We have confirmation that a new German trailer for The Avengers will hit the web next Wednesday, but will an accompanying English trailer be released with it?

The official German Avengers Facebook page (via CBM) has sent an update to remind German Avengers fans that the latest trailer will hit the web next Wednesday.

BAAAM! In a week it’s finally back so far: A brand new trailer from Marvel’s the Avengers will be published next Wednesday at 6 pm. Who do you see more in this trailer? (Translated by Bing)

Yes, it’s a terrible translation but the meaning is clear. It’s probably safe to assume that Disney is gearing up for the release of John Carter, which will most likely have the new trailer attached to it.

If this is their scheme, then why would they release it online before John Carter even hits theaters? It’s a puzzler, but stranger things have happened. Should we expect an English trailer on Wednesday as well?

Either way, tune in next Wednesday when the new German Avengers trailer hits the web. Surely we have some native Germans who would be willing to translate for us?