Two cool Q&A interviews have been released with Merlin stars Colin Morgan and Bradley James, where they talk about the fourth season of the series which is currently airing on SyFy.

Colin Morgan tells Diva that Merlin and Arthur’s relationship will be strengthening this season:

They are master and servant, but have always been friends. They can’t help but like each other for their own quirks. What is different this year is that you see a vulnerable Prince making use of Merlin as an adviser. For his part, Merlin realises how much he needs to be strong for Arthur’s sake.

Bradley James adds:

Their friendship has grown, and Merlin comes up with pearls of wisdom more and more often. They are forming a much closer relationship.

On Morgana being the main villain this year, Morgan says:

She is desperate to claim the throne, and the only person who stands in her way is Arthur. She’s power hungry and fixated on regaining Camelot. Why is she like that? At some points, I think even she doesn’t know why. But that happens in life. People just want power. So Merlin has to provide a huge amount of help in Arthur’s battle against Morgana. She is Merlin’s ultimate enemy.

James also shares a fun story about the off-screen camaraderie between the knights:

The Knights have a great camaraderie, which is what the Round Table is all about. They have a passionate dream, which they all want to achieve. Off-screen, we all get on famously. I celebrated my birthday recently and they all came along to my place. We made a great day and a night of it. One of the actors, Tom, was in Liverpool, and he came down especially for a few hours to help celebrate. That’s a measure of how close we have become over this year. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have them around, and I’m quietly confident that will translate to the screen.

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