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Today is a landmark day in Harry Potter history. On this day in 2001, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone hit theaters!

We want you to share your story about seeing the film in theaters that first time!

You can see the theatrical trailer for the film and several posters below. In the comments, share your story about seeing it in theaters! We can’t wait to read ‘em.

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  • http://fafafab.tumblr.com/ fafafab

    oh memories

  • http://twitter.com/JhonnyAyrout Jhonny Ayrout

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already!! ten whole years! a decade! wow… just wow! when I first went to see this one, I told my friends I was going to watch the movie about the little magician… didn’t actually know anything about it just yet. and little did I know that just 3 months later I would’ve been done reading the first four books and dying to get the 5th one! Harry Potter has changed my life on so many levels! Thank you so much, Rowling!!

  • HP4Ever

    I was too young to go to the theatres.. I was just 5 years old.. so I don’t have much memories… 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stiina-Sild/100000528613611 Stiina Sild

    Are you sure it is 10 years? It seems like week or two ago. I had read book. But was I a fan? Not really. It was end of December when it screened in Estonia (my home country). I remeber very mixed feelings about this movie. Now it is one of my favourite ones.

  • Brandon

    When I first saw it I was 12 years old. Those first few films were ones I went to see twice that opening day (okay that didn’t change at all). Those first few were so memorable though. I saw the first one as quick as I could after school. Clearing all other commitments that day to go see it. I would go the day before and buy my ticket for the showing and would be so excited sitting in the theater. Harry had been such a huge part of my life for the few years I had known him. I sat sitting on the edge of my seat, taking in Harry’s world the film makers had made. It surely lived up to my expectations. I always enjoyed the theaters I first saw the movie in. The people here were always so involved in the book. They clapped at the end when all of Hogwarts is clapping and sharing in the defeat of Slytherin for the House Cup. It was a memorable viewing. I then slipped out into the brighter hallways of the theater only to meet my brother and my dad to slip back “P- p- p- Poor Stu- Stuttering Professor Quirrel” and the Dark Lord. A memorable day, and a memorable 10 years since.

  • goldensnidget

    Awww! That first trailer eally is nothing compared to the final one! I remember seeing the first one, aged 9, with my family, the day after it came out. My friend had seen it on the first day, and I remember seething with jealousy because she’d already seen it!!! Ah, my little 9-year-old self was surprisingly similar to the 19-year-old one..! I haven’t stopped loving it!!

  • http://twitter.com/HPJoee Joe Smith

    O.M.G. the third poster (with Hagrid and Harry walking towards Hogwarts) was my poster when I was 5 or 6 ARGH! COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT! Must have it somewhere still, brought back loads of memories.

  • http://www.rebellionradiopodcast.com Hurley

    Extra special since it’s my birthday today :)

  • MillerT1

    I remember seeing the very first teaser trailer on harrypotter.com all those years ago, back when trailers were much smaller in resolution.

    It took me quite a while to get to see the movie. My family and I kind of waited until school was out which was about two weeks before Christmas. Surprisingly, I went into the movie quite spoiler-free. I was expecting the movie to be on a whole other level of movies, I expected it to be the best movie I had ever seen and it was, but that day after the screening, I was expecting the film to change my life. Now looking back on it ten years later, I realise that it did change my life.

    I wouldn’t be as much of a fan of movies and following news developments on movies if I hadn’t done this for the Harry Potter movies.
    I wouldn’t be such an avid collector of DVDs and now Blu-Rays if it weren’t for the Harry Potter movies.
    I wouldn’t be a fan of film scores if it had not been for John Williams and Hedwig’s Theme.

    This film series has changed my life and I am so happy for the last ten years.

  • Courtney

    I was 8 when the film was released. I didn’t read the books until after i saw the first movie. But the only memory i have was sitting in the theater and being in complete awe at the floating candles in the Great Hall. That is my first memory of seeing the movie. And also seeing it many many times in theaters. Of course that movie spawned an amazing journey and Obsession with Harry Potter for me. Over the next ten years i made friends and probably lost some friends, because of Harry Potter. So many memories, and i hope to make so many more in the future all related to Harry Potter. :) Here’s to another ten years!! 

  • Guest

    …Well I feel old. Feels good to be part of the Potter Generation though :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

    I remember seeing the film on Thanksgiving night. I didn’t get to go see it until then. You know, seeing this and remembering is so nostalgic that I think I might cry at this… Dan, Rupert and Emma were all so horrible at acting at that point! I’m glad that I got to see them grow and develop into the fine actors that they are today… In a sense, they were my friends too, when I didn’t have anyone else… I will definitely miss all of this. For years and years, I spent my life living from Potter to Potter… Now that that’s gone, I feel absolutely lost in the world… I know it sounds sad and pathetic, but it’s true…

  • http://twitter.com/Patruce Patricia Kelly

    It was the day of my 12th birthday, and my mum and I were in London and we saw it that night :)

    • Princess’sTale

      Happy Birthday! :)

  • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

    I don’t remember seeing the film right away, but I do remember seeing it in theaters and it being the most magical moment ever :) I remember all the hype going into it. :D Awh.

  • anonymous

    Wow, does this take me back! I was just about to turn 9 when the movie came out and my parents decided it would be a good idea to take me and my little sister (6 at the time) to see it over Christmas holidays. Bad plan, she had nightmares from it for weeks!

  • Sam

    I had read the first three books and was not a fan at all, but upon seeing Sorcerer’s Stone (as a 5th grader…wow time FLIES!) in theaters, I was compelled to pick up the books again for another try. Needless to say, I had a busy next few days, and have been a loyal, devoted fan ever since :)

  • Guest

    i was 12 years old and my brother (22 at the time) wanted to see the movie, but was too embarassed to admit it so he took me as an excuse. i immediately fell in love and began reading the books the next day. now i’m a harry potter fan for life!

  • Andrea

    Wow I cannot believe that it’s been 10 years since the first Harry Potter film came out! I was 10, which would have put me in 5th grade. Now I’m a sophmore in college! Wow, that’s so crazy now that I think about it. Anyways, I fell in love with the series after I read CoS. That was when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. I sped through the next four books in the next few months. So yeah, it’s been a crazy, bumpy ride. I wouldn’t give it up for the world though.

  • Laura

    Third grade, 8 years old, and on a class field trip (my teachers was a huge Potter fan and she cried during the last scene). I loved the film, even though the screaming book and Voldemort on Quirrel’s head freaked me out, and immediately saw it a second time with the family. Right after that, I started reading the books.

    It’s been a beautiful relationship thus far. Happy 10th Anniversary, my love!

  • lucy

    I was 5 or 6 and to be honest I don’t remember much except of how scared I was of Fluffy the three headed dog! I didn’t become a Harry Potter fan until I was ten though.

  • Anonymous

    Summer before going into 6th grade. Saw it on DVD and fell in love. Then cos that November! I was hooked and the movies have kept me hooked since then! especially those last three! I absolutely love this series! Both movies and books!!

  • http://twitter.com/RachelgurlFL Rachel Gay

    i was 10 years old when this movie came out aww im sad to think it’s over…

  • TeamPeeta101

    Wow, 10 years later and everything is done. :(  I am so glad she made Pottermore
    <3 Harry Potter

  • Laura Jones

    10 years old on a school trip- bursting with excitment due to having fallen in love with the books

  • http://twitter.com/taylie27 taylore thompson

    I was 8 year old when I came out, however my mother thought the movie was to old for me at 8 and I had to wait until I was 9 and watched it on VHS :)

  • Emma

    I don’t remember seeing the movie in the theater, because I was only 8 at the time. I do remember seeing the trailer in theaters, and getting excited when I would see Hagrid’s back walking through Diagon Alley… That trailer got me just as excited as the trailer for the last movie did. :)

  • Alyssa

    I went with my family, grandparents included, and I sat next to my granddad and narrated the entire story to him. I was so excited!

  • Catherine

    Wow, 10 years.  I was 11, same age as Harry :)

  • DreamNox58

    This makes me want cry.  *End of an Era* That song popped in my head.

  • Water Bender/ Wizard

    The best movie that was loyal to the book!!! Then it’s Chamber of Secrets.

    Half blood prince and Prisoner of azkaban and Goblet of fire sucks at Book to Movie but other wise it’s amazing! 

  • Jael

    Fifth grade, eleven years old, and I was mad at my mum because she wouldn’t let me watch SS on the first day it came out and forced me to wait a week until we could watch it as a family (my mum hates crowds).  But when I finally watched Sorcers Stone for the first time… it was magic. 

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see, I would have been 7 when that came out. I honestly can’t say I remember ever seeing the first movie in theaters. I definitely remember the second movie though. Being only 8 years old I don’t remember many things clearly from back then but this day I can picture vividly. My friends mom picked a few of us up from school, and I remember that we had to his baseball hitting practice before we went to the movie. I remember the theater we went to, the Chamber of Secrets popcorn buckets and soda cups, and even what we did that night when we slept over at his house. I’ve got to assume that seeing the movie was the reason I can still remember all of that today. 

  • http://twitter.com/dan4eva Gena Marie de Leon

    I was 10 then, god how time flies by. I really really miss the days when we’re all still anticipating the new books and the films…. T.T

  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen

    Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

  • http://twitter.com/samjhaines Samantha Haines

    I was 11. My entire 6th grade class went to go see the film the day it opened. To this day, it remains one of the best field trips I’ve ever been on! We rented out the whole theater and got out of school for the entire day. My town didn’t have a movie theater until later that year, so we had to take a bus to a neighboring town. Most of us were 11 at the time, so we all pretended we were taking the Hogwarts express to Hogwarts for our first year! It was amazing because the teachers were as excited about it as we were, which made it all the more fun. 
        I started reading the books when I was 7, and I’d read all of the ones that were out up until that point. I remember trying to compare the book to the movie as I was watching it, and being completely amazed at how close everything looked to the way I’d imagined it.
        I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.  I’m 21 now, and love Harry Potter just as much now as I did then, if not more so! The magic that Jo Rowling created will forever be a part of me!

  • Granger Danger!

    7 years old and I already started reading the first book (so half way through the film I knew what was gonna happen). My parents thought it would be fun to take my siblings and me. Best day ever!!! I hope to pass on this truly magical series to my kids!

  • Liz

    :( I was only 14.

  • NifflerQueen99

    I was 8 years old, and the movie came out 10 days before my 9th birthday :).  I didn’t go see it opening day (I didn’t attend my first midnight premiere until POA, then went to every single one after that :)).  I saw both SS and COS for my 9th and 10th birthdays respectively, and it was wonderful!!!  I sat with my best friends, who were my HP friends as well, and we laughed, cheered, covered our eyes in “fright”, and we were completely amazed to see our favorite story come to life in front of us!!!

    Even as an 8-year-old, I was a hard-to-please little booger, as I spent a lot of time complaining about the lack of the Sorting Hat song, the Hogwarts School Song, and Peeves :).  Ahhhh…memories!!!!  Now I’m even MORE obsessed, and even on my school’s Quidditch team :).  

    To Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived!!!

  • hp1990

    I was 11 when it came out. My mom was not too keen on having me read them and I was not much a reader then either but once I saw the first one I knew there was no going back. Still have the VHS of SS next to the dvds.
    End of a magical decade. But the magic JO made us feel will still live on in our hearts forever <3

  • Cheese, bro.

    I was 5 :) my mum brought me, and I was terrified, but I loved it.

  • CDively

    aww, great.. now i’m sad. After watching the first two movies, I remember pretending to fly around on my broomstick (pool stick) with my siblings, and using galleons, sickles and knuts (poker chips) as currency.. ahh, what it is to be young. Now i’m writing 9 page laboratory reports at 2am, fun -.-

  • Narayan Divya88

    Oh my god, 10 years…thanks for making me feel so old, Andrew!!

    I was 13 when I watched the first film. I watched it along with my parents. In my country (India), the first two films came out much later than they did in the US and UK (Feb 2002 and Feb 2003 resp.). It was only from the 3rd film onwards that HP films were released in my country on the same day as US and UK. I don’t know why. But I still remember the excitement and anticipation that I felt before watching the film, even today. Just outside the theater, all the posters and film stills were put up, and I saw them, and I was so crazy excited. It was bloody amazing. And when the film started, I was like a child on a sugar rush, totally hyper, and it was this child-like enthusiasm that I carried through while watching the film, and with every scene, it was like,”Hey, this was in the book, cool!!” And despite the fact that I was 13 (and the visual effects in the film were not-so-great!!!), I did get a bit freaked when I saw Voldemort drinking the unicorn blood. And when the film finally ended, I honestly did not want to leave the theater. It was an utterly joyous and satisfying experience watching the film, and yes, my parents enjoyed it too!! Especially my dad who found wizard’s chess to be quite intriguing with the pieces destroying one another!

    Despite the fact that I did not want to leave the cinema that day, I knew that this was just the beginning and that Harry would end up playing quite a critical role in my life, as a teenager and now as a young adult. I knew that I was going to come back to see ‘Chamber of Secrets’, and so on. And I knew that it was never going to come to an end. And it will never come to an end.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=519763125 Nathalie Wardell

    I remember going to the cinema with my then boyfriend, i was 16 and very excited as i had read the books. My boyfriend really didn’t want to go but he is now as big as a potter freak as i am lol.

  • bdu

    We went to a local cinema with my family and my cousins, dressed up as characters. my excitement levels had reached an all time high and as the film began I remember seeing mcgonagall and dumbledore and being so excited about them finally being on screen and then as hagrid came in on his bike the screen BROKE and everything went pitch black in the cinema, everyone started shouting that voldemort had done it! After 10 minutes the cinema staff moved us to a new screen and the adventure continued! I just can’t believe that it was ten years ago! Still get excited about the theme tune today!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angie-Henderson/1250474097 Angie Henderson

    I had been hearing all this buzz about a kids book and the movie. I honestly just wanted to see what the hype was all about. But seeing Harry under the stairs orphaned and mistreated broke my heart from him. I when out and bought the first 3 books and feel in love with the his story and all of the wonderful characters Jo created.

  • Anonymous

    I saw the film when I was 8. They day it came out me and my parents and my sister were going to see the movie. We went to dinner at a restaurant that from the window you could see the entrance to the theatre. When people started to line up I wanted to leave but my parents said we’d finish dinner then leave. I was pissed, and even more so when the line got cut off right infront of us. I cried all the way home but luckily ended up seeing it the very next day. :)

  • PotterheadedHungerGamingGleek

    I was only 5. It’s been so long. I remember seeing TV spots and my brothers were so excited for the movie, but I remember the first time I watched it was actually in Spring 2002 when the DVD was released. Good times, I’ll always love that movie. <3

  • Daniela

    gosh i just cried!! i saw the 1 movie at 5 years old when the 3 movie was already out :p and at 7 years old i started to read the books. i finished reading the series at 11 and i continued to watch the movies :’] though im one of the “later” fans, i still enjoyed the series and i cherish those books with my life!

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