We’ve been talking about the footage to be screened at the New York Comic Con for over a week now, and although no video is yet available (we’re still searching, we assure you) we have excellent and fully detailed descriptions of the Avengers panel for you below!

According to those that were present at the viewing, the footage was phenomenal. The folks over at io9 (via CBM) have the magic all encapsulated in English form. Enjoy!

A little girl runs down the street, through a nondescript Middle Eastern village and into a city. She runs upstairs into a crowded house and starts begging for help from the doctor. The camera pans to reveal Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) standing over a group of very sick patients. He asks if her family has what these poor folks have as well. She says yes and holds up a fist of cash. Bruce follows her.

Cut to Bruce and the little girl standing in front of a rundown shack. She runs forward, but Bruce holds her back and turns around, just as a jeep full of military personnel drives by. Bruce hides his face.

Bruce then follows the little girl into the remote home, far away from the crowded city we saw moments ago and into a shack. He walks through the door just in time to witness the little tyke jump out the window. He immediately knows it’s a trap, “Should have got the money up front, Banner.”

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) steps out from behind the shadows. “For a man who’s trying to avoid stress, you picked a hell of a place to do it.” She’s not in her usual Black Widow catsuit. Instead, she’s wearing a long dress. She introduces herself as Natasha Romanoff.

Bruce shakes his head, “You brought me to the edge of the city. Are you here to kill me Miss Romanoff? Because that’s not going to work out.”

“I’m here on behalf of SHIELD.”

“What if I say no.”

“I’ll persuade you.”

“What if the other guy says no.” (Crowd goes nuts.)

“You’ve been two years without an accident.” They continue to argue a bit and Natasha reveals that Nick Fury needs Bruce’s help with a Tesseract rock, which has enough energy to wipe out the planet. They can’t find it and they need the best gamma ray scientist for the job. She continues to try to win him over stating, “No one is going to put you in a cage.” But at that moment Bruce loses it. “Stop lying to me!” he yells as he slams his hands on on the table. (Crowd goes nuts again.)

Bruce looks up and Natasha has pulled her gun on him. She’s terrified.

And then it’s a stand-off. Bruce tries to calm himself saying that we can do this without getting “him” involved. Slowly Natasha brings the radio up and orders everyone to stand down. Cut to an aerial shot of the hut surrounded by massive team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, all pointing their guns at the shack.

But that wasn’t all, according to CinemaBlendNewsarama there was plenty more to describe.

* Feige asks if the crowd wants to see the Avengers trailer on the big screen. They do indeed.

* Pretty much every scene drew loud shrieks from the audience, culminating with massive cheers for the Avengers logo and the shot of the Hulk.

* Mark Ruffalo just joined the panel as a surprise guest. Gregg, Smulders, Hiddleston and Evans are brought out as well.

* Feige says they first brought up plans for an Avengers movie in 2006. The cast that we’ve assembled here is powerful as any of the characters they’re playing,” Feige continued, saying that Joss Whedon is working on the movie in the editing room at this very moment.

* Evans says that they all really got along when making the movie, and not in the cliche way that everyone says after shooting a film.

* “Loki is not a happy man,” HIddleston says, adding that the character is “confused” about his place in the universe.

* “I can’t say I ever got a day in jeans and a t-shirt,” HIddleston says. “It was mostly leather and metal.”

* Ruffalo cites past Bruce Banners Bill Bixby, Eric Bana and Edward Norton all as inspirations.

* “This is going to be a more mature Banner than understands a little more what he has under the hood, so to speak,” Ruffalo said.

* Hardwick says not to record this. Ruffalo: “Don’t make me angry.”

* It was mostly a Black Widow/Bruce Banner scene.

* They showed a whole lot more than Hulk footage– it was an entire scene between Bruce Banner and Black Widow, in which she hunts him down where he’s hiding out in…. India? I think it’s India. She says that Nick Fury wants him back, and when Banner asks how they found him, she says “We never lost you.” They banter back and forth about whether or not he’ll return with her, and just when he threatens to get a little angry, she pulls out a gun before you’d believe it. He backs down, says he doesn’t want trouble, and eventually she gives the message to “stand down,” where we see a flock of like 30 armed assassins outside the shack. The scene is perfectly paced, just a little funny, and really nicely focused on the characters. It was all around fantastic– if the rest of the movie can have that kind of pace and sense of itself, we’re in really, really good shape.

* But that wasn’t all! It ended with a whole nuther trailer’s worth of footage, cut around a conversation Tony Stark has with Loki, describing the group of people they’ve assembled and how he’s managed to piss all of them off. There were action shots of everyone, including some that we’ve seen before in other trailers, and the same amount of Hulk-in-action that we saw in the trailer– apparently they really are still working on those effects. It ends with a nice bit in which Tony Stark is needling Banner about how he keeps his anger under control. Captain America sternly steps in and asks “Is everything a joke to you?” Stark responds, “Funny things are.” Perfect. Even funnier than how they end the trailer, if you ask me.

* The clip was followed by a sizzle reel from the film, including a shot of Stark Tower an a conversation between Loki and Tony Stark. Loki: “I have an army. Stark: “We have a Hulk.”

* “The Hulk will be Mark’s performance throughout,” Feige shares. “He was there every day.”

* They’re on audience Q&A. How long is the movie? “We’ll see,” Feige said, since the cut isn’t finished.

* Post-credits scene in Avengers? Hardwick: “Why don’t you just ask them how it ends? Why would they tell you that?” Feige said it’s a nice tradition, and he likes tradition, so they’ll probably keep it up.

* Fan asks Feige about the possible Guardians of the Galaxy and Inhumans movies. “We’re in pre-production of a movie called Iron Man 3 right now,” Feige said, calling it “phase two” which will hopefully culminate in an Avengers 2. The last question he talked about how Guardians of the Galaxy would be its own movie and they won’t be introduced in any of the other movies.

Wow! What a treasure trunk of information! We think that now that we’re on the Winter side of the new Avengers trailer, we maybe finding out a whole lot more about the film in the coming weeks. So what are you excited about most? The Hulk scene seemed very well written and executed, we can’t wait to see more of the film! What post-credits surprise do you think Feige could be planning for The Avengers?