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Since word leaked last week, many have wondered how Universal Hollywood is planning to build The Wizarding World in the park considering how little room appears to be available.

Though they didn’t dive into details during the official announcement, The Washington Post got the scoop.

From the report:

“We’re not landlocked,” [Universal Studios President] Meyer said. “We’re (on) 400 acres on this lot and 200 of them are still not developed.”

Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said he was told that a live concert venue, Gibson Amphitheatre, would be scrapped to make way for the attraction. He said it would open around 2014, but officials did not give a date.

The Gibson Amphitheatre still plays home to many events. One notable one recently was the MTV Movie Awards earlier this year.

We’ll have more on this information coming with our analysis report later today.

  • Guest

    “he Gibson Amphitheatre will be scrapped…”

    ouch. and here I was complaining when they took stuff out at universal in orlando

    the amphitheater has a lot more weight or pressence to it and they’re still going to bulldoze it in favor of their money making park. 

    (I love harry potter and the park in orlando is awesome but i’m hatin how older stuff gets the boot just because harry potter is being pushed as a everyone’s cash cow)/

  • Fravit

    This likely means we’ll also be losing Waterworld and possibly Shrek 4D. Years ago I heard rumors about losing Waterworld to make room for a Spiderman type ride, but with one of those going in on the lower lot (Transformers), this makes more sense. Shrek seems likely because 3D theme park shows don’t really wow ‘em like they used to since 3D is now in every movie theater, and Shrek is a bit dated anyway. Between these three structures, there’s plenty of land to replicate Wizarding World.

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