Though nothing is confirmed, some people watching filming of scenes from Glee have been reporting about a potentially huge plot detail regarding upcoming episodes. [POTENTIALLY HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD]

Okay so here’s what’s happening. Apparently Glee is currently filming somewhere in what appears to be rural Ohio but is actually Ventura County, California. Earlier today Dianna Agron tweeted the following picture with the simple caption “At work:”


After some snooping around, we’ve found a Twitter account that is retweeting people who are watching whatever filming seems to be happening. One tweet in particular may be revealing a huge plot twist: they’re filming a car accident. User Selmie805 tweeted:

“They are filming glee on my street, some car accident scene.”

This was followed by a tweet that had a picture of a cop car near a field very similar to the one Dianna had tweeted earlier today:

"This is all I can see from the #Glee filming :("


Though the cop car could be a measure of security for the production, it’s still all leading up to some interesting questions.

It’s important to treat this as unconfirmed, as we are only getting second-hand accounts from passersby.

UPDATE: We’ve talked to the person reporting from the scene who says that a producer has confirmed there is a car crash happening on location. This is what Twitter user darealmaribel had to say:

“they left a paper lettin them know the street would be closed to film a car accident scene and to get car/road shots.”

Apparently this is the same road/location from various scenes of Bridesmaids.

UPDATE x2: The same user has posted 3 more pictures of the road on which Glee is filming. Though there isn’t too much to see, it at least gives a little more perspective about what could be happening. Hypable’s Glee Chat podcast will be releasing a special episode talking specifically about the scene and what could be happening.

If there was an actual car crash, who do you think was involved? At the current time, Glee should be filming for episode 3×15, which we just found out today is titled “Big Brother.”