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Listen up American Merlin fans, SyFy has finally set a premiere date for season 4!

Earlier today, MerlinOfficial announced on Twitter that season 4 will premiere in 2012 – but already on January 6th, at 10pm! So less than three months away!

Do you think you’ll manage to stay spoiler free till then?

  • Katy

    I have already been watching because I am far too impatient!! But when it airs here, I will definitely be rewatching it!

  • Sarah

    I’m with Katy.  I’ve been watching too and it is a great series.  I figure I’ll know which episodes I want to rewatch by then.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, because I have been watching it already. I will watch it again when it airs here though:)

  • http://twitter.com/jessoneal84 Jessica O’Neal

    I have been studiously ignoring all Merlin posts on here to remain spoiler free. I decided I’d rather wait to have good tv quality than suffer through crappy streaming now. I can make it…I think.

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      Have you personalised your feed to make sure only the fandoms you care about are displayed? :) That might help if there are fandoms you are trying to avoid!

  • RussTurner

    Finally! can’t wait! 

  • pygmypuff22

    Already watching it because patience is a virtue that I do not possess. :)

    • Nise77701

      Are you in the states? Where did you find it??

  • Shannon

    This is the worst. Somehow I ended up finding the first episode of the fourth season and watched it not know that it was because England had started showing it there. Now I can not find anymore episodes. I WAS TEASED!! Waiting sucks!

    • Prasais

      OMG you gotta go to netflix. I just watch every episode of every season. Im just waiting for season 4 in january

  • Prasais

    If you missed any episodes of Merlin i just watched all 3 seasons on Netflix

  • Tortureman

    So glad to hear that Syfy is picking up Season 4 of “Merlin”.  Can’t wait until January 6th.  Thank you Syfy.

    • MSQT

      January 6ths of 2012 season 4 will be out?? ive heard so much but dont know what is true……can u buy season 4 a region 1 anywhere? i have a bluray but dont care if i cant find it in reg dvd whatevers fine pls help!! lol ive looked and ccant find

  • Palms

    darn brittish people getting all the episodes first. first xbox with the cod map packs and now this. they get tea and crumpets and what do we have?

    • KNDF


  • MSQT

    WHEN CAN U buy season 4 i cannot find it and im irritated i want it soooo much

  • Amber D

    I already watched the entire 4th season of Merlin.  They are posted on websites.  All 13 episodes.  So when they air here in the US, I’ll be able to watch them again.  I can’t wait.  This show is worth watching over and over.

  • Katherine

    I’m british and have just watched the first episode with my tea, and its going to amazing guys! hold on just a little bit longer!

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