Two weeks ago we excitingly learned that Universal and Warner Brothers were working to create additional Harry Potter theme parks in unknown areas of the world.

While at the (presently) only Wizarding World theme park over the weekend for Harry Potter Home Entertainment Celebration, longtime Potter producer David Heyman had some short but sweet remarks about the future.

Snitch Seeker got the scoop:

SnitchSeeker: Universal Studios’ president said that there will be more theme parks. Do you know about this?

Heyman: It’s early days, let’s see. This one I think is such a great achievement, and what I love is the fact that they’ve really captured the spirit of the films. We were never able to have all of Hogsmeade on all the films, but we’re able to have them here.

SnitchSeeker: Are there ideas to expand this park?

Heyman: We’ll see. We’ll see. It’s early days. At the moment I think this is doing so well. Normally the life of these things … I think you begin to dip in a year. This is 18 months and going strong. No, at the moment they’re just getting this to work as well as it can, and I think they’re doing pretty well.

While we agree with Heyman that – for crying out loud – it was less than two years ago that The Wizarding World opened, the tremendous success is certainly the BIGGEST hint that Universal and WB are actively engaged in future expansions/parks in order to capitalize on the success.

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