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Though nothing is confirmed, some people watching filming of scenes from Glee have been reporting about a potentially huge plot detail regarding upcoming episodes. [POTENTIALLY HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD]

Okay so here’s what’s happening. Apparently Glee is currently filming somewhere in what appears to be rural Ohio but is actually Ventura County, California. Earlier today Dianna Agron tweeted the following picture with the simple caption “At work:”


After some snooping around, we’ve found a Twitter account that is retweeting people who are watching whatever filming seems to be happening. One tweet in particular may be revealing a huge plot twist: they’re filming a car accident. User Selmie805 tweeted:

“They are filming glee on my street, some car accident scene.”

This was followed by a tweet that had a picture of a cop car near a field very similar to the one Dianna had tweeted earlier today:

"This is all I can see from the #Glee filming :("


Though the cop car could be a measure of security for the production, it’s still all leading up to some interesting questions.

It’s important to treat this as unconfirmed, as we are only getting second-hand accounts from passersby.

UPDATE: We’ve talked to the person reporting from the scene who says that a producer has confirmed there is a car crash happening on location. This is what Twitter user darealmaribel had to say:

“they left a paper lettin them know the street would be closed to film a car accident scene and to get car/road shots.”

Apparently this is the same road/location from various scenes of Bridesmaids.

UPDATE x2: The same user has posted 3 more pictures of the road on which Glee is filming. Though there isn’t too much to see, it at least gives a little more perspective about what could be happening. Hypable’s Glee Chat podcast will be releasing a special episode talking specifically about the scene and what could be happening.

If there was an actual car crash, who do you think was involved? At the current time, Glee should be filming for episode 3×15, which we just found out today is titled “Big Brother.”

  • Luna


  • Josh

    Some one dies. 

  • http://twitter.com/Jakkpf Jack Farrugia


    • sarah_layla_777


      • http://twitter.com/Jakkpf Jack Farrugia

        BUT THINK THOUGH!! Rory has stayed longer than needed and they may want to get rid of him, as horrible as it sounds…but the again if dianna tweeted it then i dont what rory would be doing with quinn….

        • sarah_layla_777

          I UNDERSTAND IT – BUT it’s depressing… my baby rory can’t die!!

          • sarah_layla_777

            i’ll be like crying my eyes out!!! 

          • n7flower

            MMHMMMM!!!!! But it’s not gonna be Rory (can he even DRIVE….?) because Damo said that the Rory/Sugar/Artie love triangle would continue throughout the rest of the season (that can’t happen if the lad is dead).

        • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

          Maybe Sam?

          • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

            Larsen that is.

          • sarah_layla_777

            they wouldn’t kill sam already would they?? it makes sense that sam would be with quinn though. I hope they don’t kill anyone really.

          • Guest

             i was about to hex you with a teeth enlarging spell for saying Sam but if you mean Larsen… i’ll let it pass.  

          • http://twitter.com/Jakkpf Jack Farrugia

            holy crap if it is sam i’m going to die….ages ago i said to coty that i think there will be a car crash at nationals involving mercedes, at least i half called something haha. and im so depressed because sam is actually a good educated guess :(

          • sarah_layla_777

            LOL Jack- you predicted a car crash- you have dark mind buddy haha <3 <3 just kidding i promise :P <3 out of interest why mercedes???

          • http://twitter.com/Jakkpf Jack Farrugia

            oh wait! so you mean Joe Hart then? that would give him more of a story line that what damien has been given haha, but i think it could work.

          • n7flower

            It’s DamiAn. With an A. And it’s not gonna be RORY… Glee wouldn’t just kill him off. Besides Damo said he’s been filming regionals. I think it’ll be Quinn. I love Rory…. besides Damo said that the Rory/Sugar/Artie love triangle will continue throughout the rest of the season.

            So, yeah. No one make me cry. My Rorykins.


  • Theaterboy1

    If this is indeed the case…here’s my theory: Dianna said she was filming there. What if it is Quinn’s mom who gets in the accident (if there even is an accident) maybe because she was drinking or for whatever reason??

  • Liam

    Well obviously Quinn is somehow involved. But I’m willing to bet there was someone else in the car with her. I don’t know who though…

  • Guest

    if anyone is going to die it would be Quinn. we already kind of know she will not be returning to glee next season! but of cause we are obviously just speculating! death might not even be on the cards for any of the characters. lets not get ahead of ourselves now.  

  • Liam

    Guys guys guys guys guys GUYS! No one said ANYTHING about a death. Most car accidents don’t end in death. Don’t jump to conclusions. We all know it’s not like Glee to kill off a character (don’t count Sue’s sister and Kurt’s bird) so don’t jump to crazy theories about Rory dying! Thank you. The end.

    • A Very Potter Fan

      Loving you for including Kurt’s bird <3

  • http://twitter.com/Tarah94 Tarah

    if quinn wasn’t involved, I’d say Karofsky. 

    • Mirna Farah

      it is apparently karofsky and somehow quinn is involved or there or something. because tumblr was full of spoilers saying that karofsky ends up in hospital as a result of a car accident…

  • Anonymous

    I love when Glee starts resembling a teen drama rather than it’s usual clusterfucky self. I don’t think it automatically means a death, though, and I don’t think Glee would be so quick to kill of a lead given the tone of the show.

  • http://twitter.com/Jakkpf Jack Farrugia

    I think that it could be Shelby and Beth now…that would explain quinn being there,…

    • sarah_layla_777

      clever :D that makes perfect sense!!

      • sarah_layla_777

        it’ll be an interesting plotline if they do it right.

  • http://twitter.com/gleekfan96 Jasmine

    GUYS! Being from the Glee wiki, we’ve learned not to believe everything. A car accident? Really? 

    • Layla_S

      Hi there- I’m from the Glee Wiki as well and i must say that i don’t know how significant this plotline will be but i believe that it is plausible- i’m not saying it’s true as such nor that it will be a main character dying or anything.

  • Leah

    two words MATT BOMER

  • Guest

    It could be Karofsky – his dad has been recast, hasn’t he?

  • Guest

    So, mid-season break cliffhanger anyone?

    • Mirna Farah

      this actually airs after the midseason break – its the one that they come back with on april 10th

  • Amber

    i read this news in an airport and started freaking out…everyone is staring at me now because i screamed, “If Blaine dies i’m going to freaking bawl my eyes out. they can’t do that!!” really loudly…..even though I doubt that’ll happen.

  • http://twitter.com/mwdickens2013 Mary Warren Dickens

    Guys, what if it’s just a fantasy sequence or something similar to the Finn and the mailman scene? Although, it’s more likely to be a real scene.

  • glee_hp_hungergames_fan

    Maybe Shelby and/or Beth are in the crash and are severely injured or killed, and Quinn is so overcome with shock and emotion she commits suicide. She has been shown in the past to have trouble dealing with shock (pregnancy) and emotion (her “emo” stage at the beginning of season 3). This would also be a way to wrap up her character.

  • dancernerd77


    • glee

      sugars staying and thats that lol

  • Anonymous

    Might not be likely, but what about a flash back to Artie’s car accident which put him in a wheel chair?

    • RaffC

      No I think that is quite likely and would be really good as I don’t want anyone to die!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531808242 Courtney Gibson

    It would be an interesting plot idea that Glee hasn’t covered (that i’m aware of), of someone dying. Blaine dying would break so many peoples hearts, but would also free Darren Criss up for more work in the future. Kurt wouldn’t be able to go on, but it would be interesting because Blaine is a Junior, and would be left at McKinely all alone. Now, i really don’t think they will kill someone off, especially if this isn’t even a season finale. But someone being in a car wreck will certainly spice up the storyline. Whatever it is, should be interesting. 

  • LucyKate

    it’s got something to do with dave karofsky cause they do a scene called ‘Karofskys hospital’ and Dianna Agron (Quinn) is there so she’s something to do with it too

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/SirDorkusProductions Dil_m14

    Get rid of Blaine. I’ve never like Klaine. It’d be a great way to get rid of him with Kurt leaving.

    • Vicky

      How can you say “get rid of Blaine”? Just. NO.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/SirDorkusProductions Dillon

        I was never a fan of Blaine. Yeah he can sing, but there’s always something off about him. NOT Darren Criss. Just the character of Blaine. I think Kurt needs to still look and not go for the first gay guy out there that can sing.

  • Iona

    Blaine’s parents? Then Cooper has to come home and pick up the pieces?

  • http://www.insuranceclaimtips.info/ Chris

    Oh no.. not another death please!

  • biggergleekthanu

    Omg I think it is going 2 be Finn and Rachel like on the way to the wedding

  • Gdgdgdgdgdgsg


  • Darcey

    Bye Quin, i didn’t want you to die :’(

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