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It has been four months now since Pottermore finished distributing its 1 million invites to those who successfully completed the Magical Quill process. Though the site was due to open to the public at the end of October, just days before the expected release they announced that the beta period – with no new people joining the site – would continue for an undetermined amount of time.

The site has still not opened to the public – and those eBooks aren’t available either. Now we’d like to ask those who do have access: Are you continuing to visit the site?

On a personal note, I’ve honestly forgotten about the existence of Pottermore numerous times over the past few months. I’m only reminded about it when I get an e-mail telling me about a new friend request (Is it from someone I know? How can I tell when their username is of no significance?). Or when the official Pottermore Twitter account sends an update about new downtime.

I’m guessing that many people aren’t returning to the site on any sort of regular basis. There’s simply no reason to. Once you’ve been through all the chapters, tried a duel or two, and read through all of J.K. Rowling’s new content, there’s very little to send you back. This is why I’ve been touting (on MuggleCast and here on Hypable) that Pottermore launches a feature to let you take care of a pet. Like Farmville, it’d send a certain group of people back to the site every day. It wouldn’t do the trick for everyone, but combined with other potential new features, it’d get at least SOME people back.

The good news is that Pottermore sent out a big survey asking the beta users a variety of questions. Based off of what they’re asking, we believe they’ll get a very good hold on what should and should not be going on with the site. But how long will it take them to fix the issues? Is this why we haven’t heard about a public opening yet?

We’re interested in hearing the thoughts of Pottermore’s users in the comments. Have you been returning? What will keep you coming back? And when do you suspect they’ll open the site to everyone?

  • Brandon N

    I very rarely return to the site. I go occasionally, but you’re right when you say that once you’re through the chapters and new material, the come back value simply is not there. I’d love to come back to it again and again, but I don’t know that I will except on the release of each of the new books. My thoughts toward the new material since it was announced, was to take that and put it in a book. Make a true encyclopedia that can be held in the hands and flipped through time and again. For my that has the most value, more than a site on the internet. I love Harry and the magic that he has created in the lives of myself and millions of others around the world, I just don’t know that taking to the internet in this way was the best way to spread that magic.

  • http://twitter.com/Andrew_ww Andrew W

    I haven’t visited the site for months. I haven’t even finished Philosopher’s Stone. Once the site is open to everyone I will go back.

  • Sam

    I think we’ll start to see some serious changes (ie. new games available maybe the neopets/farmville idea you suggested) once Chamber of Secrets is released, because they know all us Potter fans will be back then regardless to get the new info, whereas we might not come back if there was only the new addition of a few games.

  • Samuel

    The main thing I’m currently interested in is the content, and as there isn’t any  more of that yet, I haven’t had much of a reason to return.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.landeen Kevin Landeen

    I’ve gone back a couple of times just to clear my notifications , but there is not much else to do. It was AMAZING when it first opened, and had a lot of potential, but there is nothing left to do on the site. I think that once they open it, who knows when that will be, to the public, it might have more appeal, as long as CoS comes along with the public opening. Hopefully soon… The lack of info on the insider is kind of a turn off as well. While people’s artwork is cool, I would rather them post ACTUAL news so that we can have an idea as to when we can expect more…

  • Jess

    Hi, im a beta user of Pottermore, the last time i went on was early November. I totally agree there isnt really anything to take me back onto the site.
        At first it was really good as i was going through the chapters and getting sorted into a house.

    There should be things like:
     -looking after your pet
     -sound on the site e.g (a door creaking)
     -AVATARS ! so people can dress up their person, walk around the castle etc…
     -classes that people can go to (this should keep people online)
     -QUIDDITCH matches (people want to paly quidditch)

    And so on. I know a handfull of people expected this, and it would take a long time but its worth it ! Thanks x

    • Taylor the Hufflepuff :)

      I agree with the soundss, classes, and Quidditch.  And being able to customize your avatar would be nice, but I personally would be worried it would get to “cartoony,” for lack of a better term.  However, I’m not a fan of the pet idea.  I have two real cats that I can never remember to change their litterbox.  Any virtual pet I have wouldn’t last a day.  I would personally want something I can do every once in a while, like the class option.  Taking care of a pet would require me to get on Pottermore everyday, time I don’t want to devote to a virtual critter.

    • Lauren

      i think the reason they didnt include sound on the site was because on Jo’s official site the sounds were so annoying everyone turned off their microphones.

  • Tom

    Firstly Andrew, drop the pet idea. That would silly without a whole bunch of other similar features. And I wouldn’t want Pottermore to turn into a Hogwarts version of The Sims or something.

    Anyway, I’m a beta user and I only visit it occasionally now. For me, the games and stuff (potion making, duelling etc) are of little interest. That doesn’t mean no one likes that stuff though.

    Personally, I would have liked the whole thing to be far more centred around the new content from J.K. Rowling. Reading that material was absolutely fantastic. That, and the beautiful artwork, and the ‘experiences’ such as being sorted, getting your wand, and similar things for the later books, should be what Pottermore is all about.

    I think it’d be much better if they released maybe a couple of chapters at a time over several weeks or months, rather than releasing it one whole book at a time. You could’ve easily devoured all the new material within a few hours (I took a couple of weeks). This would mean people who aren’t really interested in brewing potions or gaining house points or looking at fan art would have much more reason to come back often, to see if any new material has been released. That would create ongoing excitement.

    So I’m not jumping on the Pottermore hate bandwagon, I think it’s something wonderful and unique for fans, but I do think there are definite improvements that could be made to how they’ve implemented it. As for the general behind the scenes handling of the opening, well that’s undeniably been a bit of a disaster.

  • http://twitter.com/UnusualOwl ミシェル

    I haven’t visited Pottermore for months now. When I got to first see what it was like I was very enthusiastic, I finished the first book (+content) within 4 hours on the same day. After that I kept returning for about a week, to try to earn some points by making potions etc.

    I got bored. The potion feature didn’t run well with my PC and I kept ruining them, so I wanted to try the wizard duels but those had been down ever since I’d joined (I have never actually seen the battles up and running).

    I surely will return when they add the new chapters/books and they actually fix duels for once. I mean, the graphics were amazing and magical, I want to see the other books already! No way anyone can keep going through the same book for 4 months. 

    I don’t even need another new feature (who knows how long it’ll take?), just all the books to explore and working duels will make the site worth visiting again.

  • Anonymous

    I only go on to add randomers as friends! And even then, I’m hard pushed to find something to do. I don’t really see the point of it; its like they attempted to use what was originally intended to be an encyclopaedia in a different way… but failed. Personally, I think it is the worst thing to happen to the Potter fandom (feel free to disagree, that’s just my opinion). 

  • Josh-PumpkinKnight54

    Actually, the first thing I do every work day is log on to the Pottermore site.  I know this isn’t the norm because not everyone despises their place of work or is forgotten about as much as I am or has the opportunity to get on Pottermore like I am (Thanks, job).  Anyways, I try to escape to a much more magical place…I know, pathetic.  BUT, all I do is duel and brew…nothing else.  The duelling needs updating because I don’t think it’s good that only one spell is used the entire time (if you want to win).  The brewing is much better with the reduced time but how many times do I need to brew Sleeping Draught before I actually fall asleep?  I’m sure Pottermore has a couple new things they’re looking to incorporate but I think opening it up to the public needs to be their top priority.  Plus, when are we going to ACTUALLY get to a million students?  Currently, there’s 685,745 students and hasn’t drastically changed for a few months now.

    I don’t know…I’m hoping something new is introduced soon.

    • Clive

      Yeah, I agree.  I quite like dueling but why are the other spells there when you can only use one if you want to win?

      I doubt the amount of students will go much higher.  If people aren’t in by now I doubt they’re interested.  I can’t imagine why people would have gone to the effort of signing up only to not sign in.  I assume many of them  are from multiple accounts though, and people getting them for people who don’t want one.  And a good chunk might be people canceling their accounts if that’s something that can be done.

  • guest

    I personally blame the “the site is not open yet” to the remaining 400,000 people who Already Got their email but HAVE NOT acessed the site and got sorted.

    because they’re missing, the site has not reached the million quota, and the sony people dont want to open it because “they want the first million people to experience pottermore before it opens to the public”

    the only thing I hope is that they Get a clue that those remaining 400,000 beta testers will not show up and that they put the site up for the public already!

    (also No Sims, we dont want pets)

    • PotionWillow207

      I don’t know of course, but I doubt that’s why they’re not opening it to the public. I think it’s because the VAST majority of the BETA users just aren’t happy with what’s up at the moment, and they want the site to be more…pleasing, I guess, before they get mobbed by millions of unhappy subscribers. Although, I haven’t seen any progress in making it better.

  • lostinthegray

    I have visited it for like 3 months now. I wasn’t very good at potion making and I had already completed the book and read all the new content.

  • crimsonpixie93

    I’ve forgotten about it as well, it was fun making potions at first but after a few times it just gets silly, I’m not the most competitive person in the world so I’m not interested about the wizard duel, The coolest thing for me was reading about all the stuff JKR adds, but other than that I’m not very interested in coming back. Maybe when they open the other books but as you said it, just to read the new stuff.

  • Sara

    I haven’t been on since I finished the first book. Potions and dueling never seemed to work for me, so I could care less about those. When the second book comes out, I’ll go back on and do that, but until then, there’s really no point.

  • Anonymous

    Literally just once or twice a month. I logged in a few weeks ago to find friends on FB who use it. Otherwise, I finished everything the first week after gaining access.

  • http://twitter.com/ladylycanthrope Amber

    When is it ever going to be open to everyone? That’s what we’re all waiting for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CoastieWifey Christine Holland

    I would rather have a book with all the new content. The website just isn’t as great as I thought it would be.

    • Danielle

      I agree- I think a book would have been a wonderful collectors item and a much less painful way to re-read tidbits.

  • Trumpeter_72395

    I very rarely go on. I think they should hurry up and release it to everyone and also release Chamber of Secrets.

  • http://twitter.com/purplehrdwonder Caitlin Kelly

    I haven’t been on Pottermore since finishing up Philosopher’s Stone. The biggest draw for me was the new content–which was much harder to access than it should have been because of all the redundant information per page–and getting sorted, so there’s been nothing to bring me back. Potions were fun the first couple of time but take so long to brew that I haven’t had any desire to do any more. Haven’t had any interest in dueling, either. I’ll come back once Chamber of Secrets is released and when we get the e-books, but otherwise, eh…

  • Fujoshi

    I quit after the sorting… I was so exited, but it turned out I’m a Gryffindor. WTF? I literally stared at the red colors on my screen and asked “Really? O.o”. I agree with you guys from mugglecast that the sorting process might not be accurate. I believe that if it was really sorting as it was meant in the books, it would never be able to split all users equally over the 4 houses. 

    • Taylor the Hufflepuff :)

      I don’t understand how we all got sorted equally either.  What gives, Pottermore? 

      I feel like we need to know more about why we’re sorted into each house.  I feel like my sorting was very accurate, and I’m proud of where I am, but I have no idea how Pottermore knows I belong there.  I feel like if we knew that, it might cause some of the anger (no, I’m not talking about you, Fujoshi) people have when they’re sorted into a house they weren’t expecting.  Being a Hufflepuff (with our ridiculous reputation), I saw this a lot in the common room; maybe if users were told why they were sorted to their house, they would be more open to it.

      Fujoshi, I’m curious–which house were you expecting to get?

  • http://twitter.com/CaitlinMutch Caitlin Mutch

    I used pottermore twice; to complete the first book, and then to see whether playing about with the potions and dueling etc interested me… It didn’t. As soon as they release CoS i’ll be straight back on to complete that book :)

  • crimsonpixie93

    I think that, a lot of us wants a mmorpg, BUT I don’t think that’s going to be possible since the users in mmorpg tend to be scumbags, and harry potter does have a lot of little kids as fans that would find it unfair and there would be a lot of angry parents and drama. So just give us an encyclopedia, or like make the books in Pottermore for us to be able to read, kinda like an online version of magical beasts and  quidditch through the ages. I remember reading somewhere that JKR had over 100 pages of backstory about the deatheaters, let us read it!

    • Alexis

      I agree that they should focus more on the online encyclopedia — those were the best bits! There are ways to make mmorpg’s safe for children (take ToonTown, for instance). I think battling death eaters/peeves/giant spiders would make for a great online game, but that could also be a step in the wrong direction (away from the online encyclopedia content). I would love both if it were possible, though.

  • chaelainev

    I have to agree with the majority of people, I never go back. Sometimes I remember that pottermore exists, and I go back on and check out if anything has changed… but more often then not, where Pottermore is right now, I could care less about it. 

    I agree that a pet idea would bring SOME people back.. I think there’s way more they could do to enhance the site, as well. There are so many online Harry Potter clubs and guilds, why not use this to their advantage and make some profit off it by incorporating that onto their own site, instead of people doing it through neopets or their own domains? Have people own clubs and a place where they can invite more people… there’s a way to still have it G rated and do these things! People can make graphics, accounts and clubs can be featured… so much potential. But it would also mean changing the site, a lot.  
    I would go back if it meant joining a club. I mean, I know lots of people would be against the idea, but I bet there’s a lot of the younger audience especially who would be all for joining a harry potter guild!

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Twinkie McBadass

    I’m a beta user but I haven’t been on in a long time. My last log in was probably in December, because they had supposedly fixed the potion section and I wanted to check it out. I didn’t find any changes there at all. Had I not done that, my last log in would have been in October, when I was showing a friend what it was (she didn’t get beta access) and even she thought it was a total let down. I personally do not plan on going back until the next book. There are a lot of things they could do to make it better, to have more people come back, but right now I highly doubt they would. It is not attracting me at the slightest.

  • http://twitter.com/Dolceconbrio Justme

    I’m not a beta user, I’m from a country that didn’t do a lot of publicity around pottermore, so by the time I figured out it existed, the registrations were already over. I can’t wait for it to open to public!
    Stupid that they wait for those 400.000 people who are never going to join, while others are dying to get in!

  • http://twitter.com/Spacecadet570 Spacecadet (Jamie)

    I’m a beta user and i havent logged in since a couple weeks after i got in for the first round of emails. After reading all the new content, getting sorted, getting my wand, dueling a few times and mastering all the potions the site has completely lost its fun. There’s no incentive to bring people back. I wish there was some way to attend class or practice spells (without dueling) and mini games like quidditch to bring people back on a regular basis. It would also be more fun if you had free roam of the castle vs having to navigate chapters. All a round pottermore was good in theory but not so great in execution. I hope they add a lot more after all the ebta feedback.

  • Ellie

    I’m with you. I’ve barely been there since a couple days after I got on. I went a bit ago when I heard duels opened again, but haven’t been since.

  • Hermione

    I don’t want it to turn into some sort of online gaming site. That cheapens the value and makes one feel like if they’re not into “internet games” they’re not a part of the fandom. 

    The central concept, if this is indeed replacing an encyclopedia, should be that it’s an ONLINE, INTERACTIVE encyclopedia. I like the idea of releasing bits of info on a regular basis, unlocking new pages, etc. Because honestly, all I want to know is all of the info about the Potter universe. Write parts of textbooks, include articles from Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch through the Ages, Beedle the Bard, whatever. But add new things–background on places, people, characters, plots, maybe some diagrams, family trees, and have users be able to interact by actually touring their Common Rooms. I don’t think we need House points, per se, because it’s just not that exciting. I’m all for more quizzes like the wand/sorting though!

    • WillowBlood

      Agreed–more info! 

    • Hermione21

      I completely agree with this comment.  I would much rather have an online encyclopedia of sorts, than what Pottermore is currently.  The new content was definitely what I liked the best.

    • PotionWillow207

      I like the idea of releasing new tidbits periodically. After all, wasn’t that what we all loved about Jo’s website from the beginning? That there were new bits of information released with important dates. So why could there be something like…on Harry’s birthday every year, or the day Voldemort was defeated. Something like that. Or maybe if they ever release Order of the Phoenix info we could take a sort of OWL test when we get to the chapters where Harry takes them.

      It just needs to be more spread out instead of this one huge dump of information to make the experience last.

  • Anonymous

    I was just there yesterday after over a month of absence and I did a few duels, but I can’t seem to win. I don’t know what makes a person win, does the type of spell you use matter?  Is it all spell potency? Is the spell potency arbitrary?  And potions are just too hard.  There should be one or two low point potions that leave room for a few mistakes.

    • Anonymous

      You’ll need to use the full body bind to get the highest spell potency. If you’re consistently getting around 140 and above, you’ll have a good chance of winning. 

  • Heather

    I don’t go on much anymore. They need to make the site more entertaining for users. Music would help. I was suprised when there was none. The way you interact with the chapter isn’t that fun. The pet idea would be cool. I would love to have my own Dragon or Unicorn. :) And I don’t like that you cannot figure out who your friends are on the site without their unsernames. Dueling is okay and potions always seem to take to long and don’t work well for me even when I follow the directins correctly. Maybe it will be better when more chapters are up, and more parts of the site are accessible. I really want to be able to go to Fred and George’s shop! I just got into My Hogwarts beta a few days ago and am excited for that site to open up. Maybe Pottermore could take a few pointers from that website and offer classes or a Harry Potter radio to brodcast while interacting with the website. I know I would love to be able to interact in a Charms or Herbology classroom. Also, if there were scenes from the books a person could better interact with the site would be much better.  

  • Rdh014

    i havent been back since i finished the first book. They just need more stuff to do… in whatever aspect that may mean. I was obsessed with neopets as a kid and i think they should take a chapter from similar websites to figure out what to do to keep people coming back for more.

  • WillowBlood

    Honestly, after I finished SS, I’ve stopped going on it. The new content was amazing, but the potions and duelling were a bit… lackluster. I believe if they could make a Quidditch game or something like that, I might go on for a few more days… Hopefully it’ll liven up come 2020, when it’s released to the public. x’D

  • Aryia

    i got through book 1 in a day (my daughter was sick and sleeping so i had some free time.)  after that  I went on twice, but the potions take so long to make and in between work and a child they held no interest for me. I’m done with pottermore until it opens to the  public, and once  book 7 comes out i won’t go on again.

    UNLESS if it turned into a straight up  Harry Potter MMO.

  • Ash

    I honestly rarely go back. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s simply because new things aren’t happening. I went through the first book twice and then tried playing the potions and dueling thing, but it kept freezing. I wish the whole thing would just start.

  • Anonymous

    I was soooo excited when I got my Pottermore email.  But my experience with it was VERY FRUSTRATING.  Too much of my time was spent glaring at the “Overwhelming Demand” screen.  I haven’t been on the site in months.  Don’t know if I will ever go back again.

  • Srsama59

    I haven’t gone onto pottermore since probably September cause I find there is nothing new. It’s always the same thing we see everytime. I’ve finished the first book and I probably won’t go back on till the second book comes out.

  • Prettyfairy1996

    i’ve been on it….once. so boring.

  • Brittany

    i actually think the pet idea is a good idea. Im mean I would check on it at least once a day. The problem with that would be what happens if you can’t get on? does your owl die?
    I don’t get on to do anything after I read it the information I was done. In fact I am waiting for it to go public so I can get some of my friends to get on as well and talk to them about it!
    Perhaps it was my high expectations I felt let down

  • Alohomora

    Pottermore! I honestly forget all about that after the first month or so. I’m reminded of it occasionally when I spot the name somewhere or someone asks me my Hogwarts house, but aside from JKRs new content, what else will keep you going back? Mostly, for the first few months or so, it was getting points for my house. But even that lost its charm, because nothing happened as all the other houses were doing it too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=681490413 Alexa Avellar

    I stopped a long time ago going on the site once I finished the chapters. I want more things to do on it because there isn’t enough for me to do to keep me coming back for more. I occasionally go on to make potions but it’s rare now. 

  • DreamNox58

    I first went on like everyone else to get sorted into my house and I got the one I was hoping for: Slytherin.  I was excited about that.  Then I went back and read the new content up to that point that I kind of just skipped over to get to sorting.

    I got maybe a few chapters after that and basically quit going to the site out of boredom.  It does nothing for me at all, which after all the hype about it and me and everyone else staying up all night……it’s a disappointment that it does not live up to the fans expectations.

    I think the site could do with some music and while true, it may only bring a handful of people back on a regular, some kind of interaction with your pet.  I also kind of like the idea of maybe having an option of a voice reading you the new material or reading you the chapters as you go along because as much as I love reading Harry Potter, I just for some reason can not read it on a screen.  It does not feel the same as holding the books.  Now, some of you will say okay fine for the music but if you have the voice reading to you, it would not work, well, they could always add an off/on button for music and voice.  Toggle back and forth.

    I haven’t even been back to the site when they do say they added artwork or updates, I just am beyond caring.  Hopefully, something changes that.

  • le

    I got sorted, got my wand, and never came back

  • katie

    For the kids, keep Pottermore.

    But for a true “thank you” to the fans, JKR’s new content should come in encyclopedia form. I would much prefer the aesthetic of a real book–the medium of communication that brought us all together in the first place.
    That way, all the information is collected in one spot on my bookshelf, not scattered throughout some Sony-designed website.

    Pottermore offers the fandom nothing of lasting value besides new content. Let’s make it simple and go back to our roots. Book please.

    • WillowBlood

      I could be considered a “kid,” and I hardly go on Pottermore any more; it’s  not interesting after you learn all the new info. 

      • katie

        Congrats. :) Then I amend my statement: For those interested in repetitive games, keep Pottermore.

        • Tressa

          Or here’s a thought, open the site to everyone, unfortunately I think the fan base is diminishing because the content isn’t available to all fans.

  • Sarah Wright

    I finished the story line on Pottermore for book one. When you are done with that it’s extremely boring. Not to mention how long it took just for dueling to come up, I’m worried they are going to be able to do anything with this website.

  • BarkingSpiders

    I went on regularly for about a month (mid-Sept. to late Oct.), but then I gradually stopped going altogether. I went once in Dec. I think, and even then it was only for a little more than hour to do a potion and try out the dueling a little.

    I’ll definitely go back when the CoS opens (heh) to go through the chapters and read the new content. But that’s probably about it.  

  • yeahtrashcan

    Are you going to do a mugglecast discussing the Pottermore information? Why havent you?

    • moonshoespotter1712

      they’ve done it heaps over the past few months! are are quite a few mugglecasts with lengthy discussions about pottermore.

  • Kayla

    Honestly I didnt even finish going through the 1st book on Pottermore cause I lost intrest and completly forgot about it. I completly agree that they need the “take care of pet” idea or somthing because I feel like Pottermore failed my expectations. I waited to find the quill (got it on the 2nd day), I waited a really long time for my acceptance letter, and I really wanted Pottermore to be somthing to keep the fandom alive & somthing to look foward to now that the books and movies are over, but I hate to say Im disappointed. Its fun for the first hour or two but then theres nothing more you can do besides making potions and dueling(that I havent even tried yet cuase it wasnt working at the time). The only thing I like is the new content. I wish Pottermore was somthing to get you excited for, like you were reading the books or waiting for the next movie. And don’t get me wrong the pictures are beautiful and getting sorted is tons of fun but another issue I have is that they made it super safe so that younger children could go on in a safe enviorment but arent the true fans the ones who grew up with the books? the ones who waited on line at premires and midnight book releases? It isn’t the eight year olds who made the fandom what it is today. It’s the teens and adults who grew up with the fandoms and made the fandom come to life. If they really wanted the saftey they could of just added a parental block so that no one could friend your child without you knowing. But they should not have deprived the older fans of knowing if their friend sent them a friend request and not being able to experience Pottermore with the people who you really enjoyed Potter with. I really love the fandom but I just did not feel Pottermore met up with the expectations of what Harry Potter has to offer. I feel they could of gone so many diffrent ways with this and they came up too short.

  • Potter Fan

    I for one want to explore the castle like in a 3D environment.  We could all have our very own avatars and just roam the corridors. Go to classes. Meet new people. Graduate. Solve mysteries/ puzzles. Play games that are boring and repetitive. Games that are really fun like quidditch. Collect frog cards and trade with people. 

    • Vera

      I like this idea. I wonder what JK is thinking as we bash sony’s brilliant idea.

    • Catniph

      But isn’t that almost exactly what you do with the Harry Potter PS/Wii/Xbox type games? And the lego ones too?
      They’re very good fun but if that’s what you’re after then you can buy one (or all) of those games. Why replicate it on Pottermore?

      I think that if there wasn’t such a long wait between the books, then this would work really well for the people who want to read more about the back story, with some lovely artwork and a few little extras to collect along the way.
      I did enjoy figuring out the correct potion, so maybe a few of those sort of logic type puzzles along the way wouldn’t hurt; but I don’t want another video game.

      If all the books were available then I would go through each one until I’d finished (and I imagine with each book being larger than the one before, that might be quite some time!).
      I’m just disappointed that there is such a long delay – not quite as long as waiting for an actual book to be written, but it’s starting to feel that way ;)

  • goldensnidget

    I agree with what Andrew says. Although I personally wouldn’t be bothered about a pet, I thought the interactive features were mostly quite good… I think I brewed one potion, and I didn’t even duel, because I couldn’t do the spells very well (what can I say? I think I have to accept that I really am a Muggle). BUT the thing I really liked was when we had to work out which bottles we could safely drink to get to the Philosopher’s Stone. MORE OF THAT, PLEASE :)

  • Gen123

    i WS

  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    I was saying this months ago, in fact I said this before Pottermore even hit. Was it really so hard to put out interactive e-books for the previous material / a 800-1000 page encyclopedia?  This interactive online “social” network nonsense is for the birds. 

  • Gen1234

    I used Pottermore daily for a month and a half straight. After a while, it got boring and nothing has been really happening. So yeah. 

  • starquill

    I LOVED completing the first Pottermore book! I would love to continue the books, but other than that there’s nothing really taking me back to the site. I can’t wait to complete the series though! :)

  • gleeky-potterhead

    I’m a beta, and I haven’t gone on the site since September 24th, 2011 (when I got my letter). I suck at potions, and the wizard duels were down when I came on, but I’m way too lazy to even go on the site anymore…

  • ashli

    I honestly forgot about it also, until I got an email saying that I’d received a friend request. 

  • Jacob

    I like Pottermore, but it needs SOMETHING. I just don’t know what. I can’t wait for Chamber of Secrets, though!

  • Afortelny531

    I have to agree with @Jess. When I first hear of the sight I was expecting a much more interactive site. With the sorting and the wand stuff I thought it would actually be like being able to attend Hogwarts. I thought the potions and duelling stuff were cool but it just for boring and after reading all of the cotent there wasn’t much to do. Anything having to do with Quidditch (i.e. playing, more facts, etc.) will draw more attention and response because lets face it. All we ever want is Quidditch because besides the story itself it is the coolest thing about the entire Harry Potter series.

  • moonshoespotter1712

    I used to go on it a lot, but not much anymore :( occasionally i go on to check it out. Also with the duelling, it totally sucks that there’s this one spell that is more powerful than the others, so you have to keep using that spell to beat others, which gets boring. couldn’t they all have the same potency so we could at least change which spell we’re using?

  • Luna

    Oh wow I haven’t been on Pottermore since Decemberish? I don’t know if they ever update I’ll go back I was so hyped and excited for it but afte I finished the book and did everything else I rarely ever go back on

  • fuzzytaco

    I barely ever log on. I was obsessed with getting on when it first came out, but now its just (for lack of a better term) boring. I think it would be nice if they let you do the sorting test as a just for fun thing also.

  • Malea

    Oh jeez….I almost forgot! I still can’t get my stupid dueling to work…*sigh* any tips?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531808242 Courtney Gibson

    I might have been on it twice since i finished SS. I’m still hopeing we get a chance to play Wizards Chess. I would go back periodically to duel people at Chess, especially if it was really well put together and the pieces actually fought each other. It would also be a way for kids to learn to play chess, and chess has always been about teaching people logic. And you could gain points for your house if you win. It could even be something like ‘Words with Friends’, where you play on your own time. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1488158880 Patty Carlie Presley

    Hmm, I like Pottermore and I go on there every now and then, especially when I have new friend requests, but there’s not a whole lot that draws me back since I’ve been through all the chapters. I’d love to see more chapters open. I have trouble with a few of the things, but I still like it and I experiment with it when I’m bored. 

  • Corrine Clapp

    I’m a beta user, and the site is amazing in most ways… except that once you’ve done everything, there’s nothing else to do.

    But I love my username (MagicWizard130) and my house (Slytherin!!!!), and I go on and duel (and lose to) a friend of mine who also got into the beta (she’s in Hufflepuff, HA! it took her a while to get over the fact that she was not a ravenclaw like she thought). I thought the sorting hat quiz was pretty great, since i got the house I wanted, because I was afraid i would get Ravenclaw (my LEAST favorite house). I don’t exactly like the fact that my wand is unicorn hair, because I lose all the time to my friend (mentioned above), who has dragon heartstring, which, as most of us beta users know, is the most powerful type of core.

    I really like Pottermore, but it lacks something, I just can’t think of what.

  • Somebody

    ..I legitimately forgot about its existence until I saw this. Haven’t been on in….yeah, four and a half months. What does that say?

  • Hermione21

    I am a Pottermore Beta user and I haven’t really used the site regularly at all.  The last time I used Pottermore was probably back in early October.  Once I gained access I went through SS in a few hours or so and then lost interest to be honest.  I kind of played around with potions and such but got bored because they took so long to brew.  They have cut the time it takes to make a potion down but it’s still too long in my opinion.  If it’s not done in about 10 minutes I get distracted and then it’s a few days before I remember that I had one in the process of brewing.  I think that adding sound to the website would make going through the experiences better.  Something similar to the sound effects that are on JK Rowling’s site.  I agree with a few of the other comments posted on here about the new content being the best part of it all.  I think that they should have it more centered around the new content.  I’m more interested in learning more about Harry’s world than “re-reading” the books.  I have honestly forgot about Pottermore several times throughout the last few months, and as for right now, it holds no return value for me.   

  • Scarlet Kong

    I used to go on hysterically until about 2 months ago after that big shut down . It also coincided with exams so from then on I rarely visit it. I will visit once again when there is news
    However potter more insider i visit in a regular basis

  • Lindsey

    I have said it a million times and I will say it again: EA Games NEEDS to make a Harry Potter Sims. I think they might have lost their chance but never say never. I would buy a Harry Potter based Sims the second it went on sale. Sims is already an addictive game and to add Harry Potter? My life would be complete.

    As of Pottermore? I check it every once in a while. I can’t get into Chamber of Secrets so I’m pretty much done. The dueling and potion making can only last so long. Getting my wand and and being sorted was AWESOME. But I’d like to see what they have up their sleeves. If they don’t  update in a month or so, I might just forget about it.

  • Senora

    I agree with the other comments- I really think that you should have mini releases, or can explore maybe 3 chapters every other day :

  • Alexis

    Best part about Pottermore: the extra content, by far.
    The only problem is it only lasts so long. After the first week of exploring the site and dueling, I grew bored of drawing the same spell pattern and have never gone back. Besides new content, the only way I think I would go back would be for Quidditch. If I could somehow support/help the Hufflepuff team to a victory, that would be fantastic. The only problem with this (and the house point system) is that it wouldn’t go along with the corresponding storyline, but if it could just be separate from the SS universe, that’d be brilliant.
    Also, an mmorpg (safe for children [this is possible, see ToonTown]) would draw me in for sure… and I’m not that big of a gamer.

    • Kate

      that sounds cool, i would go back for quidditch

  • Whiggy

    I go back to Pottermore around once a month, more recently now that dueling is back online. But I think people seem to forget that Philosopher’s Stone is the shortest Harry Potter book, so it can only be upwards from here.

    And Andrew, drop the stupid pet idea. It isn’t Facebook.

  • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

    I’ve forgotten about it as well, except the friend requests. It wasnt as interesting as I had expected. I wanted more of a interactive game experience. I liked doing the potions but it took far too long and I cant really get anywhere with hem now.

  • http://twitter.com/Merina2 Merina

    I’ve pretty much given up on Pottermore. By the time I’m actually allowed to get onto the site, I probably won’t bother; I’ve just heard so many negative things about it. And at the end of the day…I’m really just after a more encyclopaedia-type thing. Like the Twilight Official Guide. Please, Rowling? Please?

  • Celithrile

    I too would really prefer a proper, book-form encyclopedia to Pottermore – after all, the new content is its biggest fan-value feature. I feel like we’ve been waiting so long and there have been so many allegations to the written encyclopedia that it would be an enormous shame if Jo decided against it for good, and I really hope she does it. Give us the “Scottish Book”, I say! ;)

    Don’t get me wrong, the idea of an online platform was cool, and I love
    the artwork and the sorting/wand-choosing process, but apart from that
    there really is very little “real” fan value to the site.

    I feel really bad about what has become a bit of a Pottermore debacle –
    despite the good intentions the people behind this definitely had, they
    have disappointed/pissed off so many fans by now and I fear it won’t
    really get off the ground properly now, which would be a shame.

  • http://twitter.com/Tygridia tygridia

    I’m even beginning to think if they are ACTUALLY opening the website. I mean, it’s been a complete disapointment for the beta testers, there wasn’t so much new information about the books (which is probably what we all wanted the beta access for), it’s really annoying not being able to find your friends, the potion brewing game is too dificult and borring (specially due to the waiting time) and the dueling part doesn’t work properly.  All in all, a huge disapointment.

  • Jai Girl

    I’ve forgotten about it from time to time like Andrew for all the reason he mentioned. I would really like it if Pottermore was more like Hogwarts where we can create avatars and learn Defense Against the Dark Arts and take OWLs.

  • http://twitter.com/JennaDickes Jenna Dickes

    I’ve only been back once after finishing the content and a little potion brewing. And the only reason I went back was to try wizard dueling when they supposedly fixed it (they hadn’t). The social aspect of it is a huge lost opportunity. With the randomly chosen names, and most people having the same cat or owl avatar, there’s nothing personal at all. I don’t want some facebook for Potter fans or anything, but it’d be nice to at least have the chance to talk to other fans about the books beyond those short tweet-length comments. What’s the point of the common rooms if that’s the only communication? I’m only saying all this because I think improvements to the social aspects would be the only thing that would keep people coming back (aside from new content obviously but they can only release so much). They won’t do it though because of the child-safe atmosphere that they’re working to create.

  • Specialagentlilia

    I haven’t even gone on since the first day I had access. It barely kept my attention. It was nice to know that I am an official Ravenclaw, but beyond that…meh. I’m a little mad about it…i wasted a whole night’s sleep waiting for the quill, and it wasnt even worth it.

  • Taylor the Hufflepuff :)

    I rather like Pottermore; I love my house, and the sorting and wand process was very interesting and seemed authentic to me.  The new content and amazing artwork was wonderful.  I visit the site about once a week or so, to chat in the common room and try and get some house points.  However, the site needs to change in order to keep people coming back.

    The beta release as it is/was is a waste of our time, in our opinion.  I realize there are somethings the site designers can’t do without testers, but to have to take this long to work out kinks is ridiculous.  When there was only a month or two between when I was allowed in and when my friends were was cool.  Now, I’m just irritated that they keep bugging me about when they will be let in.

    I like the idea about the chapters being released periodically instead of the books, but this would probably lead to frequent site crashes when we all tried to access in the same weekend.

    I know I speak for many of the people in my house when I say that we were all extremely disappointed we couldn’t play quidditch.  I know that some people have done a RolePlay where they’ve created the house teams.  It would be great to get to play quidditch, or just cheer on your house if you, like me, are not athletically-inclined.  This woud also be a great way to earn house points, as the game would theoretically be different everytime, instead of just the same old Wide-Eye potion or Petrificus Totalus.

    Of the ideas suggested, I think I like the idea of going to classes the best.  It would give many a reason to return (I’m very concerned about my grades, even in a fake lesson!).  The classes would also add something special to our knowledge of the Harry Potter universe.  Sure, we’ve attended some classes with Harry, but how much do we really understand them?  Imagine, instead of finding a random piece of scroll hidden on the screen, we could learn about magical history from Professor Binns!  Also, it would be a great way to work in more of the book content; we could participate in the classes with the trio.  The amout of work to make this happen would be very intense, but, in my opinion, worth it.  Ideally, there could be a new lesson from one or two of the classes every few weeks.  I know some people would be concerned about this becoming a Hogwarts version of
    The Sims, but if it’s treated properly the Pottermore classes would be so much more, even if a “The Sims 3: Hogwarts Edition” would be amazing.

  • http://twitter.com/hp_otaku Veronica

    I’m another of the many that has neglected my beta access.  It was all awesome in the beginning going through to see what wand I’d get, and which house I’d get sorted into.  But there’s not much in the way of return value.  The potions are fun, but too easy to forget to come back an hour later to finish.  Duels took a long time to get going, and can be difficult to get the timing right.  I absolutely loved reading all the new info Jo presented to us, but I went through book one very quickly.

    I think they need to add more things to actually do, either some kind of mini-game section or something along those lines.  They could maybe create wizard chess to play against other people online, or any of the other games the students play in the books, and winning could be a good way to earn a few extra sickles (it bothers me a little that once you run out of money, that’s it, you can’t even do potions after that when you run out of ingredients, so all you can do is duel).

  • Anonymous

    Completely forgot about Pottermore, sad really considering how great it could have been.  It was a total disaster though, when you have to add your own music to make it even slightly enjoyable you know there’s something wrong.  I finished book one in 2 hours and went back once more and never logged in again. 

  • Markk

    More of JK’s notes, early drafts and revelations would be the best way to have people going back to Pottermore.
    That’s basically what she already did in her website in the Extra Stuff section.

  • Christine

    When is Pottermore being released publicly? I didn’t think it would take this long… i’m getting a little impatient!

  • Moonstoneheart

    I am a beta user (MoonstoneHeart73) and loved the sorting hat (hufflepuff) and getting my wand and reading the new content.  The potion making is just ok, you click and drop ingredients in a caldron, nothing too complicated. The wand duels are basically a typing test seeing if you know where all the letters are on a keyboard. If you are a great typist who never looks at the keyboard to type you will be awesome at wizarding duels. I am hoping that Pottermore morphs into something more interactive. I know there are alot of mmorpg haters out there but seriously, to take your actual wizard character and go through the entire process of being a student at hogwarts then graduating and getting a job in the wizarding world? Truly epic.  But if it stays as it is I am not sure I’ll be on it much, just to read the new content will be my reason to log on in the future.

  • http://myselfandpotter.blogspot.com/ VideoKilledSeverusSnape

    I only go on it a few times a month to be perfectly honest. There isn’t much to do out and about the site. 

    I just wish it was an interactive encyclopedia, including the wand choosing and sorting and everything. But the keyword being INTERACTIVE. It’s not really interactive as I thought it would be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thebabarsuhail Babar Suhail

    I completely agree with you, Andrew.

  • StephieLB

    I feel like Pottermore has been a tremendous let down, which is something Potter fans are NOT accustomed to.  Everything else I’ve experienced with Harry Potter, from the books, movies, theme park, etc, have all gone above and beyond what I could’ve hoped for. 

    Like you, I too have gone weeks on end without having Pottermore even cross my mind.  Occasionally, I’ll have the itch to duel but considering there is only 1 spell that anyone uses to duel, even that is no fun.  I’m so tired of typing the spell for Petrificus Totalus I’d like for someone to petrify that curse in general!

    I’m not half bad at potions, but I have to remember to set the alarm on my iphone just so I’ll remember to go back and start the second half of the instructions.  And why am I spending all my coins brewing potions that I have no idea what I’ll do with them?  My trunk needs a biohazard sticker! 

    As far as the “feed your owl” idea, I can definitely see how that would generate return from a certian demographic but I know a lot of adults (and let’s face it, there are a lot of us on there) wouldn’t participate, or it would be a short-lived attempt.  If it were directed at kids, would encouraging them to spend time online be counter-productive to them doing physical activities or reading a book?  I’m just thinking out loud, so to speak, on that. 

    Something that irks me in a minor way is that Pottermore boasts 1 million members, which as we know is not the case.  For instance, a friend of mine completed the magical quill, was given a user name, but the confirmation email got blocked by her spam filter (as best we can figure) & she never actually got online.  Based on the fact that as of today there are only 686,344 members, it’s clear this happened to others (or there are the people who got more than one spot for whatever reason & didn’t use the others).  It seems evident that Pottermore was SEVERELY underplanning for this endeavor.  I had hoped that with the new CEO (or whatever) we would see some changes coming down the pike, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Another minor gripe I have is that in the Great Hall, it used to show my position within my house, based on the points I’ve earned but even this is gone. 

    Honestly, aside from being sorted (I do think I was sorted properly into Ravenclaw) & getting my wand, I wanted to read the extra content and I wanted access to buy the ebooks.  The extra content has been wonderful, although sparse and who knows when those will be available.

    I would really like Pottermore to step up and give us something more than fan art.  A real, true update would be appreciated but it doesn’t seem likely.  Here’s hoping…

  • Tiarnán Shortt

    I hate Pottermore

  • Tressa

    I’ve started losing hope that pottermore will even be accessible for the non-beta users. Personally it’s frustrating and, while I love Harry Potter, my faith in J.K. and the team putting pottermore together is almost at zero. It sounds as if the people who do have access are starting to get bored with it….and by the time it is accessible to everyone, those who haven’t been able to use it, won’t want to because it’s taken so long. You can’t tell the world they be able to do something in October 2011 and by March 2012 still not have it open. I seriously doubt that it will even be available by October 2012.

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