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Fans of AMC’s Breaking Bad are desperate for news about the fifth and final season as we wait for the cast and crew to begin filming.

For now though, a brief interview with show creator Vince Gilligan has come online where we learn what may be ahead for Walt.

TV Line spoke to Gilligan over the weekend:

Heading into the fifth, final and extended 16-episode season later this year, “We are following the same thread that we’ve been following for four seasons now,” Gilligan told TVLine at this weekend’s Writers Guild Awards, where Breaking Bad grabbed two top prizes. “We are essentially taking a good guy protagonist and turning him into a bad guy. Walter White still has a little further to go down that dark path that he’s very willfully put himself on.”

But why stick to such a path at all? Walt has vanquished the superlab boss who oft wished him dead, regained Jesse’s loyalty and long ago established himself as a premiere meth cook. Why not just cut bait, having come thisclose to arrest and/or death, and pursue a life of normalcy?

“That’s a good question,” Gilligan affirms. “Does Walt do what he does for the good of his family, or are there other reasons that he does the things he does? On some level, is it ego and self-aggrandizement? Does he feel good about the things he’s doing? Does he feel powerful? Those are the questions I think one has to ask one’s self when they question whether or not he should cut bait.”

There was also talk of how the show would replace as strong of a character as Gus:

Noting that Gus was a “wonderful character” played by “a wonderful actor” in Giancarlo Esposito, Gilligan acknowledges that the dapper don’s memorable demise “leaves a big void, and hopefully we fill it with Walter White and a few other characters perhaps.

“It’ll be different, but hopefully, just as interesting,” Gilligan adds. “You’re right, though – those are big shoes to fill.”

While we will miss Gus’ power and influence, we loved watching Walt eliminate him in the season four finale.

  • http://twitter.com/AlekzusA Alexandar Horvitz

    Really liked the part about the psychology of not quitting being a cook. The entire plot was based on Walt being a wash-up and unappreciated. Becoming Heisenberg actually gave him a reason to live. The way I think it’ll go down, is Walt will die (major surprise, I know) and Jesse will commit suicide. They have but each other, and I think Jesse sees that better than Walt because he doesn’t have a family or anyone close.

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