Is Donald Glover bringing together his two identities, Troy and Childish Gambino, into one magical Community rapper? Check out this video evidence featuring Troy and Abed in the … best Christmas rap of the year for tomorrow night’s episode. 

Who doesn’t love Troy and Abed’s ultimate bromance? Who doesn’t love Donald Glover rapping? Who doesn’t love Christmas? (Other than, apparently, Jehovah’s Witnesses.)

Check out this rap featuring all of the above (along with Abed rapping and Troy “infiltrating” Christmas) from NBC:

This video is on repeat on our computer screens, on our Christmas playlists and in our heads as we dream at night. It will be featured in tomorrow’s episode.

Here’s the synopsis for the episode:

When the Greendale Glee Club is unexpectedly sidelined, the school’s effervescent choir director Cory Radison (Taran Killam, “Saturday Night Live”) sets about recruiting the study group members to fill in. Skeptical at first, they eventually fall under his hypnotic spell – one-by-one – singing and dancing their way to the annual Christmas Pageant.

We literally cannot wait. What are you most excited about?