Check out this week’s biggest stories in our Weekend Round Up! This week we had several glimpses at Breaking Dawn-Part 1 as well as a bundle of special previews of the next season of Glee. Also, what did Tom Felton think of the infamous Voldy/Draco hug at the end of Deathly Hallows-Part 2? Find out!

We thought that Christmas had come early when several high quality posters for Breaking Dawn- Part 1 hit the internet, but we didn’t expect to see a fifteen second glimpse at the trailer that is due to be released sometime this week!

Two new extended promos for Glee hit a few days ago followed by four brand new posters! As if that weren’t enough, we were also treated to a number of spoilers as well as descriptions of what to expect from future episodes all the way down to which songs you’ll hear!

Also, have you heard about the changes that will be made to the Blu-Ray version of the Star Wars saga? What other changes do you think George Lucas would make if he could? Also check out this full list of deleted scenes from the original trilogy as well as the prequels!

Speaking of stars, have you heard yet about the former star that is set to host the Oscars? Which star just got his star on the Hollywood walk of fame? Which star was nominated for five CMA awards? Find out!

TV’s newest critically acclaimed sitcom Modern Family has released themed pictures of the cast on a family cowboy vacation as well as at the circus.

Remember how unexpected the Draco/Voldemort hug at the end of Deathly Hallows-Part 2 was? Tom Felton didn’t know it was coming either!

Are you excited for season 2 of The Walking Dead? According to those that have already caught the premiere, you have good reason to! Early word also says that we’ll find out more about the walkers!

Also, have you seen Contagion yet? Check out our review before you spend your hard earned money!

This is (by far) not a full list of everything we have to offer! Why not explore your favorite fandoms? You may have missed something in the past week that you wish you would have caught!