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On Sunday, the wonderful animated short The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore picked up the Best Animated Short Oscar. Now you can watch the movie in full online!

Take a look at the Oscar-winning short below:

What do you make of the film? Would you agree it’s Oscar-worthy? We sure do!

  • Steph

    very cool, i love how some of it is in english and some in french

  • Pikakeflor

    I understand why it won the Oscar. Such a sweet and powerful piece of art. 

  • akacj18

    definitely made me tear up. very deserving.

  • Jen

    The animation is really wonderful and unique :)

  • pauline ovenden

    Well this made me teary!

  • Megushie

    I ADORE this movie. The animation is gorgeous, the music amazing, and such a wonderful story. Great for any book lover! Also, the film is on iTunes for free in HD. 

  • Happyhippogriff

    I’d like to see a Kindle do that….

  • Catherine

    Yay! A movie about the awesomeness of books!

  • guest

    I, as an animation enthusiast, HATED this film.  Visually it did look
    pretty sleek, there is no question there.  And I think it was
    well-intended, the message is simply that reading is enriching and
    essential to a decent life, and lord knows we all need that reminder
    from time to time these days.  HOWEVER- this particular film was
    virtually devoid of conflict, overly long, nauseatingly sappy and
    shlocky, and overall, dull. 

    It starts with a Wizard-of-Oz tornado opening, seemingly used simply to
    showcase visual effects.  This deposits our droopy, characterless
    protagonist into a gray landscape, and his precious book collection is
    lost.  The metaphor here could well be that the world has become
    illiterate, though it is difficult to see why.  He quickly (though not
    quickly enough) plods along to a bright, colorful book depository loaded
    with, yes, books with wings.  He assumes the role of caretaker to the
    books, leading to a sort of slow-going montage of the rest of his life, a
    lonely, uneventful, detached existence surrounded by the same books he

    The film has a disgustingly emotional conclusion in which he is whisked
    away to the heavens by some of his books, and he passes the torch on to
    another silent drone without character.  The music cascades as if we’ve
    been treated to a second helping of Gone with the wind, but this is no
    masterpiece, just a big sappy eye-roller.

  • Wellcaffeinatedsoul

    Stunning!!! Love it so much!!!

  • Murick

    I LOVE IT! I can have it shown in different languages in my classes! I would like to see soundtrack choices in different languages too!

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