We’ve already shared a lot of news from the Glee Comic-Con panel. However, another interesting tidbit has recently arisen involving the Glee fans and how we sometimes influence the writers’ decisions.

Glee executive producer Dante Di Loreto told Zap2It:

“You know what’s amazing is that people are paying attention enough that it went from ‘I love this show. You should watch it, it’s great,’ to ‘I feel vehemently that these two people shouldn’t be together.'”

He went on to discuss the Twitter responses he receives from fans:

“You hear things on Twitter and what happens is it’s a lot like giving notes. You want to hear people’s opinions and if there’s a consensus or something rings true in you then you have to address it… If you try to do everything, you have nothing, but you’re just trying to filter through what really is important, what people really connected with, what’s working.”

Writer and co-creator Brad Falchuk was asked about whether the fandom influences the writing. Falchuk responded:

“I think what I try to do with media and fan reaction is look for patterns. So I look for like, okay, what they’re saying is they hate this character, but maybe that’s not what they’re saying… Maybe they’re saying what we’re doing with this character and how that character is relating to that character is upsetting them or maybe this storyline is something that they’re having an aversion to. What is it about that specifically that I can do something about?”

“Sometimes you look at it and say I don’t want to do something about it because I happen to know where this is going and I think where it’s going to end up is going to be worthwhile and people will be satisfied with it. Other times you say I hear what you’re saying and so I’m going to try and make some changes with it.

“I appreciate everybody’s opinion… Just not so many of them.”

Lastly, Falchuk responded to a question about the six new writers who have come on board to pen the show’s third season.

“It’s better. It’s the same basic thing that you’re pitching ideas and throwing stuff around, just now you have more people with ideas and so when you’re stuck, they come in with stuff,” he explains. “Also just the energy of all that imagination, it’s invigorating. It’s been great.”


We always suspected that Twitter responses and fan pleadings had affected the Glee writers. Perhaps now that they’ve listened to our complaints (and appear to have come to the understanding that they can’t please us all), the show will be better than ever!