The Nintendo 3DS sold more units in December than any other console has in Japan since Enterbrain began tracking sales figures in 1997.

The console sold a staggering 1,492,931 units between November 28 and December 25 in Japan.

It seems the questionable price cut last July along with an increase in quality software with landmark franchises such as Mario Kart for the system has finally started to pay dividends for the company.

The 3DS recently reached the four million sales mark in the U.S..

Although its main competitor has had problems selling since it hit the market on December 17, things may be looking up for the PlayStation Vita. It was announced last night at CES that the handheld has surpassed the 500,000 unit mark in sales and will be getting Netflix near the U.S. launch as well, also.

It will be interesting to see which system sells more when Sony’s device hits the western markets come February.