Four-time Harry Potter director David Yates has been taking a well-earned vacation from cinema following a solid 4 years of filmmaking.

But today, Variety is reporting that Yates has selected his first post-Potter project.

The film is called Your Voice in My Head – Emma Forrest’s memoir. Quotage:

Ruby, which picked up feature rights to “Voice” earlier this year, made the announcement Wednesday.

Forrest, an English novelist, screenwriter and journo based in Los Angeles, is writing the screenplay, which explores the personal crisis she faced when an all-consuming romance fell apart and her psychiatrist died.

“Voice” has been developed with funding from the British Film Institute’s Film Fund. Forrest has written the screenplay, set in New York, London and Istanbul, which Alison Owen will produce. Lensing is expected to start next summer.

A spokesman for Ruby said the banner is seeking financing for “Voice” from Warner Bros., where Yates directed four of the eight “Potter” films. Warners had no immediate comment.

Describing “Voice,” Yates said, “It’s a small film, hard hitting and with elements of magic realism. Compared to ‘Potter’ it would cost tuppency ha’penny, and for that reason it would be incredibly liberating to make.”

Do you think this is a good choice for Yates? Click here to read a bit more about the project.

We also recently learned that Yates plans to make a Doctor Who feature film, but it’s still a few years away from production starting.