Shelley Hennig, who plays the ever patient and exceedingly generous Diana on The Secret Circle, is letting us know what is up with Diana’s love life, the other Balcoin child, and the return of Cassie’s father.

It seems like Diana has been the poster child for the long-suffering perfect friend and ex-girlfriend. Will she finally start putting herself first instead of constantly looking out for everyone else? TV Guide has an exclusive with Shelley Hennig:

Executive producer Andrew Miller mentioned that Diana will have a love interest this season. Could he be the newly cast Australian actor Tim Phillipps?
Hennig: Yes. [His character is] really handsome, really sweet and hopefully he’s going to sweep Diana off her feet, if not long term, at least to help Diana get through this heartbreak with Adam. But who knows, maybe this guy’s exactly what Diana needs.

Even though she’ll have her own love interest, how will she feel about Adam and Cassie getting closer, especially with Jake (Chris Zylka) also in the picture?
Hennig: Diana’s never going to forget. Let’s face it: Adam’s the only boyfriend she’s ever had. It’s going to be hard for Adam and Diana. Adam has a distraction, so it’s a little easier for him, but he even knows how special Diana and Adam’s relationship was. She’s putting on a hard exterior so that Adam can move on, but how long can she do that? That’s what you’ll discover in the next episode that airs.

Check out the full interview on TV Guide.

Do you feel like Diana needs to focus more on herself and her happiness than the other members of the circle?