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New feature this week is a post episode top moments blog. Spoilers below so be warned.

Here are the top things learned, new mysteries, and plot twists.

3 Categories of Life:

  • 3 alive no injuries
  • 2 injured but recovering
  • 1 injured and all but dead

Temperature mentions:

  • No A/C on Juarez’s plane
  • No A/C in California overflow camp office
  • Freezing module in California overflow camp, but the category 1 patients inside are uncannily warm

Jilly Kitzinger is attracting someone’s attention

Oswald Danes Speaks at Coliseum Rally

  • The Great Leap Forward—why that  historical reference
  • Angels—who or what are they?
  • What did Jack try to get Oswald to say?

Managers of camps are are unqualified civil servant pencil pushers

  • Shooting of Dr. Vera Juarez and attempted elimination—will she be back?
  • The building of incineration ovens
  • What happens to the burned bodies and to the people breathing in the fumes

Gwen’s actions

  • Did you think it was realistic that Gwen would risk blowing cover in the airport with the PDA with Rhys?
  • Did you think it was realistic knowing as much as she did that Gwen would ask the camp staff to help her father instead of just shoving him in the truck and making a getaway?

So with this new episode what do you think is the ultimate goal? Is the Phicorp threat earthly or alien? Did you find the ovens disturbing given WWII history?

  • Anonymous

    I was intrigued but left feeling the episode was anticlimactic coming off of how mysterious last week was, and also the hype and preview for this episode made this seem like it was going to be quite a bit more momentous. We are now half way through the series and we know basically nothing. The whole oven thing came off as kind of wtf to me and not the dark shocking revelation I think it was supposed to be. We still dont know what happens to the people once they are burned to possibly ashes. Why would PhiCorp and who’s behind them cause Miracle Day only to burn the bodies? I wanted to get some development on the mystery of who’s behind all this and why and Jack’s history with whoever they are, but we got none of that here.

  • Sarah

    We should get a lot of answers come episode 7 (so John and Russell and various other people keep saying).  I’m willing to wait.  I wasn’t all that shocked/sad that Vera got burned.  I mean someone close to Torchwood (if not a member) has to die by the end of the series.  It’s the rule. Series 1 you had Suzie, series 2 was Tosh and Owen, series 3 was Ianto (*sniff*).  I’m betting Rex bites it by the end.  As for last night, I was kind of bummed with how little Jack had going on.  I mean he ws kind of stalker-guy for Oswald and that was it.  He *is* Torchwood (yes I know it was established in 1869 but he ran it for years by himself). 

  • Maya

    I wasn’t *surprised* that Vera died, I’d been waiting for it in fact,  but I was vaguely horrified at how the situation she found herself in progressed and how it finally happened. There’s so much mystery wrapped up in who’s behind Miracle Day that it’s both exciting and a bit frustrating. We know PhiCorp is just a figure head, we know Jack’s past is involved (isn’t it always?) and that Oswald and Jilly are slowly becoming more deeply involved. In the theatricality of my own mind I was both humored and PO when Oswald started going on about how they’re all Angels. Really? Is that the path you want to take with this whole thing you dirty old man? Figuratively or not, it sounds insane. That said, I’m ecstatic about the next episode.

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