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It’s been a busy week for Wizarding World news whether you’re talking about the Orlando expansion or the Hollywood birth.

Today, new Orlando expansion rumors: Yes, it will be built where Jaws is closing. And expect there to be a big bad Gringotts ride!

Screamscape notes the latest rumors:

While on the subject of Phase 2 of the PotterVerse (London), as I had suspected, the rumors of the Knight Bus attraction were wrong. This doesn’t mean that we wont see the King Kong 3D 360º technology put to use somewhere… it just wont be themed as the Knight Bus. The ride focus seems to be entirely on the Gringott’s Wizarding Back dark ride / coaster concept, as they apparently have some really grand ideas for this project. What kind of ideas? Remember that uncovered technology patent Universal files a couple of years ago that would have a coaster car ride up onto a detachable piece of track that was hooked up to the top of a simulator style motion base platform able to tilt and rotate in any direction? The latest Screamscape rumor claims that we may see this new idea brought to life as part of the Gringott’s coaster ride.

Meanwhile it seems like the Diagon Alley Olivander’s location will be much larger than what we’ve seen built at Islands of Adventure. Rumor has it that the store will feature up to three different “wand shops” instead, but a single queue that will keep them hidden apart from each other, so it looks like you are entering the one and only shop. I’m also hearing something about a possible Wizard’s Duel show… though I’m hoping this isn’t true, as I think the “magic” needs to stay indoors for the most part.

Funnily enough, I speculated on a new episode of MuggleCast (recorded Tuesday night and due out this weekend) that a new Ollivander’s shop in the Phase 2 area would include three wand shops disguised as one so they could better handle that attraction.

Universal announced earlier this week that they are indeed working on a big expansion for Wizarding World Orlando. Meanwhile, you can see an illustration of the rumored Phase 2 plans to give you a sense of how big this project is.

  • Macy

    Andrew, looks like your dreams will finally be coming true!! You must have become the official spokesman/campaigner of the ‘Gringotts Ride’ ever since you saw DH2!!

  • Guest

    Has there been absolute confirmation that it’s going where Jaws was/is? I just really don’t see it working with the two different parks thing – if they were closer together, maybe. But the way it is it just seems like a highly illogical thing to do. 

    • Andromeda

      I don’t really see how they could do the Hogwarts Express thing, The two parts are .42 miles apart as the crow flies, but I doubt they would build a train track that cuts straight though the backlot like that. The track would have to be much longer, and it would have to be circular so thatmore than one engine can be coming/going at the same time. Plus, the longer it is the more it costs to maintain and the less people it can move an hour.

  • Anonymous

    Astronomy Tower of Terror!

    • Hermione


    • Michelle

      I love the Tower of Terror! That would be amazing!

  • moonshoespotter1712

    andrew, you were right.

  • Dlmarvin05

    I just want to say that the good people at Mugglenet totally called the Gringotts ride as soon as they saw how it was portrayed in the movie. So just saying, GG to them!

  • Josiah

    Andrew started a rumor on Mugglecast! Trendsetter! Holla!

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