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Thomas Dekker talks about how they have transitioned from set-up to the much darker world that is going to continue. He dishes what is up for their Halloween show.

So what do you think of the love triangle/quadrangle?

  • Theaterboy1

    First off he is my FAVORITE actor from the show so I am SO EXCITED you posted these interviews! Second I really loved what he had to say. The Halloween episode sounds AMAZING and so do the costumes! In regard to what he had to say about Adam and Diana I’m wondering if his attraction to Cassie, now that its out in the open, might push Diana toward a darker persona. Like she may seem like she’s ok on the outside but inside she is boiling with rage and plotting against Adam and Cassie. I mean I don’t see her as vindictive but after Cassie said to her face that there was nothing to worry about and then turns out she was lying and not only was Adam attracted to her BUT her to him as well, that may just send her over the edge emotionally. As soon as they brought up whether anyone would be dressed as a witch during the Halloween episode I immediately thought of Faye and how cute she’d look in the black hat and black beaded boddess and outfit. I like the Red Riding Hood costume idea though. Diana and Nick’s costume I am looking forward to seeing since according to Thomas they are too good to spoil what they are. This show just keeps getting better and better with each passing episode and I ALWAYS look forward to thursday nights because of it! I still want to say how COOL a Secret Circle podcast would be!!! I know I’d tune in!

    • rdh014

      that was a mouthful. even for a theater boy. and im a theater major. ;D

      • Theaterboy1

        lol when I’m passionate about somethin I let you know. I can write pages of stuff if I have a lot to say. :)

    • Yana

      everything what you said +

      He does really have this raspiness or whatever to his voice that he sometimes really sounds like pattinson. Don’t kill me for this but I think he even looks better than him..

      And the show started off really boring but after the last episode i’m Hooked!!

      And yes they should have a podcast but i think that they would have to add the vampire diaries too because I don’t think it would have enough news if it’s just about the secret circle.. :p (PS: I WOULD LOVE SELINA ON THIS :$ )

      AND FINALY A SHOW that reminds me of good tv like Charmed was :p

      • Theaterboy1

        Yes I think he woulda made a better Edward too in the looks department alone. While I wouldn’t mind a joint podcast for both The Secret Circle and The Vampire Dires (the latter of which I don’t really watch but I will soon) I think there is plenty of news for a solo one about just The Secret Circle looking at how many posts Hypable posts about it (and I’d LOVE for Selina to be a part of it, she is a GREAT host and person in general!)

        and I LOVED Charmed so I agree completely!! :)

    • http://twitter.com/RachelgurlFL Rachel Gay

      i agree with you i was thinking that diana is probably going to go darker she seem sweet but everyone has a dark side even her….

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  • http://wizforum.proboards.com/ Nieriel

    I too am HOOKED on this show! Thursday nights are my favorite as I get to watch Vampire Diaries and then Secret Circle. I too would love to listen to a podcast about both of these shows. I can’t seem to get enough so please keep the articles, stories, clips…everything coming!

  • Shantelle

    I officially like him even more… Glad he didn’t get the Edward part, because then who would be our Adam?

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

    That interviewer’s voice was the BOMB when she said “OH MY GOD, ADAAAAM, I LOVE YOOOOUUUU!”

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