Before Thursday I never had the pleasure of walking over the hand-prints of over a century of legendary actors to get into a world premiere at the world famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. How did the experience go?

To borrow a phrase from Abraham Lincoln, it was freaking awesome.

Once my party finally got to the will-call table, we found our tickets and pink wristbands that allowed us prime positions next to the red carpet. My memory serves me better than my pictures since the lighting was optimized for the (ahem) real press on the other side of the carpet.

I’ll go ahead and put the best of the best right here for your viewing enjoyment, but please keep in mind that the resolution is below what you would call “average”.

Before the big TL made it to the carpet, there was a sudden shift. Everyone rushed to the other side of the fan pen since none other than Justin Bieber was spotted making his way into the theater via the normal-people street. He was wearing large dark sunglasses and looked like he didn’t want to be noticed. He obviously failed since there was so much screaming I immediately sought out the exits for fear that something had gone terribly wrong.

The moment that Taylor’s face was caught by the light, an eruption of high pitched voice reached for the sky. Taylor was polite, personally greeted his fans, took pictures with them (can you say profile picture?) and signed autographs. After he was done with us, he jogged over to the other side of the street where a number of fans awaited and greeted him with their screams. I gotta admit, I’m a straight 22 year old man and I’m no stranger to meeting stars, but I couldn’t help but feel a little star struck when this tween idol was so close that I could see the stubble on his chin.

I told him that he had beautiful eyes. I dont think he heard me. It’s like he doesn’t even know that I exist.

As my party and I made it into the theater, we noticed that there were bags and bags of free popcorn and dozens of cups filled with different types of free soda. This made me more excited than I care to admit. I grabbed a bag of corn and a cup of high fructose syrup and made my way into the theater.

It was majestic. For those of you who have never been inside of the Grauman’s Chinese theater, this is the view from the fourth row.

Notice how you can’t really see much aside from the curtain. The screen was so gigantic that I wouldn’t have hesitated to call it IMAX. Somehow we were directed to the movie star isle and I brushed by Sigourney Weaver on the way to my seat. I couldn’t stop talking about it for the next five hours.

As we sat down, we couldn’t help but feel how awesome that moment was. We snapped a picture of ourselves to commemorate the occasion.

Before the movie started, the film’s director John Singleton came to the microphone to talk about the movie. He talked about how excited he was for us to see it and called Taylor Lautner a “trickster”. He addressed the films stars individually and they each took turns to stand up and be acknowledged by the loving crowd.

Before I knew it, the curtain was retracted into the ceiling and Abduction had already started. What did I think about it? Tune in tomorrow to check out my review!