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Leading up to next week’s release of The Muppets in theaters, the film’s characters have been busy appearing in various campaigns spoofing many pop culture entities.

The latest is, not surprisingly, Twilight. In three posters we see Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Rowlf recreating Edward, Bella, and Jacob.

Check ‘em out below! Will you be seeing The Muppets or Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (or both) in theaters in the next couple weeks?

Thanks to Den Of Geek.

  • GirlWhoCriedWhenSiriusDied

    Adorable! Well definatily be seeing the Muppets, but there’s no chance with Breaking Dawn. :P

    Anyway -’In three posters we see Kermit and Miss Piggy recreating Edward, Bella, and Jacob.’ Shouldn’t there be the last muppet impersanating Jacob in there as well? I’m sorry I don’t know his name :P

    • Alyssa

      It sounded like Kermit would be both Jacob and Edward or something. Kind of bad phrasing.

      • http://www.hypable.com Andrew Sims

        Admittedly I didn’t know Rowlf’s name at first.  I went to look it up, but then I got sidetracked and never filled in his name.  It’s fixed now.

        • GirlWhoCriedWhenSiriusDied

          Yeah, I wasn’t sure of his name either I just caught the minor mistake ;)

  • https://twitter.com/#!/HarriFSargeant Harri Sargeant

    Hey Andrew, I was just wondering how regularly you guys check the News By You submissions.  I submitted this news about twelve hours ago, and it didn’t go up, and now you have posted this.  I am not accusing you of copy my news submissions, or even bothered about credit.  I was just wondering if it would be more efficient for me to submit a News Tip in order to help get it all out faster.  I have been in a similar situation to this a few times, although this has been the longest amount of time between News By You submission and a post appearing.

    • http://www.hypable.com Andrew Sims

      Hi Harri,
      I’m sorry to say that since I was traveling today I didn’t have my normal Hypable routine and so I haven’t checked submissions.  I’m sorry I did not see yours before posting this.

      I know we do need to make an effort to check the submission queue more often.  Sometimes I think a user and a Hypable writer put up stories at the same time, so of course the writer is going to get first priority (this may happen if a story is breaking).

      We WILL improve the user news submissions and updating them more.  Again, I’m sorry!

  • Eoin

    You have got to love the Muppets.

  • http://twitter.com/fluflu44 Mandy Brennan

    Miss Piggy is too much of a drama queen to be a Bella. Either way, I adore these posters and I hope to catch it next week!

    • Sarah

      I’d say that makes her just perfect as Bella. but that’s just me:P

  • DreamNox58

    Cute but no, I probably won’t be seeing The Muppets.

  • http://twitter.com/ravenclaw48 Wil T.

    Miss Piggy makes too many facial expressions to be Bella….. and she’s a puppet : D

  • http://twitter.com/TSSD TSSD

    Rowlf as Jacob is genius.

  • http://twitter.com/titans1fan93 Jake Sephton

    This is almost as funny when Winnie the pooh did Harry Potter.

  • Lorena

    Vamphibian. I love the muppets.

  • PotionWillow207

    I expect better from the Muppets. The only thing there was relating these pictures to Twilight was the font and the spoof on Bella’s name for Miss Piggy.

  • AvisWizard178


  • HermioneCriss

    Love the posters, even though there is absoultely NO way i will be seeing Breaking Dawn. Now muppets really needs to parody Harry Potter, although winnie the pooh already did… oh well!

  • shezzypants

    BWAHAHAHHAHAH!!! Wererowlfe! Bella Swine and Vamphibian! Classic!

  • Alex654

    I’m in love with Kermit Cullen <3

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