I collected my favorite moments from Modern Family, Community, Parks and Recreation and Up All Night (the comedy shows I watch weekly). Read them (beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen the episodes) then submit your own!

So I am kind of a comedy addict.

If there is one thing that I have learned from years of performing, writing and watching comedy, it is that it’s difficult to analyze why something is funny. Humor is subjective, and what I find funny, you may scoff at or disagree with entirely.

However, when I finish watching my favorite comedy shows on television, my immediate thought is as follows: did anyone else catch [this detail/quote/moment] and find it funny? Humor is something to be shared, so each week I will share my favorite moments with you.

I would love if you shared right back. Together we will create a comedy round-up or a comedy round table of sorts. Also, feel free to include moments from shows I don’t include on my list (I have limited time and no dvr, so there are some shows I can’t watch).

But enough of the intro and onto my list. I will put them in order based on when they aired:

Up All Night, ‘First Christmas’

(I know the show is new and is still working out some kinks, but it has some brilliant moments):

–Ava dressed in ski-bunny apparel can’t free herself from the ski-suit and cries, “I feel like I’m being raped by a sleeping bag.”

–After Chris scored a di-o-mond bracelet for Reagan, he returns from his harrowing experience at the mall by screeching into the driveway and asks, “That was like an elf decoration that I hit, and not like a little man or anything? I think I heard it call out.”

–Ava’s face after admitting she ate an entire cheese ball by herself while spying: priceless. And another Ava moment came when she exclaimed how she does decorating, “The holidays are so frustrating. That’s why every year I pay a Southern gay to decorate my house.”

Modern Family, ‘Express Christmas’

(This episode was A+ material, didn’t you think?):

–When Haley tried to use her boobs to garner the last ladybug nightlight, but it turns out the guy is gay.

–When Gloria pronounces “Luke” and “Look” the same, Luke exclaims, “I’ve been holding that in for three years now,” after he promptly shoves his foot throw the floor. Also, after they run over the tree, Gloria cries, “Never look back!”

–Cam and Jay. (Basically enough said right there.) “Cam and Jay. Kinda sounds like a bird. The migratory patters of Camandjay!” When they finally bond the following dialogue occurs:

“You wanna hug me, don’t you?”
“I kinda do.”
“4-5 seconds.”
“45 seconds!”

Community, ‘Regional Holiday Musical’

(Great last note before the hiatus … get it? note … because it was a musical episode … har dee har har. But seriously, I did a whole post on the best Community moments from this week here):

–Troy and Abed’s rap. I know it’s the most obvious moment, but seriously Childish Gambino and Troy in one beautiful Donald Glover + Abed = hilarity. Best moments include Troy’s line, “Jehovah’s most secret witness” and Abed’s spelling of his name “A-B-E-D!”

–Jeff’s one-liners about Mr. Rad: “If nothing’s a sweater vest that’s aggressively asexual” and “He’s equal parts and Hanson and Manson.”

–The way each one fell into the glee club (I know this is cheating, because it’s a series of moments but still …) including Annie dressed like Santa’s slut singing like a baby and a racially-diverse choir luring in Shirley … it was all magical.

Parks and Recreation, ‘Citizen Knope’

(I should just say right now that this is currently my favorite comedy on television, and I loved Thursday’s episode and almost cried. This episode, however, was more heartwarming than hilarious in some ways):

–The name of Leslie’s citizen groups: PCP and LSD, “Like the drug PCP, we are so fast-acting and powerful, we should be illegal.”

–Tom’s word cloud generated by Leslie’s emails where Ann’s name is larger than Ben’s. Later in the episode, Leslie proclaims, “I love all of you, specifically Ann.”

–This is a tie between the moment when we all realize that Andy ate Donna’s spray-painted silver m&m’s, “Go throw up,” and Ben’s hilarious interview with the owner of the cologne company, which included the following dialogue:

“Don’t talk to Eddie. Treat him like you would treat a person in another country that you’ve paid $25,000 to hunt.”
“What are you talking about?”
“What am I talking about? I’m talking about the best vacation of my life.”

Those are all my favorites, now what are your’s? And what was your favorite comedy this week?