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It’s officially called the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London, but considering when it opens it will be exclusively Harry Potter sets we’ll call it the Harry Potter Studio Tour for now.

The official website for the tour was recently updated with ticket prices, and they’re pretty cheap!

There’s just one issue.

Tickets for adults will be priced at 28 pounds ($45) for adults and 21 pounds ($34) for children.

While prices are reasonable, one thing to keep in mind will be traveling to Hertfordshire (where Leavesden Studios is located). It’s a bit of a bus ride outside of London, not to mention you’ll have to fly to the country if you’re not already in England.

As you may already know, the Studio Tour will bring you through the actual sets used to shoot the Harry Potter films.

Do you think you’ll make the visit? Tickets will be available soon and must be purchased in advance. The Studio Tour opens in 2012. Visit the website to learn more!

  • Guest

    ahh, lucky i live 20 mins away from hertfordshire. Im deffo going… if I cant go to the theme park, I’m going to make sure I go to this!

  • Becca

    I just looked up train tickets from Euston to Watford Junction and an adult return ticket bought online would cost £9.50 which isn’t that expensive. And it only takes 15 minutes. I can’t wait to go!

    • http://giddyauntflamingnora.tumblr.com Jenny Tattum

      £70/£80 ish to and from Dorset :/

  • Tom

    Not bad prices. It’ll only take me an hour or 2 to drive down. Can’t wait!

  • http://twitter.com/potterisawesome michael filipovic

    Affordable…until I factor in a flight, hotel, food, dog sitting, cost of getting from the hotel to there.

  • muysi

    So happy with these prices! Only takes three or so hours from where I live, definitely buying tickets in October! 

    • ProudtobeaBumblebee

      You are so lucky!

    • snape394

      i am the same-ish distance:D i can’t wait to buy the tickets!! it will be amazing!!

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  • http://twitter.com/taylie27 taylore thompson

    My aunt said she’d take me to England when I graduate from college, to bad that’s another 3 years away…

  • Anonymous

    Ok, great prices for admission…. but add the plane tickets. AHHHHHH I want to go so badly! and there’s NO WAY I can afford it…. :(

    • Skrause0

      same i hate this i live in boston so it would be around $500 dollar for transportation (buses and planes) and another near $500 for a hotel. And thats not counting my mom, dad and sis

  • ProudtobeaBumblebee

    I’m going to study abroad in England, if only to go see this!

  • meg

    Luckily for me I’m in Europe for the year!  I’ll so be going when I get a chance to get over to England!

  • http://twitter.com/BlahJoe Joe LaLa

    This is old news… they released this about 2 weeks ago… nothing new.

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly how us British Potter fans felt about LeakyCon. I’m glad that we finally get a Harry Potter attraction over here, it makes me feel a little less bitter about the whole thing.

    • http://giddyauntflamingnora.tumblr.com Jenny Tattum

      definitely, and the whole Wizarding World of Harry Potter; Florida’s just so expensive, at least this is more reasonable for us UK Harry Potter fans :)

    • camillo

      I live in India, how do you think I feel feel about the whole thing?:’( I have to shell out thosands to even get there.

    • Mayvioletblackburn

      Lol, the whole American/British fight about getting Harry Potter attractions. Sucks for those who live in other countries who get NOTHING! Be happy with what you have!

      - Canadian.

    • Othlaholly

      um, I live in vermont. I’ve never gone to wwohp or leakycon even though ive been asking my mom for years. It’d be just as expensive as going to the studio tour. 

  • http://giddyauntflamingnora.tumblr.com Jenny Tattum

    that’s actually more reasonably priced than I was expecting – shame rail fare is so expensive and I can’t drive yet :L ticket’s half a week’s wages but train fare’s 2 weeks wages :( Will be going though!

  • Zenna_santos

    Those are totally awesome admission prices! Until you have to get there…from Australia…damn it!!!!!

  • NettleCloak59

    I wish I could go! I live in Vermont and plane tickets to anywhere are expensive, and the connecting flights at bigger airports, and the hotel and all the travel, not to mention convincing my parents to go to England (I’ve been trying really hard for awhile now).
    But other than that stuff, the TICKETS are priced just fine, fairly reasonable actually… its just so inconvenient :(

    • Othlaholly

      i live in vermont too!! I’ve tried to convince my mom to take us anywhere hp related for years, especially after wwohp came out, but everything’s just too expensive! A trip to florida for us would be just as expensive and time consuming as a trip to england. :( 

  • Sahina91

    That’s how much it costs to get into a theme park. Totally worth it! But the cost to travel down sout is expensive.

  • herman

    At least the UK have something now! people in the US can’t complain, you have the wizarding world!

    • Kassi

      Do you have any idea how big the U.S. is? Your whole country is the size of my state. I live in the middle of the country and it would still be a pricey trip for me to fly or drive (which would take 2 days). It would be even more costly for people on the west coast. It’s not like we can zip down there in a few hours.

    • Othlaholly

      umm, i live in vermont. a trip to florida is just as big of a deal as a trip to england is. actually, we can complain. 

    • http://giddyauntflamingnora.tumblr.com Jenny Tattum

      exactly, within school holidays a return flight to Florida from England is roughly £1,000, probably more, which is roughly $1,700. Plus accommodation, tickets, food, spending money. England’s an expensive place to live anyway :/

  • Haneenfd

    OMG I just calculated all costs of getting there is a total of over $3000USD and 1800 british pounds. I wish I could go! :(

  • Eliza

    i live in hertfordshire and am sooo looking forward to it if its that cheap! :D

  • http://twitter.com/kristen423 Kristen

    Affordable until I factor in hotel, travel, food, etc.  Sadly, this is the same reason I can’t go to the reason I can’t go to the WWoHP

  • Anonymous

    Humm, as much as I love Potter, I don’t think a trip to England just for that is worth it.

  • Kassi

    Am I the only one who thinks $45 still seems a bit steep? I mean $180 for a typical family of four for what? 2 or 3 hours? I would probably pay to see it once, and I know my boyfriend would too, but my parents would never have paid that for a museum like experience when I lived at home and vacationed with them.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I agree, I was expecting a price in the $20-$30 range… $45 is almost the price of a ticket to a smaller amusement park and I don’t think people will be spending the whole day in the studios..

    • Nat

      Agreed! I think it’s too expensive for a set tour.

  • snape394

    ahh, i live in the uk and it takes roughly 3 hours to get to there from where i live:D …time to save up some money!:D…does anyone know if an adult is classed as 16+ or 18+? if someone could reply, muchly appreciated, thankyou!! 

  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen

    admission is priced very well! however, airplane tickets are not

  • afolkes

    Do we know how long the studio tour will be open? I wont be visiting England for another 2 years. 

  • Othlaholly

    I’m really sick of all you brits saying ‘well you have the wwohp, dont complain!!’ guess what? unless you actually live in the florida area, the trip is just as big of a deal as going to england. if the wwohp was in england, I’d bet you’d still complain about living too far away, and england is still A LOT smaller than america. oh, and by the way, just because you live in the UK doesn’t mean you like Harry Potter any more than us Americans, ok? 
    sincerely, a poor harry potter obsessee who lives in Vermont. 

  • Lily

    omg I’m so excited! I feel so lucky and thankful to live near Hertfordshire (I go to school there.) but I feel really bad for everyone on here who lives far away and can’t afford plane tickets :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=519763125 Nathalie Wardell

    I live in the UK up north, I will definatley be going, already have a week booked off in May to go :-)

  • David K Brown

    These prices are disgusting and a complete rip-off. Vote with your feet and stay away from this con!

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