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Tonight two more contestants were eliminated from Fox’s The X Factor, and it was yet another dramatic episode!

In the end, Astro and Drew went home. Astro left first, followed by Drew at the end of the show. The latter was very upset throughout the elimination process, clearly thinking she’d be leaving. Simon blamed Drew’s departure on him, saying her performance last night was his fault.

Did these eliminations surprise you?

  • Mary

    Very glad to see Astro go but a little upset about Drew. I actually liked her performance last night.

  • WrittenByArose

    simons demeanor after drew got voted off was shocking!! something tells me paula/nicole wont be back next year…

  • Anonymous

    I think the judges are getting way too caught up in winning themselves. They keep forgetting that its about the best act. Yes you want to win too. But when you’re acts aren’t on the chopping block, you vote to save the better artist not vote out the bigger threat to your victory.

    But whatever. I wrote this thing off when they fired Cheryl and replaced her with Nicole anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/ivangatewood Ivan Gatewood

    They need to bring back Cheryl and get rid of L.A,

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745581155 Kallah Jean Turner

    I was so upset when Drew left that I actually cried. She obviously had the best performance and Paul and Nicole don’t know what they are talking about. Ya, they are professionals, but I never liked their music and they obviously listen to too current music for my blood. I listen to the classics and then some current, include Ingrid Michaelson. I feel like Drew had that kind of voice, one that should only sing contemporary and otherwise just doesn’t sound right fast, and for Paul and Nicole to get on Drew’s back about that and blame Simon for stuff like that, just makes me so angry. Simon has the only group with real talent and he is the only one that knows what real music is, I feel. Yes very controversial statement, but it is how I feel about all this.

  • Bernardotriana

    I’m just happy Rachel Corw  is still in the competition!!!

  • Travis Rice 86

    There was no way Drew should have gone home.  Marcus sounded horrible in his “save” song, way off and all over the place pitch wise, on top of it being the second week in a row he was in the bottom.  It just irritates me that marcus has been there twice now and is on his third chance per say, yet Drew who has been great every week doesent even get a second chance with a save.  Paula himmed and hawed about how she needed to keep the one who was putting themself into it and poured their soul into their performance….. yet apparantly missed the flood of emotion and soul Drew poured into her save song while actually sounding good.

    I don’t blame Simon at all for how he acted after the show, the glares he shot at the judges I think summed up just how most fans probably felt too.   Oh well, at least I still have Josh and Racheal to root for…. *shrug*

  • DreamNox58

    Astro did well this week but someone had to leave, I understand that.  I voted for Chris Rene and he made it so I’m happy.

    However, I am very frustrated with Nichole and Paula, they knew damn well that Drews performance was better than Marcus.  I agree with the others here who said they only are wanting to win themselves.  I told my family last night that I was thinking, they only voted Drew out to piss Simon off.  If you were watching you know damn well he was pissed off.  He did not even say anything he was so mad.

    Also, when Paula went over and whispered whatever to Drew, if I was Drew or even Simon, I would have slapped her right in the face.

  • Claire

    Get rid of Nicole and bring back Cheryl, please. Ugh. Drew CLEARLY had the better “last chance” song and has more talent overall. Nicole and Paula just wanted to piss Simon off and get rid of the steep competition. Drew better release an album ASAP because I will be all over that.

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