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A Variety reporter just learned that Harry Potter and How to Succeed star Dan Radcliffe will be hosting Saturday Night Live in less than a month!

He’ll helm the January 14th episode, and we’re sure they’ll be writing a Potter skit or two.

We’ll share clips from Radcliffe’s appearance following its airing on NBC.

Radcliffe will be wrapping up his run in How to Succeed just a couple weeks before this SNL gig, which seems to indicate he won’t be running out of New York as soon as his time on Broadway is over!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1683360003 Paige Barton

    no way, hosea!

  • Anonymous

    AWESOME!!!!!! Id always though he’d make a great host and was just waiting for this to happen. Imagine if they got Emma and Rupert to pop in!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/TreeKisser Jessica White

    Every time I watch SNL, I think “Hmmm, I wonder if Daniel Radcliffe will ever host…”

    I’m excited, but I’m not going to lie…I’m nervous for him lol
    But half of me knows he is going to be hilarious (mostly because of what I saw in his “funny or die” video…which had me in fits of uncontrollable laughter)

    • Morsmordre79

      That video is hilarious!! Especially the bit about America’s lack of appreciation for British sports XD

  • Morsmordre79

    FINALLY!! I’ve been hoping for this ever since he moved to New York! He’ll be fantastic, and if his “I Am Harry Potter” video from Funny or Die is any indication, he’s definitely going to nail the quirky, crazy humor typically associated with SNL.

    Happy early birthday to me! XD

  • CocoCriss

    Does this mean we can expect to see Darren hosting SNL in the future?  I sure hope so.

    • DreamNox58

      LOL, I would not doubt it seeing as he does what Radcliffe does, haha.

  • Rose


  • http://twitter.com/fluflu44 Mandy Brennan

    This is so exciting!!!! 

  • http://twitter.com/brihannah Bri

    about time really

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=752203253 Kendra Baird

    My Birthday is on the 15th! BEST GIFT EVER!!!!

  • CrissCross

    Actually, they should parody AVPM (or the like) and Darren should be a surprise guest on the show.  

    • http://twitter.com/marypao Mary

      Would love to see Dan sing “I’m Harry Freakin Potter!”  Unfortunately Darren has two shows that day at H2SBwy so it’s unlikely he’d show up but we can always dream…

    • Trixie99

      Not many people would get the reference to AVPM and therefor the jokes would fall flat for the general audience.  Not to mention, if anyone that’s on Broadway right now were to make an appearance on the show, I would rather it be Alan Rickman.  Darren’s cool and everything, but I think the general audience would be more appreciative about an appearance from Alan.  And well… Alan Rickman’s awesome.  Although, I’m not really sure if it’s his thing or not.

  • Anonymous

    WOW.  He’ll be GREAT.  GO Dan!

  • Hannah

    seriously, he’s gonna be AWESOME on the show!! i’m so happy for you dan!

  • MeganDG


    Happy late xmas for me <3

  • Diana Saravia

    OMG!!!! He’s hosting on my bday!!! I’m so excited :D

  • Mariah

    Diana, on my birthday too! BEST GIFT EVER?

  • lisa

    Love it! and it would be so great if Darren Criss was the musical guest star!!

  • Lori

    I think he’ll be awesome! I will definitely watch that snl. I just saw Dan in how to succeed and remember seeing him on Extras years ago and he was really funny in both. I think it will be a great episode.

  • Anonymous

    SNL have struck gold here.

  • Harry Potter


  • Anonymous

    As Twilight Sparkle would say: yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!

    FINALLY!  I’ve been waiting for this since… forever!  He is such a great comedic actor…

  • Anon8

    He’ll be perfect in this! High energy, great publicity, and a sense of humor! Funnily enough, that’s the weeked I’ll be in NY to see Darren in How to Succeed!

  • Summer

    Oh, this is gonna be bloody fantastic. No doubt they’ll do something Harry Potter related too

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