It wasn’t quite confirmed that the famed Batwing would be making an appearance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises even when this picture of it from a distance hit the internet. Today we have several videos featuring Batman’s aircraft chasing a van (and a military vehicle?) through downtown Pittsburgh. Obviously, spoilers after the jump.

What now, naysayers? It definitely looks Nolanized, but there is no doubt that these are videos of the Batwing cruising through the streets at an impressive speed. Since Warner Brothers obviously doesn’t have the budget to invent a real working futuristic aircraft for the film, it is being carted around on a rig, but it still looks pretty awesome.

If you have any doubt that this piece of equipment belongs to Bruce Wayne, slow down that last video and you’ll see that is being piloted by someone wearing a very familiar cowl.

The first two videos are very slow drive-through’s of the scenes whereas the second two are more likely to be what make it into the final cut of the film (after they edit out the rig of course).

This last video isn’t a shot of the Batwing giving chase, but it provides an excellent high resolution look at it!

Now, we doubt that it will earn the moniker of “Batwing” in the film (much in the way that “The Batmobile” has been redubbed as “The Tumbler”), but from the look of these videos, it will absolutely be used to chase down villains, perhaps as an alternative to the Batpod if it is still in the possession of a crafty feline.

So what do you think? Are you impressed by the appearance of the Batwing? How do you think this will fit into the overall story of The Dark Knight Rises? Who do you think Batman could be chasing in these videos?

Thanks to Youtube users djdigital1, Subaruwxfan, Miclarco and pittsburghfilming for the videos as well as CBM for collecting them!