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It has been quiet on the Merlin front following the season 4 finale (and subsequent US premiere), but here’s finally a small update on season 5!

The official Merlin twitter account updated the fans today, writing:

We can’t wait to hear more about the new season!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/SirDorkusProductions Dillon

    Can’t wait. Love Season’s 1 – 4. So many questions.

  • http://megan-conway.blogspot.com/ Megan Conway

    Season 4 was epic. Can’t wait for season 5!

  • Alohomora

    Yay! I guess I’m getting ahead of myself, but I can’t wait. Series 4 was utterly amazing. What do I watch now on my Saturdays at 8?! :P

  • siriusly

    I already knew/assumed that filming would begin this spring, but I still squealed a bit at this article. Can’t wait.

  • Imranfuad

    waiting for season

  • Malikexe

    It’s on in the US? I watched every single episode in a week. I’m positively hooked :D I always find European shows to be better than the mess they give us here

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GXR7AD6IWHLBXUEJGAXKVKJGMM C

       I totally agree with you! Pretty much the only tv I watch is on netflix & it’s all from UK. I love Merlin, and I’m so happy we’re getting a season 5.

      Yes, in typical American fashion, Merlin airs on syfy directly after the WWF Smackdown. Just curious how WWF could possibly be considered sci-fi.

    • Kim

       i like some of the shows you get in the us I am from the UK although i do love merlin. but cant wait till Bones and Touch comes back on in the UK

  • Whoahowdy

    This show must go on! I love Merlin can’t wait to watch season 5. Thanks for a great show. ;-)

  • iwantmerlinnow

    starts FILMING in the spring ….i cant wait!!!

  • Jampattay

    Please producer hurry can’t wait to watch season 5. Season 4 is moving and touching.

  • topzy

    yes!we can’t wait

  • Wynette70269

    I could not be happier about how season 4 ended! Long Live The King & (new) Queen!…..Can’t wait for season 5 to start.

  • Golfnjeff

    Need a season five don’t let us down SyFy channel

  • danae

    Yey! cant wait for season 5.

  • Bjaszenko2

    I have been watching Merlin since Season 1 Episode 1.  Have a 10 year old grandson, and this show is GREAT fun for both of us.  I love that it is family friendly, Please keep it going!!

  • Zaara7

    when merlin season 5 will come to the air…

  • Zaara7

    waiting for the season 5….

  • Kramer84

    grate show i wood vary much love to do something like this sometime kramer84@live:disqus .com

  • Bjaszenko2

    I’m very glad that there will be a season 5, I have a 10 year old grandson and we love to watch this series together.  I hope that if season 5 is the last season, we can see a great friendship and respect between Arthur and Merlin.  I think Arthur should be brought to an awareness of the great (but hidden) things that Merlin has done for him and Camelot.

  • April

    I am 54 and look forward to seeing Merlin on Friday nights here.  Hope to see another season or 2.

    • Tess Sumner

      so do I

  • Adamc

    CAN’T WAIT for another season of Merlin

  • Chris

    I am waiting on Season 5 of Merlin just like many others

    • Kim

       season 5 is due on in the uk on the 29th of sep

  • Robertburke28

    I found this show accidently on hulu and i have to say it became a big hit for me.  I have watched all 4 season and I am eagerly awaiting the 5th keep up the good work.  The show is outstanding.

  • Rere

    what month will it come out on air/computer?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ct-Washington/100000760496571 Ct Washington

    One Of The Best Merlin”s Every Made

    • RussellTerrell

      a few hours after it comes out on television

  • Tess Sumner

    I think it is fantastic it have just got series 1 to 4 on DVD

  • Charlotte Woodson

    I was upset when lancelot died wil he ever be back

  • Tess Sumner

    I hope the the enchantment over Morgana will break and she will return to Camelot just the way she was at the begining on the first series

  • Riared11

    Can’t wait! for season 5 I hope this will be the best season

  • Albertorent1

    would their be more seasons ?? like 6,7,8,9,10,11 ?? They should do more seasons !! more new enemies and more characters !! it well be fantastic if u do more seasons !!  

  • Geovannelli

    Season 5 premiere date????????????????????????????
    “I needs me some of ‘dem merlins mojo!”

  • Patrick

    Merlin is a great show i love it and hopefully it will continue for years to come

  • Western hawk

    Each year Merlin gets better and better. I am totally hooked on this show. The writers have taken Merlin into a realm where people of many ages can enjoy! I am 57 years old and Merlin is the only reason I have television. 
    Colin Morgan is the mirror image of my son which may be one of the reasons I love this show. However, the actors and actresses are fantastic – I love the fact that they all ride horses very well, and what beautiful animals they are, too! 
    My favorite actors and actresses are, in order: Colin Morgan, Richard Wilson, the Great Dragon, Katie McGrath, Bradley James, Angel Coulby. I would really to have seen more of Trisan and Isolde in other episodes in Season 4.
    I am looking forward to Merlin giving as good as he gets and maybe even better than he gets.
    It would also be interesting to see Lady Morgana turn from the nasty side of magic to using magic for good – using Aithusa to turn Morgana from nasty to good magic. 
    Will there be more seasons of Merlin after season 5? 
    Will King Arthur even find out that Gwen was enchanted by the magic bracelet and that was why she was kissing Lancelot? 
    Are we Americans getting a watered down version of Merlin compared to what the Brits get to see? 
    Please, please continue with this program – it’s the only good show on television these days! Can’t get enough of the show or information about the cast!  

  • harry

    I can’t wait for season 5.I think It is very cool….

  • berko

    merlin is the best among the rest

  • http://www.facebook.com/PDubOne Paul-Wesley Bowen

    Megan … I’m in total agreement. Season 4 was epic … but … sigh-h-h, nowwe have to wait for Season 5 and are told that it is going to be “The Finale”. Maybe someone can wave a “Merlin wand” (in the way of better Neilson ratings) and Merlin will go on? Hopefully? …

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