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A new episode of Misfits airs tonight in the UK, and all signs lead to a certain couple finally getting their shag on. And they’re not the only ones.

Episode 3×06 synopsis:

After a drunken one-night stand with a mysterious girl, Rudy discovers that he has a strange superpower STD. With only 24 hours to undo the curse, Rudy enlists Simon to help him find the girl. Meanwhile, something weird is happening with Curtis’s gender-swap power. And Seth finally finds the superpower that he’s been searching for.

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As hinted at before the jump, the photos above make it look like Kelly and Seth will be hooking up! Are you surprised?

Digital Spy posted 10 spoilers from the new episode. In purple, you’ll find my snarky reactions and thoughts about what some of the spoilers mean:

1. “I’m scared.”

2. Curtis discovers that being a woman isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, there can be some serious complications (and believe us when we say serious).
How can there possibly be more complications? Maybe he gets pregnant. I hope he gets pregnant.

3. “I never meant to hurt anyone. I’m sorry.”

4. Rudy has a bit of a shock in the toilet (he even drops his ice cream).
Why is Rudy eating ice cream in the toilet?

5. “That is so f**king rank.”

6. Simon’s power (to see into the future) comes into play – only the future is awfully disgusting. He might wish he hadn’t seen it after all.
I wish Simon could use his superpower to bring Robert Sheehan back to the show.

7. Those Seth and Kelly fans amongst you – well. Boy, is a spanner being thrown into the works this week.
I’m pretty sure he’s been looking for the power to bring people back from the dead. And the synopsis says he’s found it. So will he be bringing his ex-girlfriend back to life, thus complicating his relationship with Kelly? Let’s hope so.

8. “I’ve got to save my ****!”
I’m assuming those stars represent one of the cruder words for Rudy’s genitals. Because a superpowered STD has got to be painful.

9. Rudy’s power actually comes in useful when he gets himself into a bit of bother (hint: police station).

10. Two of the characters strike a very interesting deal – which might just cause some trouble.

The episode airs at 10 p.m. (Sorry Americans, we’ll have to wait until we can find some illegal magic way of watching this episode tomorrow!)

Did you agree or disagree with my spoiler guesses? What all do you think will happen in tonight’s episode?


  • http://www.twitter.com/vthenerd Vladan Vukmanov

    Curtis getting pregnant? That would be an interesting twist!

    • http://twitter.com/smaloy Sarah Maloy

      It would mean him getting with a guy… and when he turned back into a male, where would the baby go? I doubt it’ll happen but you never know!

      • http://www.twitter.com/vthenerd Vladan Vukmanov

        And you were right, wow, congrats!

        • http://twitter.com/smaloy Sarah Maloy

          Seriously?! I’m actually pretty surprised! I’m in the US so I won’t get to watch until I find a copy online somewhere…

  • Laura Jones

    “I wish Simon could use his superpower to bring Robert Sheehan back to the show.” Amen to that!

    • Anonymous

      As much as I would love Robert Sheehan to be back in the show, Joe Gilgun has proved himself as equally (if not more than) relatable character as Sheehan’s. He’s as nasty but with more heart. Also it was Sheehan’s decision to leave the show to pursue a movie career. But i’m still bitter they killed off Shaun. -.-

      • Laura Jones

        I agree Rudy is a good character but you cant replace Nathan!

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