With Terra Nova now over for the season, you’ll want to take a look at this great interview with the executive producers who discuss who discuss a potential next season and what could lie ahead.

From an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

The Hollywood Reporter: The series is awaiting word on Season 2, will the finale contain itself or does it set up cliffhangers that it would need a second season to explain?

Rene Echevarria: A few doors are closed, and few new doors are opened. I wouldn’t call it a cliffhanger, per se; some tantalizing new things occur (laughs).

Brannon Braga: We promised ourselves and the audience that we’d tell a complete story this season, and we do tell a complete story. Having said that, there new are some new startling mysteries and aspects are uncovered about Terra Nova.

THR: What indicators have you heard about whether the series will get a second season?

Echevarria: We’re guardedly optimistic; we’re hoping for good news any day. There are a lot of factors in play and a lot of things for the network to consider. We know we have a lot of people there who like the show and we have a core audience that seems to like what we’re doing. We’re hoping for good news soon.

Braga: The sooner, the better.

THR: What considerations, if any, have you made in terms of potentially moving the series to Hawaii in a bid to lower the costs for a potential second season?

Echevarria: I don’t know where that speculation is coming from, it’s not really founded. If anything, that would be much more expensive.

Braga: It’s a shorter flight (laughs).

Echevarria: Australia is very aggressive in its tax abatements. In terms of keeping production there, the facilities we have in Queensland are world class.

Braga: We also built a town that would have to be reconstructed. It would be a major move.

Echevarria: We’re invested in Australia and that’s where we would go back.

Do you think the show should be renewed for a season 2?