There is exciting news today here at Hypable: the introduction of a brand new podcast. Smash Chat is a podcast all about the NBC television show Smash, which is set to premiere Monday, February 6. Following in Glee’s footsteps, Smash is going to be a TV musical, but this time geared more towards adults. Lead by an all-star cast that includes names such as Debra Messing and Katharyn McPhee, Smash is going to take audiences behind the scenes of a Broadway musical and look at what it takes to create a hit.

Listeners of Hypable’s Glee Chat will find that they recognize the voices of Smash Chat as it is hosted by Glee Chat’s very own Jessica O’Neal, Coty Chanley, and Mitchel Clow. It is only natural that our resident Gleek podcasters would be excited about this new TV musical, so excited in fact, that they couldn’t wait for the show to actually premiere before they started talking about it. Similar to Glee Chat, a new episode of Smash Chat will be recorded each week directly following the airing of a new episode of the television show. The podcast will find the hosts analyzing each new episode of Smash as well as discussing any big Smash news items that were released that week.

Join Jessica, Coty, and Mitchel in this first episode of Smash Chat as they introduce themselves and explain in a little more detail what you can expect from the podcast as well as what they are looking forward to when Smash premieres in February. Enjoy!

Listen to it below, and let us know what you think in the comments! If you’d like to download the MP3 file itself, click here (or right click and hit ‘Save Target As…’)