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Once is definitely playing homage to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with Emilie de Ravin’s Belle – and yes, worried fans, she is a brunette. Check out the first picture, and read what showrunner Adam Horowitz has to say about the casting!

Once Upon a Time

We have to say, the former Lost star looks fantastic. Not only did they capture the perfect Belle expression on her face in that moment, but look at her dress! Some fairytale fans may not appreciate Once Upon a Time‘s Disneyfied characters, but it is kind of cool in a breaking-the-fourth-wall meta kind of way to see them in the flesh.

Showrunner Adam Horowitz says that we can look forward to seeing Belle’s father Maurice, Gaston and the Beast in this episode! He also explains the casting decision:

Emilie projects a very natural strength and warmth, which are characteristics we wanted to explore with Belle. We have a fun spin on [the story].

Finally, Aladdin fans will be excited to learn that the character (one of our picks on the fairytale character wishlist) and his Genie will also be appearing on the show this year!

Emilie will be appearing in the episode airing on Valentine’s Day (February 14 2012), and the image was posted on TV Guide.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, I think she looks great

  • Anonymous

    Why Rumpy has to be envolved with every single one of the characters?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe because he’s the real villian.

      • Katie

        Yeah, but I think that shoehorning Rumpy into every single fairy tale feels way too contrived.

        • http://twitter.com/Zonkos Joke Shop

          he’s my fave character in this place so freaking creeeepy i love it! let him be a part of everything i wont be complaining!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so excited!!

  • akacj18

    awesomesauce, awesomesauce, AWESOMESAUCE!!!

    • A Very Potter Fan

      Hey, that’s my word!

  • http://twitter.com/taylie27 taylore thompson

    She looks just like Belle and they have the gold dress!

    This is my prediction as to how Rumpy is involved. He is the one who cursed the beast, I don’t know how but that’s my idea, maybe they’ll stick to the original idea that Belle’s dad took a rose, rather then the arriving at the castle because he was lost!

    • akacj18

      maybe she’ll be smart enough to get a fair deal out of him! it’d be nice to see someone play the game as well as Rumpy does.

      • http://twitter.com/taylie27 taylore thompson

        That’s a good idea, they should keep Belle as smart! Maybe she’ll be a teacher with Mary/Snow. I always pictured her as a teacher or an author

  • http://twitter.com/RachelgurlFL Rachel Gay

    she looks absolutely beautiful….

  • Steph

    I knew Aladdin had to come up in the future when I saw genie’s lamp in last nights episode!!

  • shezzypants

    i’m pretty sure ‘breaking the fourth wall’ means directly addressing the audience. So unless characters are directly addressing the audience, live-action characters are not an example of ‘breaking the fourth wall’.

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      True, but breaking the fourth wall can also be used as an expression of a postmodern way in which storymakers make obvious references to other texts, like intertextuality :)

      • shezzypants

        I disagree, breaking the fourth wall is exclusively with acknowledging and addressing the audience. Making references to other texts, like intertextuality, is intertextuality. 

      • Ella-Jane

        Add on the fact that Postmodernism is an easily disproved theory. For example:
        A: There are no absolutes in life so you can believe whatever you want to believe and it works!
        B: And you believe that? Absolutely?
        A:Of course!
        B:Then you’re wrong. There has to be at least one absolute.

        See what I’m saying? Backwards logic and calling two completely different things the same are both faulty. But good luck to you in life ;)

  • akacj18

    i can’t help but see claire no matter what emilie de ravin is in, haha. that being said, she looks FANTASTIC and i can’t wait!

  • Kat

    This show gets better and better every week! Cannot wait for Belle, one of my favorites :) Instead of DWTS being on twice a week Once should be!!

  • Shannon

    SO excited to have Emillie on board! The fact that there are a couple LOST references in this show make it even better! Loved the ‘hatch’ in last nights episode…especially the shot of everyone looking down into the elevator shaft! Makes me smile :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/SarahTipton Sarah Tipton

      I KNOW RIGHT!? I was freaking out with giddiness about it :)

      • http://twitter.com/Zonkos Joke Shop

        the apollo chocolate bars :D

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  • http://www.facebook.com/SarahTipton Sarah Tipton

    YES! I am so glad to see her on the small screen again :)

  • Anonymous

    Urgh. This show. I simply CANNOT wait!

  • 7Starrchasers

    I love it!! she looks amaaazing

  • viewers

    Booo! I don’t think she has anything in her favor to play Belle, but I’m open minded enough to wait and see.

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