flavius and Venia are all in the movie but we won’t really get to know them. Jacobson says “we agreed that the main thing is to establish Cinna. So we had to sort of borrow from Peter to pay Paul!”

Capitol gadgets: Gadgets like food automators won’t be shown. Jacobson explains “we didn’t want the Capitol to appear too fanciful. It has to appear ominous and threatening. The Capitol has to be a mind-blowing experience, but it can’t be Whoville.”

Are you okay with the fact that filmmakers felt like they had to make these cuts?

Enjoy the four new photos from EW below! Of particular note, we see President Snow’s rose garden! This must be one of the new scenes that Ross had hinted at a couple weeks ago.

Thanks to HungerGamesMovie.org for all this!

  • Catherine

    I’m really disappointed about the Avoxes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.r.bailey Richard Bailey

    …there is only 3 photos.

    • thatonegirl

      I thought I was the only one that noticed…..

  • http://twitter.com/Fluffsy S.J.

    I think all the cutbacks make sense honestly… if it doesnt hurt the main story, it doesnt need to be in the movie! And i love the pic of the careers, the look so scary and evil! Perfect! 

  • Mia

    I’m okay with them cutting out Madge and the Avoxes. The prep team is a little disappointing but understandable. The changing of the capitol’s gadgets bothers me. The Capitol is suppose to be this super high-tech place so the people of the capitol can just live life as easily as possible. I guess it’s not huge, but still not what I thought when reading the books. 

    • Plat

      Yes exactly. Its possible to show all of the gadgets and machines while still keeping that dark tone. 

      • Kayla

        Kind of makes me wonder how they’ll do scenes from the last book, since their tecknology definitly plays a part (the pods specifically), I thought it was kind of important…..

        • Mia

          that’s really a good point. i didn’t think about that much in advance! they’ll probably throw it in there for Mockingjay! 

    • http://www.rebellionradiopodcast.com Hurley

      Really? That’s the change that bothered me the least.

      At least for the gadget that they talked about, which does seem a little too silly and fanciful. But I think they can still make the Capitol seem high-tech, but just a little more realistic.

      • Mia

        For me, I always imagined the Capitol as unrealistic as possible… if that makes sense. And I feel like it’s something that would have been easy to do. No explanation needed I feel. 

        • Misswriter18

          It wouldn’t have shown up well in a film. Filmmakers what the story to make sense and be believable and be taken seriously, but it won’t be like that with all that extra, unnecessary nonsense. 

  • http://twitter.com/WhatTheGrace Grace Nzita

    I really wanted to see food appearing out of no where with a push of button! I guess i’ll have to stick to what my imagination invented for the mean time.

    • Kayleigh

      Or you could watch Star Trek =D

  • NightlockPodcast

    These pictures look great as always. I think Andrew is right about the extra scenes of Snow being in the Rose garden. It will be a greta added foreshadow for the third book. As for the cuts I think all of them are needed except for the Capitol gadgets. That is someting that wouldnt cost too much to produce and be an easy way to show the difference between the rich easy life of the capitol verse the poor hard life in the districts.

  • Diana

    I’m in agreement with the cuts, they make sense and will help with pacing. Remember guys, it’s a film. :)

  • http://twitter.com/noesunacuenta Braulio is :O

    Good Call on all of this, people need to remember that if they wander around covering everyone it wouldn’t work

  • http://twitter.com/ambersorensen ambersorensen

    Glimmer is perfect! Clove is a bit young-looking for me, I always figured she’d be 17 or something, older than Katniss, but she does have the smugness and I like that.

    • Ariel

      That’s what I thought! Also. I thought that Clove would be a bit more muscly, like almost female rugby player-esque, I mean she looks fit but I imagined her larger. Oh well!

  • http://twitter.com/twixie09 Lauren Gizzi

    I know they have to make cuts, and that’s fine. Understandable. I do hope they at least mention what the Avoxes are and what happened to them. :P

    *Spoilery-ish comment about Mockingjay*

    I’m just wondering…if they don’t go into detail with the prep team now, what will they do with them in Mockingjay? As anyone who’s read it knows, they get kidnapped and practically tortured, and we could see how much they meant to Katniss. Without establishing that relationship in the first two movies, it’d be hard to sympathise for them.

    • Plat

      Maybe they will cut that out of the Mockingjay film. Its not like its that big of a deal for the story. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531808242 Courtney Gibson

        ya but if they are planning on splitting that film in to two parts they really can’t cut a single thing out or the films will be too short. 

        • Misswriter18

           They will probably add material to both Mockingjay films like they have with this one. Since Peeta is only seen on TV, they might actually have scenes with him and those in the Capitol. That way we can see everything.

  • Lucy

    Was this interview meant to be encouraging people to go and see the film? Because some of the cuts (like the lack of focus on the prep team and Capitol gadgets) really bother me and don’t help in convincing me that film makers really want to be at all faithful to the books they adapt

  • Hannah

    All the cuts are acceptable, but cutting back the prep team?! They deserve more credit. 

    • http://twitter.com/chelscantil Chelsea Cantil

      in their defense the prep team and even the rest of the cuts aren’t in the first book all that much. 

  • Leigh

    Wow people will complain about anything.  I think all of these cuts make sense for the film.  They didn’t cut anything vital

    • hpatdh33

      i’m glad you have an open mind.  They change one thing and people freak.

  • gcw07

    I don’t have a problem with any of these cuts. They all are pretty basic things you would need to remove in an adaption.

  • WillowBlood

    I always imagined Snow’s garden to be covered, and not have any huge rose bushes… but that’s me. I still think it looks great! So excited!

  • Luna97831

    Haha i clicked on the arrows repeatedly until i realized they were actually pictures…

  • Julie L

    I am looking forward to seeing this new scene with Snow and Seneca! I cant wait to see how they interact with each other!

  • Eoin

    I would have liked to hear about the avoxes but other than that I’m not to disappointed.

  • Pamela Rose

    Are you kidding?!? The Capitol is EXACTLY Whoville! Its citizens are Whos to the T! The only people who aren’t are probably just the President’s close staff!

  • http://www.rebellionradiopodcast.com Hurley

    Haha the picture with the Careers…

  • hpatdh33

    I am fine with any changes, because there is not enough time for everything.  Honestly I could care less about Madge in the books and the design team. By omitting the gadgets it will feel more realistic, and the Avoxes are cool, butI think it will be more effective for them to remain a mystery for the first film.  It will give the audience a sense of mystery which will help make the audience more disturbed with Snow, the people in district 1 and the capitol itself. 
    Also, I think the rose garden scenes are going to be awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=655822750 Lindsey Grant

    I’m fine with all of this, but I just can’t take President Snow seriously as an evil guy in the pictures, Mr. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice just keeps coming to mind! I’m sure once I see him in the movie it’ll be fine lol, but for now I’m having trouble seeing him differently.

  • PotionWillow207

    It’s weird they would say that the Capitol should be dark and not too fanciful. That’s exactly what it SHOULD be so that it stands in contrast to the districts. That was kind of the point; that life in the districts was dark and dreary and you lived on the edge of death while Capitol citizens are happy and carefree.

  • kate

    glimmer is perfect!

  • Emiy Brett

    Was I the only one that kept clicking the arrow, waiting for the next picture? ‘.’

    • Johanna

      don’t worry, i tried that too…

    • http://www.facebook.com/evalynda Evalynda Cayton

      I did the same thing :)

  • Guest

    I’m really disappointed about not seeing Katniss’s prep team. I always saw them as being great comic relief in the movies.

  • Zack

    I’m fine with these changes. The Avoxes will AT LEAST be mentioned, Madge didn’t add much to the story anyways, there is always time to develop the prep team in the second film, and the silly high tech gadgets would make the Capitol seem way too unrealistic.

    The movie seems great, guys. Calm down and quite complaining!

  • Nameeeee0000000

    I dont really care!

    • WillowBlood

      Great! Then why are you posting? 

  • Alohomora

    As long as they mention the Avoxes, I’m okay. I think they just add more proof of the Capitol’s evilness. And I also like how they want the Capitol to look ominous and threatening. In the book, we find that out through Katniss’ thoughts. Obviously, it has to be shown another way in the film.

    Love the Career’s smirks in the picture! :P

  • Beckybaby1996

    what is with all the braids?

  • IAMAB11

    In love for some odd reason with the snow and Seneca photo :)

  • Allie Rose Blackburn

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH they show Snow with his roses!!!!!

  • Jacob

    Those cutbacks are not going to hurt the story one bit, and I feel like this movie is going to be REALLY true to the book. :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/dylanwestfall Dylan Westfall

    I like the comparison to Whoville, but I’m not sure making the Capitol seem more more “sinister” is a great idea. Wasn’t it supposed to seem ridiculous and lavish to establish the sense that it’s the polar opposite of District 12?

  • Liderc

    The cast worries me most in this film.  Some of these people have done some awful movies.  Just hoping they don’t ruin this as well.

  • Joe

    Snow looks too much like Santa

  • Ravenswood10

    I get why a few changes had to be made such as Madge, though I wish they didn’t have to be made.  The axoves aren’t a huge deal, but I thought they were pretty important in showing how brutal the capital can be, if the games don’t prove that already.  I would really have liked to see how her prep team was really getting attached to her though and not just smirking her off as someone to die for their entertainment.  The biggest mistake in my opinion is the gadget though.  I really thought one of the main points was that the capital citizens didn’t care about the other districts and only wanted the polished best for them, such as gadgets.  I think the gadgets just showed they were clearly doing the best and didn’t care much about the other districts.  I don’t feel as if the gadgets would have made the citizens seem any less dark.

  • Taylor

    I think they at least need to give a short explanation of the avoxes. You cant just have mute servants walking around everywhere. Someone needs to ask what they are.

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